CBAP® Certification Training in Bangalore, India

A comprehensive immersive learning program for CBAP® certification

  • Use business analysis skills to get better results for your organization
  • Improve collaboration across the organization and with stakeholders
  • Advance your career as a business analyst by adding professional competence 
  • 250,000 + Professionals trained
  • 250 + Workshops every month
  • 100 + Countries and counting

Advance your Business Analysis career with CBAP®

Master skills and explore the latest tools in business analysis through the Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) course. The exam preparation course trains you in the key aspects of Business Analysis and will help you pass the exam with ease. Enhance your understanding with mock tests, assignments, exercises, projects, and more.

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  • 35 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Online Training 

  • 86+ Hours of On-Demand Self-Paced Learning 

  • Case Studies, Mock Tests, Assessments, Quizzes 

  • Earn 35 PD Hours, 35 CDUs and 35 PDUs 

  • Comprehensive Exam Support  

  • Lifetime Access to Courseware 

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Why should you go for a CBAP certification in Bangalore?

benefits of Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP<sup>®</sup>)Certification

Develop your Business Analysis skills and get the CBAP certification to take advantage of the high demand across industries in Bangalore. With the CBAP training professionals can add new skills and expertise in fields like advanced documentation and effective planning. The course is based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®)

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The KnowledgeHut Advantage

An immersive learning experience

Immersive Learning

  • On-demand videos
  • Case studies
  • Assessments, flashcards and recall quizzes
  • Comprehensive assignments

Work-like Experiences

  • Activities and real-world simulations
  • Experiential learning
  • Case studies


  • Get advanced learner insights.
  • Measure and track skills progress.
  • Identify areas to improve in.

Blended Learning

  • On-demand, self-paced learning anytime.
  • Code review sessions by experts.
  • Access to discussion forums, community groups.

Steps to get the CBAP certfication online

Strengthen your expertise in business analysis processes and concepts with IIBA® certifications. Validate your expertise as a BA professional with the CBAP certification and take advantage of wider, better job prospects in Bangalore.

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path to Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP<sup>®</sup>)Certification
prerequisites for Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP<sup>®</sup>)Certification

Prerequisites for the CBAP® certification training

  • No prerequisites are mandated to take up the CBAP® certification.
  • There are very specific eligibility requirements concerning BA work experience and professional development hours to qualify for the CBAP exam. For further information, see FAQs.

Who should attend the CBAP course in Bangalore?

Business Architects

Business Systems Analysts

Data Analysts

Enterprise Analysts

Management Consultants

Process Analysts

Product Managers

Product Owners

Requirements Engineers

Systems Analysts

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What you will learn in the CBAP certification course

Business Analysis

Gain in-depth understanding of Business Analysis (BA) and the different areas of BA application.  

Business Analyst - Roles, Responsibilities

Understand the role of a Business Analyst and the responsibilities in the several job titles. 

BACCM Components

Identify the six components of BACCM, the interactions between them, and how they define the conceptual BA framework.  

Perspectives and Applications

Learn the six perspectives of BA and the application of BA from those perspectives. 

BABOK Guide v3

Master the concepts outlined in the BABOK Guide v3 

Six Knowledge Areas in BA

Understand the six Knowledge Areas in the BABOK Guide v3 and how they inter-relate. 

BA Techniques

Learn 50 techniques used across the Business Analysis domain.

Requirements and Relationships

Learn the four classifications of requirements and their relationships.

Requirements and Designs

Understand Requirement, Design, and the differences as well as relationships between the two.  

Stakeholder Collaboration

Dive deep into who a stakeholder is, their roles, functions and how best to collaborate with them. 

Skills you will gain in the CBAP Online Course

Business Analysis Planning

Business Analysis Monitoring

Business Analysis Approach

Stakeholder Engagement Approach

Business Analysis Governance

Business Analysis Information Management

Business Analysis Performance Improvements

Elicitation – Prepare & Conduct

Confirming Elicitation Results

Communicating Business Analysis Information

Stakeholder Collaboration Management

Requirements - Trace, Maintain, Prioritize & Approve

Requirements Change Assessment

Current State Analysis

Define Future State

Risk Assessment

Change Strategy Development

Requirements – Specify, Model, Verify & Validate

Define Requirements Architecture & Design Options

Analyse Potential Value and Recommend Solution

Measure Solution Performance

Analyse Performance measures

Assess Solution & Enterprise Limitations

Recommend Actions to Increase Value

Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving

Behavioural Characteristic

Business Knowledge

Effective Communication & Interaction

CBAP Certification Course Curriculum

Download Curriculum
Video preview 1.

