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Live and interactive sessions with personalized guidance from experienced web development experts.

Learn at your own pace with 95 on-demand videos, 21 sets of flashcards, and 21 interactive eBooks.

Guided hands-on exercises help you gain confidence and get productive from the get-go.

Test your subject matter comprehension with auto-graded assessments and reinforce your learning with recall quizzes.

While you learn, build, and deploy real-world projects that you can speak about in job interviews.

Benefit from the limitless educational possibility that comes with lifetime access. The entire courseware and all the features of our immersive learning experience platform will remain at your fingertips for whenever you wish to refresh concepts and clear your doubts.

Immersive Learning


Build real-world projects in a preconfigured development editor inbuilt into your learning space and practice with guided hands-on exercises.


Work-like scenarios bring in purpose, autonomy, and context to get you project-ready and experience how it is to work in tech.


Advanced insights help you achieve skill-based outcomes from our state-of-the-art immersive learning experience platform



  • Basic knowledge of server-side development
  • Intermediate working knowledge of JavaScript

Course Schedules

Learning Objectives:

Discover Node.js and its capabilities and understand why it makes creating server-side applications easy and fast. Learn how to setup Node.js and write your first script before diving into synchronous and asynchronous programming and understanding the all-important event loop and non-blocking I/O.


  • Introduction to Node.js
  • Applications of Node.js and installation
  • Writing your first Node.js Script
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous programming
  • Under the hood - understanding the event loop & Non-Blocking I/O

Learning Objectives:

Understand what is Node.js REPL and its commands. Learn all about global and local objects in Node.js


  • REPL and REPL Commands
  • Node.js CLI Commands
  • Global and Local Objects

Learning Objectives:

Learn all about modular programming with Node.js and NPM. Discover the power of modules as you write your own module. Then learn all about using npm to set up and initialize a project before understanding package.json, local and global packages, using npx, and finally publishing a package on npm.


  • Introduction to Modules
  • Process and OS Modules
  • Writing Your Own Module
  • Introducing NPM
  • Initializing a Project Using npm init
  • Understanding package.json
  • Installing & using packages from npm
  • Local vs.Global Install
  • Using NPX
  • Publishing Package on npm


Write your own module

Learning Objectives:

Node.js offers experimental support for ECMAScript modules, out of the box. Learn all about this feature and use it in your projects without the need of a third-party compiler such as Babel. You will learn to write and import an ECMAScript module as you learn about its syntax and uses.


  • ECMAScript Modules Versus CommonJS Modules
  • Enabling support
  • Writing an ECMAScript Module
  • Importing and Using an ECMAScript Module
  • ES6 syntax in detail


Importing and Using an ECMAScript Module

Learning Objectives:

Node.js allows you to work with the file system. This module covers the all-important ‘fs’ module as you learn to work with files and directories. You will learn to read and write files both synchronously and asynchronously.


  • File System Modeling in Node.js
  • Directory and Path Resolution
  • Reading Files Synchronously and Asynchronously
  • Writing Files Synchronously and Asynchronously
  • Directory operations


  • Learn how to write a file using Sync and Async
  • Learn all about Directory Operations

Learning Objectives:

Discover the Streams API in Node.js and its use case in the form of reading and writing files. You will also learn about transform streams.


  • Understanding Streams
  • Reading a File Using Readable Stream
  • Writing a file using Writable Streams
  • Transform Streams
  • Streams vs Files


Learn how to work with transform streams

Learning Objectives:

Learn to use the events module to create your own events and emit them. Learn to write an event handler for an event raised by your own created custom events.


  • Event Emitter
  • Handling Events

Learning Objectives:

Understand the purpose of the net module and how to use it in a node application. Learn to create a server that listens when the client connects to it. Also, learn to create a client that communicates with the server and is able to exchange messages.


  • Introduction to the Net module
  • Creating a TCP Server & Listener
  • Creating a command-line chatbot

Learning Objectives:

Learn all about building servers using the HTTP module. You will also learn about handling incoming requests and sending out responses as you build a web server that serves a static website. Learn all about HTTPS and HTTP/2 and learn to handle Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).


  • Web Server: Web Application Architecture
  • HTTP module
  • Making HTTP requests
  • Serve JSON as a response
  • Serve HTML as a response
  • Building a basic web server with routes and streams: Serve a static website
  • Using HTTPS
  • Using HTTP/2
  • Understanding CORS


  • Learn how to make HTTP Requests
  • You will learn serving JSON as a response
  • You will learn serving HTML as a response
  • You will learn serving a static website

Learning Objectives:

Understand debugging and its importance in an application development environment. Learn how to debug a Nodejs application with an inspect flag.


  • Introduction to debugging
  • Debug node js apps

Learning Objectives:

Discover threads and the worker thread API in Node.js. Learn to write CPU intensive code using the worker threads and understand the need for clusters for scaling up a Node.js app.


  • Introduction to the Worker Threads API
  • Handling compute-intensive tasks using Worker Threads
  • Node.js on multi-core CPUs using Cluster


You will be handling compute-intensive tasks using Worker Threads

Learning Objectives: 

Learn about the need for an application framework when building Node.js apps. Build a basic Node.js application framework. Discover Express and the benefits it brings to application development. Learn about real-world customers who bank on Express for their production apps.


  • What is a Node.js web application framework?
  • BYOF - Build Your Own Framework
  • Introducing Express
  • Who uses Express?


