CCSP Certification Training

Become a Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Professional

  • Develop real-world skills and advance your career in Cloud Security 
  • Learn the fundamentals of Certified Cloud Security Professional Course from the best instructors 
  • Design, manage and secure data, applications, and infrastructure in the cloud 
  • 400,000 + Professionals trained
  • 250 + Workshops every month
  • 100 + Countries and counting

Ace Cloud Security Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals and methods of securing critical assets in the cloud. The Certified Cloud Security Professional training offered by (ISC)2 will help you discover the correct path, create a plan and gain expertise in Cloud Security and help you thrive in your career. Get practical knowledge of cloud security and learn ways to implement them.

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CCSP Training Highlights

  • 40 hours of instructor-led training 

  • Comprehensive Exam Support 

  • Coaching from Certified Instructors 

  • Hands-on Experience in Cloud security 

  • Advanced and theory backed curriculum 

  • Mock exams to help you ace the CCSP Exam 

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Why Take the CCSP Course?


As organizations collect and generate huge amounts of data, securing the data is becoming crucial. The demand for Cloud Security is at an all-time high and so is the demand for Cloud Security professionals. A recent survey done by (ISC)2 says that CCSP is the number one ranked certification that IT professionals plan to achieve in their careers.

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The KnowledgeHut Edge

Learn by Doing

Get hands-on training and acquire practical knowledge to build a strong foundation of your concepts.

Real-World Focus

Gain work-like experience during your training with real-world simulations that provide job readiness. 

Industry Experts

Gain insights straight from the industry experts with solid experience through immersive, and engaging sessions. 

Advanced Curriculum

Learn from the latest and the most advanced curriculum aligned with (ISC)2 guidelines. 

Continual Learning Support

Acquire continual learning support from our team with engaging workshops, webinars, and free resources. 

Detailed Feedback

Get real-world tips and techniques from expert practitioners along with detailed feedback on your projects. 

Steps to get the CCSP Certification Online

Not sure where to get started with your CCSP certification? Just follow these simple steps and validate your expertise as a Certified CCSP.

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CCSP Certification Online

Prerequisite for CCSP certification

  • 5 years of cumulative, paid work experience in information technology
  • At least 3 years of 5 years of experience in information security
  • 1 year of experience in at least one of the 6 domains of (ISC)2

If you do not have the required experience to become a CCSP, you may become an Associate of (ISC)2 after successfully passing the CCSP exam. The Associate of (ISC)2 will then have six years to earn the experience needed for the CCSP certification. 

Who should attend this CCSP Training?

Enterprise Architect

Security Administrator

Security Architect

Security Consultant

Security Engineer

Security Manager

Systems Architect

Systems Engineer

Cloud Architect

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Consultant

Cloud Administrator

Cloud Security Analyst

Cloud Specialist

Auditor of Cloud Computing Services

Professional Cloud Developer

CCSP Certification Training Schedule

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What you will learn

Cloud Data Security

Understand how to maintain vast amounts of data and the importance of data security  

Asset Management

Learn how to protect organizational assets in every stage of a project. 

Security Standards

Identify concepts, principles and structures to secure networks, equipment, and applications. 

Cloud Architecture and Design

Learn the basics of architecture and design involved in cloud security. 

Cloud Infrastructure and Security

Learn the principles of maintaining infrastructure and methods to secure your cloud in your organization 

Cloud Concepts

Learn the fundamentals and the concepts of the cloud, along with the latest techniques 

Skill you will gain

Cloud Data Security

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Design

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Security

Risk management

Network security

Enable security controls

Security operating models

Transform Your Workforce

Create Highly Secure Cloud Networks in Your Organization

Whether you want to secure your cloud infrastructure or strengthen your data security of your business or customer, all such objectives depend on an extensive security system and qualified professionals capable of handling modern day challenges. Skill up your information security professionals with our CCSP certification training.

  • Custom Training Solutions  
  • Immersive Learning  
  • Learn by doing approach  
  • Immediately applicable skills 

500+ Clients

CCSP Course Syllabus

Download Curriculum

In this domain, you will learn the fundamentals of cloud concepts, architecture and design. 

  • Concepts of the Cloud 
  • Cloud Architecture 
  • Cloud Design  

In this domain, you will learn the importance of cloud data security and the best practices in the industry. 

  • Understanding Data security 
  • Data Security Concepts 
  • Security Functionalities 

In this domain, you will learn the different cloud platforms and the various methods to keep your cloud infrastructure secure. 

  • Cloud Platforms 
  • Understanding Infrastructure Security 
  • Importance of Infrastructure Security 
  • Network and communications 
  • Important factors that impact data design 

In this domain, you will understand Cloud applications and methods to keep cloud applications secure.