Learning Objectives 

Learn about IIBA, its objectives, mission and vision, history and more. Explore more about the CBAP Certification, understand the requirements, eligibility, the application process, and exam fee along with benefits of holding the CBAP credentials and the structure of the exam.

  • About IIBA  
  • IIBA Credentials  
  • The CBAP Certification (requirements and Eligibility Criteria, Application Process, recertification, Exam Content, Benefits etc)
Video preview 2.

Learning Objectives

Understand what the BABOK® Guide v3 is all about, the way its content is structured and the different sections in the guide.

  • The structure
  • Origin and Journey
  • Learning Objectives 

    Understand the definition of Business Analysis according to the BABOK® Guide v3 and several areas of Business Analysis application.

    • What is Business Analysis  
    • Who is a Business Analyst?  
    • Business Analysis Core Concept Model  
    • Business Analysis Perspectives  
    • Business Analysis Knowledge Areas  
    • Business Analysis Techniques  
    • Business Analysis Underlying Competencies  
    • Requirements Classification  
    • Requirements and Designs  
    • Who is a Stakeholder  

    Learning Objectives 

    Understand the core concept of Planning and Monitoring, the tasks and their corresponding outputs required to plan and coordinate the efforts of business analysts and stakeholders, the Business Analysis Approach task, the inputs, elements, guidelines and tools, techniques used in developing the Business Analysis Approach, the stakeholders the BA collaborate with and the output.

    • Plan Business Analysis Approach  
    • Plan Stakeholder Engagement Approach  
    • Plan Business Analysis Governance  
    • Plan Business Analysis Information Management  
    • Identify Business Analysis Performance Improvements

    Learning Objectives 

    Learn about the tasks that business analysts perform to obtain information from stakeholders, confirm the results and communicate with stakeholders.

    • Prepare for Elicitation  
    • Conduct Elicitation  
    • Confirm Elicitation Results  
    • Communicate Business Analysis Information 
    • Manage Stakeholder Collaboration  

    Learning Objectives 

    Learn about the tasks performed by the business analysts to manage and maintain requirements and design information from inception to retirement.

    • Trace Requirements  
    • Maintain Requirements  
    • Prioritize Requirements  
    • Assess Requirements Changes  
    • Approve Requirements 
    Video preview 7.

    Learning Objectives 

    Learn about a business analyst’s responsibilities and how to define the future and transition states needed to address the business needs.

    • Analyze Current State  
    • Define Future State  
    • Assess Risks  
    • Define Change Strategy  

    Learning Objectives 

    Understand the tasks business analysts perform to structure and organise requirements, specify and model, verify and validate information and decide on the best solution to meet business needs.

    • Specify and model Requirements  
    • Verify Requirements  
    • Validate requirements  
    • Define requirements Architecture  
    • Define Design Options  
    • Analyze Potential Value and recommend Solution
    Video preview 9.

    Learning Objectives 

    Understand the tasks a business analysts performs to assess the performance of and value delivered by a solution in use in the enterprise and recommend removal of barriers or constraints that prevent the full realisation of the value.

    • Measure Solution Performance  
    • Analyze Performance measures  
    • Assess Solution Limitations  
    • Assess Enterprise Limitations  
    • Recommend Actions to Increase Value
    Video preview 10.

    Learning Objectives 

    Understand the unique characteristics of business analysis when practised in the context of agile environments along with the scope of change the Business Analyst engage in when working in an Agile environment, including the breadth of change, depth of change, value and solution delivered, the approach to delivery and major assumptions along with the change sponsor, change targets and agents, the BA proposition and outcome.

    • Change Scope  
    • Business Analysis Scope  
    • Approach and Techniques  
    • Underlying Competencies  
    • Impact on Knowledge Areas

    Learning Objectives 

    Understand the unique characteristics of the BA function when practiced in the context of data transformation, integration and enhancement.

