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KnowledgeHut’s IT security courses

There is a huge demand for professionals who can act as security officers and coordinate and execute IT protection programs. A certification that is a reflection of a professional’s expertise and ability to put in place an impenetrable security system is much valued by organizations. We therefore bring you IT security courses training that will help you aim for IT security course certification and gain the practical skills needed to be effective security evangelists. Among our more popular courses are CEH V9 (Certified Ethical Hacker V9), COBIT 5 and PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). We also offer other courses such as CISSP®, CISM® and CISA® training.

Why is Information security important?

The threat to information and data is very real.  In this age of technology when organisations rely so heavily on IT, the value of a business lies in its data. Failure to protect this vital information from cyber criminals often leads to loss of customer faith, lawsuits and huge losses in business and reputation. Putting an IT security in place is therefore a huge priority for modern organizations and they need to ensure that the security system is able to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of their data.

KnowledgeHut benefits:

All our workshops are conducted by certified and experienced coaches. We provide world class infrastructure in our classrooms and all workshops are conducted in an experiential format that will ensure bridging any knowledge gaps that you may have and giving you the confidence to tackle day to day challenges.

Anytime, anyplace learning:

We realize that there are many of you who may not have the time to attend our classroom workshops. But do not let time get in the way of your journey of continuous improvement. We bring IT security courses training online that are live instructor-led online workshops. You can access these online trainings at any time and take advantage of the self-paced e-learning modules. 

Once you complete the workshop you can appear for the IT security course certification online and gain the certification that will land you lucrative offers.