  • Cloud Applications 
  • Fundamentals of application security 
  • Common pitfalls of application security 
  • Application security testing 

In this domain, you will get a deep understanding of the security operations required to build a secure cloud network and its functions.  

  • Different Cloud Security Operations 
  • Understanding Cloud Security Operations 
  • Security Operations of Servers 
  • Security Operations of Storage controllers 
  • Monitoring Performance 

In this domain, you will learn everything about the risk, legal and compliance side of cloud security. 

  • Understanding Legal, Risk and Compliance 
  • Legislative Concepts 
  • Case Studies 
  • Laws and Agreements 


CCSP Certification FAQs

The Certified Cloud Security Professional or CCSP is a certification that helps you validate your skills and your ability in designing, managing and safeguarding data, applications and infrastructure in the cloud using best practices, policies, and procedures established by the Cyber Security experts at (ISC)².

The CCSP Eligibility is as follows: 

  • 5 years of cumulative, paid work experience in information technology 
  • At least 3 years of 5 years of experience in information security 
  • 1 year of experience in at least one of the 6 domains of (ISC)2 

After you achieve CCSP qualification, enroll for a specialized course like KnowledgeHut’s CCSP course, clear the exam and get CCSP certified.

If you do not have the required experience to become a CCSP, you may become an Associate of (ISC)2 after successfully passing the CCSP exam. The Associate of (ISC)2 will then have six years to earn the experience needed for the CCSP certification.

Acquiring the CCSP certification can be broken down into these simple steps. 

Step 1: Get Trained by KnowledgeHut 

Step 2: Take the CSSP exam and clear it.  

Step 3: Get Certified and voila! You’re now a certified cloud security professional! 

The CCSP security certification is valued worldwide. This certification is considered the top (ISC)2 certification by many Cloud practitioners and Information security professionals. In fact, the CCSP is ranked number one in Certification Magazine's top 75 certifications list for 2021. 

 The cost of the CCSP Certification depends on your geographic location along with the offerings your training center is willing to provide. The cost of the CCSP exam is USD 599. The certification cost includes the exam fees. 

CCSP certification validity lasts for 3 years. You must apply for the renewal every 3 years by paying an annual maintenance fee (AMF) of $125 and earning 90 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits before the certification expires.  

CCSP Certification Benefits

Benefits of taking the CCSP Classes are: 

  • Extra credibility and visibility in your career 
  • Vast career choices and opportunities  
  • Job security 
  • Versatile skills that can be to different technologies 
  • Opportunity to meet like-minded practitioners from around the world 
  • Preparedness to stem cyber-attacks  
  • Higher pay of up to 35% as a member of (ISC)² 

 The CCSP certification salary is US$1,14,315 (Source: Glassdoor) and the average pay boost for CCSPs are 27% higher than their non-certified peers (Source: 

With the CCSP Certification, you can become: 

  • Security Administrator 
  • Security Consultant 
  • Security Engineer 
  • Security Architect 
  • Security Manager 
  • Systems Engineer 
  • Systems Architect 
  • Enterprise Architect 

After completing CCSP certification course, the student will be able to: 

  • Describe the physical and virtual components of and identify the principal technologies of cloud-based systems 
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of customers, providers, partners, brokers, and the various technical professionals that support cloud computing environments 
  • Identify and explain the five characteristics required to satisfy the NIST definition of cloud computing 
  • Differentiate between various Service delivery models and frameworks that are incorporated into the cloud computing reference architecture 
  • Discuss strategies for safeguarding data, classifying data, ensuring privacy, assuring compliance with regulatory agencies, and working with authorities during legal investigations 
  • Contrast between forensic analysis in corporate data center and cloud computing environments 
  • Evaluate and implement the security controls necessary to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability in cloud computing 
  • Identify and explain the six phases of the data lifecycle 
  • Explain strategies for protecting data at rest and data in motion 
  • Describe the role of encryption in protecting data and specific strategies for key management 
  • Compare a variety of cloud-based business continuity / disaster recovery strategies and select an appropriate solution to specific business requirements 
  • Contrast security aspects of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) in standard data center and cloud computing environments 
  • Describe how federated identity and access management solutions mitigate risks in cloud computing systems 
  • Conduct gap analysis between baseline and industry-standard best practices 
  • Develop Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for cloud computing environments 
  • Conduct risk assessments of existing and proposed cloud-based environments 
  • State the professional and ethical standards of (ISC)² and the Certified Cloud Security Professional 

The CCSP course or Certified Cloud Security Professional Certification is not necessarily only for security professionals. While the certification requires 5 years of experience in the field of Information Security, there is an alternative option for an associate version of the certificate to be available to those who do not meet this requirement. The course will prove beneficial to anyone who is looking to develop information security knowledge and skills. 

CCSP Workshop

The CCSP workshop at KnowledgeHut is delivered through PRISM, an immersive learning platform, via live and interactive instructor-led training sessions. 