    • Change Scope  
    • Business Analysis Scope  
    • Methodologies and Approach 
    • Underlying Competencies  
    • Impact on Knowledge Areas  

    Learning Objectives 

    Understand the characteristics of business analysis when undertaken from the point view of the impact of the change on Information Technology Systems.

    • Change Scope  
    • Business Analysis Scope  
    • Methodology 
    • Underlying Competencies  
    • Impact on Knowledge Areas  

    Learning Objectives 

    Understand the unique characteristics of BA when practiced in the context of business architecture.

    • Change Scope  
    • Business Analysis Scope  
    • Reference Models and Techniques  
    • Underlying Competencies  
    • Impact on Knowledge Areas  

    Learning Objectives 

    Understand the unique characteristics of the BA when practiced in the context of developing and improving business processes, the scope of change the Business Analyst engage in when working in business process management perspective, including the breadth of change, depth of change, value and solution delivered, the delivery approach and major assumptions.

    • Change Scope  
    • Business Analysis Scope  
    • Frameworks, Methodologies and Approach 
    • Underlying Competencies  
    • Impact on Knowledge Areas 
    Video preview 15.

    Learning Objectives 

    Understand the Core skills included in Analytical Thinking and Problem-Solving Competencies, Behavioural Characteristics Competency, Business Knowledge Competency, Communications Competency, Interaction Skills Competency and Tools and Technology Competencies along with their purposes, Definition and Usage.

    • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving 
    • Behavioural Characteristics 
    • Business Knowledge 
    • Communication Skills 
    • Interaction Skills 
    • Tools and Technology Skills
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    Whether you seek business growth or to compete more successfully, all paths inevitably lead to Business Analysis. To drive project success and accelerate business growth, skill up your BA teams. 

    • Empower your BA teams with best practices and the latest BA tools.
    • Align skill development with your business objectives.
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    FAQs on CBAP Certification Training in Bangalore

    CBAP Training

    The CBAP course has been thoughtfully designed to help you stand out as a leading, senior member of the business analysis community. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to: 

    • Leverage key business analysis tools and processes to plan and monitor projects.  
    • You’ll be able to improve stakeholder collaboration and drive performance improvements. 
    • Apply elicitation processes for improved stakeholder management. 
    • Manage requirements across the lifecycle of the project. 
    • Apply strategy analysis to manage change and risks. 
    • Understand solution evaluation and underlying competencies. 
    • Be a successful BA driving best business outcomes for your organization.  

    Our CBAP training aims to equip you with all the skills to be a successful senior Business Analyst. You will have developed the following practical skills: 

    • Business Analysis Planning 
    • Business Analysis Monitoring 
    • Business Analysis Approach 
    • Stakeholder Engagement Approach 
    • Business Analysis Governance  
    • Business Analysis Information Management  
    • Business Analysis Performance Improvements 
    • Elicitation – Prepare and Conduct 
    • Confirming Elicitation Results 
    • Communicating Business Analysis Information 
    • Stakeholder Collaboration Management 
    • Requirements - Trace, Maintain, Prioritize and Approve 
    • Requirements Change Assessment 
    • Current State Analysis 
    • Define Future State  
    • Risk Assessment  
    • Change Strategy Development 
    • Requirements – Specify, Model, Verify and Validate  
    • Define Requirements Architecture and Design Options  
    • Analyse Potential Value and Recommend Solution 
    • Measure Solution Performance  
    • Analyse Performance measures  
    • Assess Solution and Enterprise Limitations 
    • Recommend Actions to Increase Value  
    • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving 

    The CBAP certification provides you a host of benefits, including: 

    • Demonstrable senior knowledge and professional competence. 
    • Marketability, employability, and higher earning potential. 
    • Successful path to leadership. 
    • Recognizing your expertise in multiple business domains. 
    • Enhancing your ability to tackle more complex projects, work with stakeholders to define, and manage their business requirements. 
    • Empowers you to drive business processes, lead the BA effort, and identify opportunities to achieve better business results. 

