Conflict Management Training in Brisbane, Australia

Learn to eliminate conflicts and create a winning team that is self-driven and motivated!

  • Learn how to resolve conflicts effectively and the methods you can use.
  • Understand how you can manage your emotions better.
  • Learn about the various organizational environments that are prone to conflict.
  • 400,000 + Professionals trained
  • 250 + Workshops every month 
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Conflict Management FAQ

Conflict Management Training

During this one-day course, a variety of topics will be covered with the aim of educating you on conflict management and effective communication. The following are the practical skills you’ll gain on course completion:

  • Understanding why conflicts arise
  • Identifying common responses to conflicts in terms of behavior, thoughts, and attitude
  • Exploring Aggressive, Passive and Assertive approaches and the consequence of each response
  • Deal with difficult team members
  • Learning effective conflict resolution methods and best practices for managing conflicts
  • Building trust and credibility with colleagues and team members
  • Holding difficult conversations calmly and assertively
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Leaders
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Executives
  • Supervisors
  • Union Leaders

All those who want to be more successful in working with others and resolving team conflicts will benefit from this course.

There are no prerequisites to attend this course.

Workshop Experience

Currently, all our courses are offered online as live, interactive, trainer-led sessions where you will get to learn directly from the trainer with opportunities to discuss and clear doubts.

Our instructors are communication experts skilled in conflict management with several years of industry experience. They also have hands-on experience and will be able to tell you the practical aspects of what you are learning.

Our courses are delivered through live interactive virtual classrooms. Our training focuses on interactive learning, split across hands-on exercises, discussions, and team collaboration, all facilitated by communication experts. The focus is on finding practical solutions to real-world scenarios in various strategic environments, both big and small.

No, you do not need to record the sessions, the sessions will be auto recorded on our LMS, you will be able to refer to them.

Defuse Stressful Situations Easily

Conflicts are inevitable when people with different personalities come together to work in the same environment. Quite often, the clash that results lead to extreme anger and animosity, and this can have a very disruptive effect on the entire team. As a leader, you'll be called upon to defuse the situation and resolve differences in a collaborative manner.

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  • 8 Hours, Live, Instructor-Led Online Training

  • Industry-Validated Courseware

  • Hands-on Learning with Group Exercises

  • Real-World Simulations and Case Studies

  • Become Adept at Conflict Resolution

  • Digital Library of Learning Resources

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There are no prerequisites for attending this course.

Who Should Attend This Course


Business Leaders

Portfolio Managers

Program Managers

Project Managers

Team Leaders



Union Leaders


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What You Will Learn


Understand the cause and effect of every conflict, and the possible consequences it can bring.

Mindset Change

Learn why mindset changes are important, how to overcome resistance, and move ahead


Understand the different emotions, the reasons they manifest, and how to manage them better


Learn how to be always aware of your working environment and mindful of possible triggers

Styles of Conflict

Learn what, how, and why of conflict styles and how to use them to facilitate effective collaboration

Communication Barriers

Understand the various possible barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them

Transform Your Workforce

Enhance Cross-Team Collaboration

Build teams that communicate effectively and know how to manage and keep stress at bay. Increase employee morale and productivity through self-awareness and open communication.

  • Custom Training Solutions
  • Experiential Learning
  • Learn by Doing Approach
  • Immediately Applicable Skills

500+ Clients

  • The intention behind the conflict
  • The cause and effect of the conflict
  • How did it happen
  • The consequences of the conflict
  • Importance for change
  • Getting rid of old habits
  • Various styles of employees
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Management
  • Emotions
  • Conflicting Styles
  • Conflicting Roles
  • Conflicting Resources
  • Breaking Barriers to Effective Communication
  • The Mastery of Building Rapport at the Workplace
  • Build Trust and Confidence amongst supervisors, colleagues, and peers

Conflict Management Course in Brisbane

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