Our CCSP Certification prep course includes trainers that are:   

  • Experienced Information Security professionals   
  • Experts who have 10+ years of immense experience in CCSP concepts and practice 

Every candidate receives the same high-quality content irrespective of the trainer and the location. They help you further develop the competencies and skills you need to make a difference in your organization. 

We provide a soft copy of the courseware for your reference. 

The tools you’ll need to attend the CCSP Course are: 

  • Windows: Windows XP SP3 or higher 
  • Mac: OSX 10.6 or higher 
  • Internet speed: Preferably 512 Kbps or higher 

Course schedule or study plan, workbooks, and all relevant assignments, assessments, or case studies are some of the CCSP certification benefits. 

The CCSP training online sessions would be auto recorded on PRISM subject to permission by (ISC)2 and our trainer. Based on the permissions, you would have lifetime access to the video recordings of the sessions as well. 

No, the CCSP Certification requirements include you joining the training on your laptop or desktop. 

If you get disconnected during the CCSP training and certification sessions, you will have the option to re-join within about half an hour subject to the instructor’s preference. 

Our CCSP certification online workshops are currently held online and anyone with stable internet from anywhere across the world can benefit from this to get CCSP certified. You can check out the schedules here. 

You will receive a registration link in your e-mail id. You will have to set your password, log in to our PRISM, our Immersive Learning platform and start your learning journey. 

If you miss a class, you can access the class recordings from PRISM at any time. At the beginning of every session, there will also be a 10–12-minute recapitulation of the previous class. 

You will get the benefit of both since this is a blended learning workshop. 

We currently use the Zoom platform for video conferencing and will soon be adding more integrations with Webex and Microsoft Teams. However, all the sessions and the recordings will be available right from within our learning platform. Learners will not need to wait for any notifications or links or install any additional software. 

Yes, there are other participants who actively participate in the class remotely. They can attend online training from office, home, or any other suitable place. 

In case of any queries, our support team is available to you 24/7 via the Help and Support section. You can also reach out to your workshop manager on your workshop group messenger. 


The CCSP exam is a multiple-choice questions exam with 125 questions and the duration of the exam is 3 hours. 

One might assume that it is easy to finish the 125 multiple choice questions in 180 minutes duration of the CCSP exam. However, the exam is one of the difficult exams offered by (ISC)2. The passing score of the exam is at least 700 out of 1000. This means you need to get at least 88 questions right to clear the exam. 

(ISC)² has an obligation to its membership to maintain the relevancy of its credentials. These enhancements are the result of a detailed, methodical process that (ISC)² follows to routinely update its credential exams. This ensures that the examinations and subsequent continuing professional education requirements encompass the topic areas relevant to the roles and responsibilities of today's cloud security professionals. 

The content of the CCSP has been refreshed to reflect the most pertinent issues that cloud security professionals currently face, along with the best practices for mitigating those issues. As a result of the content refresh, this is the new order of domain weightage:  

  • Domain 1: Cloud Concepts, Architecture, and Design - 17% 
  • Domain 2: Cloud Data Security - 19% 
  • Domain 3: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security - 17% 
  • Domain 4: Cloud Application Security - 17% 
  • Domain 5: Cloud Security Operations - 17% 
  • Domain 6: Legal, Risk, and Compliance - 13%  

Domains change because it reflects a change in knowledge, skills, and abilities, as indicated by experts through the Job Task Analysis process. 

 The changes will begin on August 1, 2022. 

No, the exam time will remain unchanged at 3 hours. The number of items on the exam remains 100 operational items with 25 pretest items. 

 The refreshed CCSP exam will be available in English and Japanese. 

 (ISC)² exams are experience-based that include experience-based questions that cannot be learned by studying alone. If you already have experience in the domains covered in CCSP and believe that you have sufficiently studied those domains, you should feel confident that you are qualified to take the new exam and pass it. (ISC)² cannot guarantee you will pass the exam. 

 No. For the certified cloud security professional (CCSP) certification, a candidate is required to have a minimum of five years cumulative work experience in one or more of the six domains of the CCSP CBK (Common Book of Knowledge). 

 The updated Official (ISC)² CCSP Training Course will be available on August 1, 2022. 

CCSP Exam Prep

Generally, it takes about 120 days to prepare for the CCSP examination, which you will get to prepare for the exam once you have made the payment for the CCSP exam. For 40 to 60 hours of certified cloud security professional certification preparation, you can commit 2 hours every day to exam preparations. You can also acquire training from a training partner of (ISC)2 to have a seamless learning journey.  

You can refer to the following books to prepare: 

  • The Official (ISC)² Guide to the CCSP CBK by Adam Gordon (illustrated examples, clear diagrams, best practices, and real-life scenarios on cloud security) 
  • Course materials and guides provided by a training partner such as KnowledgeHut. 


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