    Not necessarily. The course is for anyone who aspires career growth in business analysis, including: 

    • Business Architect 
    • Business Systems Analyst 
    • Data Analyst 
    • Enterprise Analyst 
    • Management Consultant 
    • Process Analyst 
    • Product Manager 
    • Product Owner 
    • Requirements Engineer 
    • Systems Analyst 

    Software Requirements  

    • Internet browser  
    • MS Word or Notepad for Case Study  

    System Requirements  

    • Windows or equivalent environment with Internet browser and high-speed Internet connectivity.  

    Although there are no prerequisites for this course, prior experience in business analysis and specialized areas are highly recommended. 

    Applicants must meet the following requirements to become eligible for the CBAP certification: 

    • Minimum 7500 hours of BA work experience aligned with the Guide to the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) v3 in the last 10 years. 
    • Minimum 900 hours of experience working in four of the six knowledge areas of the BABOK® Guide v3, for a total of at least 3600 hours out of the required 7500 hours. 
    • Minimum 35 hours of Professional Development in the past four years.  
    • Two references from a career manager, client or Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) recipient.  
    • Signed Code of Conduct, Terms and Conditions. 
    • Pass the exam.  

    Once you have completed the CBAP credential, you can further enhance your Business Analysis skills by pursuing the following credentials: 

    • PMI-PBA
    • Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering® (CPRE®) 

    CBAP Certification Process

    The CBAP certificate is offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®), the global leader in business analysis competency guidelines. IIBA® is a world-renowned body dedicated to helping professionals, leaders and organizations gain an in-depth understanding of real-world business analysis situations.  

    You can study on your own and take the examination directly from IIBA® without attending a CBAP certification training course. However, this may prove to be very challenging. To be abreast of the latest guidelines from IIBA® and the CBAP certification requirements, it is highly recommended that you get trained for the CBAP certification by an IIBA-registered Endorsed Education Provider™ (EEP™) like KnowledgeHut. You’ll benefit from comprehensive exam preparation support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.   

    Here are the steps to get CBAP certified: 

    • Fulfill the eligibility requirements for the CBAP exam. 
    • Register for KnowledgeHut’s CBAP course and attend the 35-Hours training. 
    • Login to the IIBA portal with your credentials (received from IIBA via email). 
    • In the IIBA portal, go to Certification > My Certifications and click the Schedule and then the Pass Exam button. 
    • You’ll be automatically taken to the PSI exam scheduling page, where you can schedule the CBAP exam. 
    • Take the CBAP test and answer 120 MCQs in 3.5 hours. 
    • Download the CBAP certificate and distinguish yourself as a leading, senior member of the business analysis community.  
    • Your CBAP certification will be valid for a period of three years, post which you would need to renew it.  

    You will get detailed information about applying for the CBAP exam in IIBA’s Core BA Certification Handbook. The handbook provides information on all testing modalities, policies, and procedures for obtaining and maintaining the CBAP certification. You will find tips and important information on the certification process.    

    You do not need to earn all 35 contact hours from one CBAP course. However, it is more structured to acquire all the CBAP knowledge from a single course that focuses on the latest BABOK® Guide v3 framework.  

    Yes, you should have completed the 35 CBAP contact hours before submitting your CBAP application. You would need to enter the course details together with the date of completion on the CBAP application form before submitting.  

    The BABOK® Guide  refers to A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide), developed via a rigorous consensus-driven standards process and incorporates the collective wisdom and experience of experts in the BA field from around the world. The latest edition is v3.0.

    The BABOK® Guide v3  is a great resource and an extremely useful one to prepare for the CBAP exam. It defines the skills and knowledge required by business analysis professionals covering the six knowledge areas and the business analysis competency model. It extends its scope beyond business analysis in projects to address agile development, business process management, business intelligence, and business architecture. 

    Yes, you will receive a course completion certificate from KnowledgeHut on successfully completing the course.  

    The time you require depends on your effort and capability as well as your experience and qualifications. You would need to attend 35 Hours of CBAP training under a Certified BA Trainer following which you will be required to take an exam to demonstrate your knowledge of Business Analysis to get certified. Once you pass the exam, you are declared CBAP certified and can instantly download your certificate.  

    No, your certificate will not mention the course was held online. It will look the same as the in-person certificates.  

    The CABP certification status can be verified via IIBA’s Certification Registry. However, inclusion in the registry is voluntary, so not all certification holders may be listed.  

    To verify a certification holder's status, enter an individual's last name/surname in the search field and a list of matches will be displayed.  

    Renewing your certification enables you to demonstrate your commitment to continuing professional development. It also demonstrates the value of your knowledge in Business Analysis to employers, peers, and colleagues.  

    To recertify your CBAP designation, you must earn a minimum of 60 Continuing Development Units (CDUs) every three years from your Date of Certification and complete the following goals: 

    • Earn a minimum of 60 CDUs 
    • Enter your hours into the BA Development Log 
    • Pay recertification fee 
    • Submit recertification application 
    • Receive confirmation email from IIBA and you are now Recertified! 

    PD hours, PDUs and CDUs

    PD hours are Professional Development hours issued by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)®. They are earned by completing educational training or learning opportunities, which serve to validate your participation and continued proficiency in the principles and practices of Business Analysis in line with the BABOK® Guide. 1 hour of Professional Development = 1 Contact Hour.  

    CDUs are Continuing Development Units needed for maintaining one’s IIBA certification. They can be earned by participating in formal training opportunities, like certified courses from any accreditation body, and other forms of learning opportunities like webinars, self-study courses, etc. 

    PDUs are Professional Development Units issued by the Project Management Institute, Inc® (PMI®). They can be earned by completing educational training or learning opportunities, which serve to validate your participation and continued proficiency in the principles and practices of project management.  

    ‘PDU’ refers to measuring units used to quantify your professional development as part of the PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. 1 PDU = 1 hour of learning/activity.  

    PDUs recognize your dedication to the project management world through the award of credits for every educational effort you make throughout your career. PDUs are offered by the PMI and requires you to earn a specific number of PDUs per three-year certification cycle.  

    PDs recognize your dedication to the project management world through the award of credits for every educational effort you make throughout your career. PDs are offered by the IIBA and requires you to earn a specific number of PDUs per three-year certification cycle. 

    You will be eligible for 35 PDUs on course completion.  

    You will be eligible for 35 PD hours on course completion.  

    You will be eligible for 35 CDUs on course completion.  

    You can earn PD hours by attending training programs offered by an Endorsed Education Provider™ (EEP™) of IIBA or by eligible organizations/universities. Whenever you attend a IIBA congress, webinar, conference, or any other event or indulge in self-directed learning, you can earn PDs.  

    For a training program / course to qualify towards IIBA’s Professional Development requirement, it must meet the following criteria: 

    • It must be moderated/facilitated similar to a formal course (i.e., there must be a moderator for the session, or a facilitator/instructor who leads the group/individual through the material). 
    • There must be a measurable learning objective (or set of objectives), and those must be directly applicable to the role of the business analyst (i.e., in terms of either changing behavior or improving skills). 
    • It cannot simply be a presentation on a specific topic. 
    • There must be the opportunity for students to interact with the material (e.g., be able to ask questions, make the learning meaningful). 
    • An opportunity to practice the task or objective being presented and, be assessed by the facilitator/moderator. 
    • The subject matter must be directly aligned with the BABOK® Guide. 
    • To qualify, courses must also be completed by the application submitted date and have a start date within the last four years from the application submitted date. 
    • KnowledgeHut’s CBAP certification course automatically qualifies towards the professional development requirement of IIBA as KnowledgeHut is an EEPTM of IIBA. 

    You can earn PDUs by attending training programs offered by PMI Authorized Training Partners or by organizations or universities. Whenever you attend a PMI congress, webinar, conference, or any other event or indulge in self-directed learning, you can earn PDUs.  

    The requirements for some categories of CDUs are more lenient. Self-study courses, webinars, professional development meetings, and other less formal training opportunities to learn about business analysis can all qualify for CDUs. As is the case with PDUs, an offering can qualify for CDUs even if it’s not pre-endorsed by IIBA as long as the opportunity meets the requirements of the CDU category you list it under. For more information, please refer the CBAP recertification handbook

    The qualifying activity categories for CDUs are as follows: 

    CDU Qualifying Activity Categories 
    Maximum CDU Values per 3 Year Cycle
    Professional Development
    Work History (Professional Experience)
    Professional Activities
    Volunteer Service
    Self-Directed Learning
    Formal Academic Education 

    For more information, please refer the CBAP recertification handbook

    You can start earning and recording PDUs as soon as you earn a PMI certification. Any activities you have completed before earning your certification will not count as PDUs for your newly acquired certification.  

    No, you do not need to submit any supporting documentation to report new PDUs. However, it is recommended that you keep a folder of all PDU-related documentation handy for at least 18 months post your Continual Certification Requirement (CCR) cycle, so it is readily available should you be randomly selected for an audit.  

    You can find out more about PD hours, CDUs and PDUs as follows: 

    CBAP Audit

    The submission of a CBAP exam application indicates your agreement to comply with IIIBA’s terms of the audit process. All applications are subject to an audit, although only a percentage of applications are selected for audit.  

    The purpose of the audit is to enhance the credibility of the certification programs and maintain the high standard established.

    You would need to submit:  

    • Copies of your diploma/global equivalent  
    • Signatures from your supervisor(s) or manager(s) from the project(s) recorded in the experience verification section of the application  
    • Copies of certificates and/or letters from the training institute(s) for each course recorded on the application to meet the required contact hours of project management education  

    You have 90 days to submit the requested documentation. Provided you submit all the necessary documentation to meet the terms and requirements of the audit process, the audit should take just about five to seven business days to complete.  

    If your audit does not pass, IIBA will provide further details on the reason via email and your application will not be approved. All fees paid will be forfeited. You may reapply after you have remedied the reasons for the audit not passing. You may also appeal the decision by contacting IIBA at

    You will need to get a colleague, peer, client, or sponsor to verify programs and/or projects that you were the manager or supervisor for. The person would need to have sufficient knowledge of the project to be able to verify your BA experience.  

    You can find more information about the audits in the CBAP Handbook.  

    CBAP Exam

    The exam is conducted by IIBA. KnowledgeHut is an Endorsed Education Provider™ (EEP™) of IIBA®.  

    Yes, once you pay the CBAP Certification fee or complete the CBAP application audit, you will receive an approval email/audit verification confirmation email from IIBA®. This email consists of your IIBA® Eligibility ID which is compulsory for you to schedule your CBAP exam.  

    Note: You can also recover your IIBA® Eligibility ID on the myIIBA® section of the IIBA® website in case you lose the email.  

    The CBAP certification exam pattern is as follows:  

    • Number of questions: 120  
    • Question type: Multiple choice questions  
    • Duration: 3.5 hours  

    Formulated from the BABOK® Guide v3, exam contains both scenario and case study-based questions that are designed to test your ability to apply the BA concepts. 

    The CBAP Certification exam blueprint will have the following knowledge areas: 

    Knowledge Areas 
    Business analysis planning and monitoring
    Elicitation and collaboration
    Requirements life cycle management
    Strategy analysis
    Requirements analysis and design definition
    Solution evaluation

    IIBA does not provide scores for any of the certification exams. This is a common practice for professional certifications provided by professional member associations like IIBA. .  Performance indicators are provided to help candidates target their preparation for an exam retake/plans to improve performance on the job. They are intended for the candidates’ support not for comparison with other candidates.

    The IIBA Certification Digital Bade Program allows you to easily share verified proof of your distinguished IIBA certification wherever and whenever you choose. IIBA has partnered with Accredible to provide you with a digital badge that displays your professional qualifications and achievements. Your badge also comes with valuable job market information to help you advance your career.  

    A digital badge helps you authenticate and display your certification, skills, and qualifications. It provides information on:  

    • when the certification was earned  
    • key skills associated with the certification  
    • what it takes to qualify for the certification  
    • the work you do to actively maintain the certification  

    You can share your badge on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, in an email signature or embed it in a website.  

    CBAP Workshop Experience

    The CBAP Certification workshop at KnowledgeHut is delivered through PRISM, our immersive learning experience platform, via two modes of delivery:  

    Blended learning:  

    • Get the best of both worlds with live and interactive instructor-led training sessions along with the convenience and flexibility of self-paced learning.  
    • Listen, learn, ask questions, and get all your doubts clarified from your instructor, who is an experienced practitioner.  
    • You also get to collaborate and learn from the experience of your peers in real-world simulations and activities.  

    On-Demand Self-Learning:  

    Learn conveniently at your own pace, whenever and wherever you choose and benefit from the limitless educational possibility that comes with lifetime access. The entire courseware and all the features of our immersive learning experience platform will remain at your fingertips whenever you wish to refresh concepts and clear your doubts.

    Our CBAP trainers are experienced BA professionals and experts who have immense experience in leading, applying, coaching, and teaching about project management.  

    Our dedicated team of coaches deliver training on par with the standard of excellence as set out by IIBA. Every candidate receives the same high-quality content irrespective of the trainer and the location. They help you further develop the competencies and skills you need to make a difference in your organization.  

    Our workshops are structured in three parts – pre-workshop, workshop and post-workshop – to provide you with a completely immersive learning experience. This tried and tested workshop structure has worked well with thousands of ITSM professionals we’ve helped upskill over the years.  

    • Pre-workshop: Take our diagnostic assessment before the workshop and benchmark your skill levels at the start of the course. This allows you to map and demonstrate your skills learning progression as you reach the end of the course.  
    • Workshop: Join the live and interactive instructor-led sessions right from within PRISM, our immersive learning experience platform with a state-of-the-art intelligent coding environment. Experience immersive learning with assignments, assessments, recall quizzes, mock tests and much more.  
    • Post-workshop: We don’t just impart skills but also want to make sure that you implement them post the course. To help you with this, we are always in touch with you through newsletters, webinars or next version trainings. Some post-training deliverables lined-up for you are:  
      • Instructor-led session recordings
      • Access to alumni network
      • Continued social learning with discussion forums, group messenger and one-to-one messaging.
      • Additional workshops on advanced level concepts
      • Regular emails, blogs, articles, emails, newsletters, tutorials and other such rich informational content.  

    A unique feature of our CBAP certification course is the highly engaging, immersive learning you experience. You get to learn, practice, assess, get insights on your learning, and personalize your learning journey.  

    • LEARN: Engaging self-learning videos, smart flashcards, interactive eBooks and recall quizzes help reinforce your learning. You also get to maximize your learning potential with collaborative social learning via discussion forums and group and one-to-one messaging.  
    • PRACTICE: Case studies and real-time simulations help you gain confidence and get productive from day one.  
    • ASSESS: Assess your skills at every stage with a variety of questions ranging from multiple choice to code-based, completely auto-graded by the system. Assignments and projects within our inbuilt and intelligent development environment give you micro “work-like” experiences. Test your subject matter comprehension through diagnostic, module level and final assessments.  
    • GET INSIGHTS: Based on your performance in the assessments, assignments, and projects, you gain deep insights on your progress, which help you identify areas you are good at and where you need to improve. All you need to do is follow recommendations and enhance your skill proficiency from where you are to where you want to get.  

    PRISM is KnowledgeHut’s state-of-the-art learning experience platform. PRISM is designed to provide a highly engaging, immersive learning experience with you at the center of the learning.  

    PRISM supports all types of courses, including on-demand self-paced learning, blended learning, and live virtual classes. Here are some key features of the platform:  

    • Learners can watch videos, join live sessions directly, and even book 1 - 1 mentoring sessions with expert instructors easily, using a single dashboard. 
    • Integrated Practice Environment runs directly in the user’s browser, offering a complete set of development tools to allow learners to practice what they’ve learned.  
    • Feature-rich videos with detailed explanations are augmented by flash cards, interactive e-reading content and quick recall quizzes designed to strategically reinforce learning.  
    • Diagnostic, module-level and final assessments give learners valuable insights, allowing them to map and demonstrate their skills learning progression through the course. 
    • Learners get micro work-like experiences from auto-graded projects that help them learn on the job, much like developers in leading tech companies.  
    • Social Learning tools include a discussion board that features questions posted by other learners on the system and responses by both mentors and learners. Additionally, one-to-one and group messaging is also available.  
    • Comprehensive reports give both organizations and learners a deep and thorough insight into skills progression. 

    Software Requirements  

    • Internet browser  
    • MS Word or Notepad  

    System Requirements  

    • Windows or equivalent environment with Internet browser and high-speed Internet connectivity  

    Yes, your course material will be provided in advance. You will receive an email with a link to set your password a few days in advance of the scheduled course. Once you log in to PRISM, you will have access to the study plan and all the course material.  

    The course material comprises of the course schedule or study plan, workbooks and all relevant assignments, assessments, or case studies.  

    The sessions would be auto-recorded on PRISM, subject to permission by IIBA® and the trainer. Based on the permissions, you would have lifetime access to the video recordings of the sessions as well.  

    No, you will not yet be able to join the training through phone or tab. Please be prepared to join the training on your laptop or desktop.  

    If you get disconnected during the training, you will have the option to re-join within about half an hour subject to accreditation body guidelines and the instructor’s preference.

    Our workshops are currently held online and anyone with a stable internet from anywhere across the world can benefit from this to get CBAP certified. You can check out the schedules here:   

    Schedules for our upcoming workshops in Agile and Scrum can be found here.

    You will receive a registration link from PRISM to your e-mail id. You will have to set your password, log in to our Immersive Learning Experience platform and start your learning journey.  

    You will have lifetime access to the entire Self-Paced Learning material including on-demand videos, assessments, quizzes, ebooks/case studies and more.

    You can attempt the recall quizzes any number of times. Assessments can be taken twice.

    If you miss a class, you can access the class recordings from PRISM at any time. At the beginning of every session, there will also be a 10–12-minute recapitulation of the previous class.  

    This is a live instructor led training where you will be coached by CBAP experts.  

    We currently use the Zoom platform for video conferencing and will soon be adding more integrations with Webex and Microsoft Teams. However, all the sessions and the recordings will be available right from within our learning platform. Learners will not need to wait for any notifications or links or install any additional software.  

    Yes, there are other participants who actively participate in the class remotely. They can attend online training from office, home, or any other suitable place.  

    In case of any queries, our support team is available to you 24/7 via the Help and Support section on PRISM. You can also reach out to your workshop manager on your workshop group messenger.  

    Should you have any more questions, please email us on and we will be happy to get back to you.  

    What learners are saying about the CBAP Online Training

    Musthafa Hussain Business Analyst
    The course helped me a lot in understanding the CBAP and the BABOK Guide. I really loved it. Would definitely recommend my friends for the same.

    Attended Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®)Certification workshop in November 2019

    Raam Chaware Sr. Business Analyst
    Shashank, our trainer helped us get a perspective into reading BABOK v3 and helped answer the questions which I had. Also, the study material provided by Knowledge Hut is very useful. good job!

    Attended Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®)Certification workshop in January 2022

    Kaustubh Jagdale Business Analyst
    The CBAP course roadmap was perfectly designed. Trainer Sairam Bingi has all the skills to mould a person into a Business Analyst. Sai delivered the course very well. My Business Analysis skills have improved a lot. Sai has suggested good learning techniques. Thank you knowledge hut for providing the best trainers through your platform. Thank you Sai.

    Attended Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®)Certification workshop in May 2021

    Liew Shujing Manager
    The KnowledgeHut trainer has extensive experience and was able to relate the different KA and tasks using scenarios that he was using. Great learning. Looking forward to implementing the BA tools!

    Attended Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®)Certification workshop in September 2020

    Divakar Kannan Sr.Consultant
    This course was good. Look forward to more real-time examples from the industry during the post-course mentorship. 

    Attended Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®)Certification workshop in May 2020

    Aravinda R Project Manager
    Had a great learning experience with a great trainer from KnowledgeHut. He clarified all of our questions with practical examples from his real-world experience.

    Attended Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®)Certification workshop in May 2020

    Kyoko Zuch CBAP
    It was really REALLY helpful that Sai emphasized the context of business analysis during the first couple days before diving deep into the contents of the BABOK. I liked he suggested follow-up and reviewed them and gave us feedback. I was able to confirm what I was learning during the session. This is critical especially you are experienced BA, and sometimes need to remind yourself you are learning BABOK. Sai has an in depth knowledge in BABOK and beyond. And his stories are engaging.

    Attended Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®)Certification workshop in May 2020

    Rizwan Ali IT Consultant
    The training was awesome. The trainer covered the contents of the course within the required time with relatable examples from the industry. The training material was aligned with the latest version of BABOK.

    Attended Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®)Certification workshop in April 2020

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