You will build your own framework

Learning Objectives:

Build the very first Express app. Learn to add a route handler for POST requests in your Express application, and learn to use the express-static middleware to serve static assets.


  • Build your first Express app
  • Learn adding a route handler
  • Serving Static Assets & HTML files


  • You will build your first Express app
  • Add multiple route handlers to the app
  • Serve a static signup page with its stylesheet

Learning Objectives: 

Learn and configure a view engine to render dynamic Pug templates. Next, learn to build a simple dashboard page using Pug. Finally, build & include a partial using Pug.


  • View Engine – Pug
  • Building the Dashboard
  • Building the Post Card


You will be rendering a dynamic signup page using Pug

Learning Objectives:

Discover middleware and its role in an Express application. Learn to handle & parse incoming requests such as form data using middleware. Next, learn to use Morgan, a third-party middleware that helps you log requests. Understand how to implement sessions using the express session middleware. Finally, learn to write your own middleware function & implement response data compression.


  • What is middleware?
  • Parsing incoming requests
  • Logging with Morgan
  • Using the express-session middleware
  • Compression & Your own middleware


  • Handling form-URL-encoded requests in a simple signup mechanism
  • Using sessions to persist data
  • Write a simple route protection middleware

Learning Objectives:

Learn to implement modular routing using the Express Router module. Organize the routes by service domains and learn to handle dynamic routes and route parameters. Finally, implement a very basic route protection mechanism using middleware functions.


  • Modular routing with Express Router
  • Organizing routes
  • Dynamic Routing & Route parameters
  • Basic route protection using middleware


  • Build a simple API
  • Use route parameters to render a list of movies and genres

Learning Objectives:

Set up a database on MongoDB Atlas and configure it to work with the Express application. Learn to set up and configure Mongoose, the most popular ODM for MongoDB. Next, build a Mongoose Schema & Model to manage user accounts/store and manage blog posts. Finally, bring in our precooked React web application and set it up.


  • Working with MongoDB Atlas 
  • Setting up Mongoose ODM 
  • Building the Users schema & model 
  • Building the Posts schema & model 
  • Serving the client web application


  • Setting up Mongoose ODM 
  • Building a Schema and Model
  • Integrating a client application

Learning Objectives:

Understand all about JWT Authentication and how it differs from session-based authentication. Build a controller that enables admins to login. Also, build controllers and API for letting users signup or log in from the client app. Understand how to build controllers and API for creating, reading, and deleting blog posts. Implement profanity filtering and the ability to moderate posts.


  • Signing up an Admin & Password Hashing 
  • Admin Authentication - Controller and Route 
  • Authentication API - Controller and Routes 
  • Posts API - Controller and Routes 
  • Profanity Filtering and Post Moderation 


Creating a controller

Learning Objectives:

Level up the caching strategy by setting up Redis and implement Redis as a cache. Understand how to use Redis as a fast session store.


  • Setting up Redis for caching
  • Caching and Serving Content
  • Configuring Redis as the session store

Learning Objectives:

Learn to handle untrusted data such as form input. Also, learn to mitigate XSS & CSRF attacks.


  • Handling untrusted data
  • Preventing XSS & CSRF


Handling untrusted data

Learning Objectives:

Learn to deploy the Node and Express app on Heroku


  • Deploying an Express app on Heroku

Learning Objectives:

For the final capstone project, you are required to build an API server that uses a file-based database (or MongoDB) to serve multiple routes and HTTP verbs with minimal configuration needed to get up and running. The result is a simple, yet powerful API server for development purposes such as building React, Angular and Vue applications.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The Node.js training workshop at KnowledgeHut is delivered through PRISM, our immersive learning experience platform, via two modes of delivery:  

Blended learning:  

  • Get the best of both worlds with live and interactive instructor-led training sessions along with the convenience and flexibility of self-paced learning.  
  • Listen, learn, ask questions, and get all your doubts clarified from your instructor, who is an experienced practitioner.  
  • You also get to collaborate and learn from the experience of your peers in real-world simulations and activities. 

On-Demand Self-Learning:  

Learn conveniently at your own pace, whenever and wherever you choose. Spend as much time as you need to on areas or topics that you find most difficult, pausing and replaying relevant segments of video as often as you need to. Benefit from the limitless educational possibility that comes with lifetime access. The entire courseware and all the features of our immersive learning experience platform will remain at your fingertips whenever you wish to refresh concepts and clear your doubts. 

The Node.js course is delivered by leading practitioners who bring current best practices and case studies from their experience to the live and interactive training sessions. The instructors are industry-recognized experts with more than 10 years of experience in Node.js and web development. 

Not only will they impart knowledge of the fundamentals and advanced concepts, they will provide end-to-end mentorship and hands-on guidance on the real-world projects. 

Our workshops are structured in three parts – pre-workshop, workshop and post-workshop – to provide you with a completely immersive learning experience. This tried and tested workshop structure has worked well with thousands of engineers we’ve helped upskill over the years. 

  1. Pre-workshop: Take our diagnostic assessment before the workshop and benchmark your skill levels at the start of the course. This allows you to map and demonstrate your skills learning progression as you reach the end of the course.  
  2. Workshop: Join the live and interactive instructor-led sessions right from within PRISM, our immersive learning experience platform with a state-of-the-art intelligent coding environment. Experience immersive learning with cloud labs, guided hands-on exercises, assignments, auto-graded assessments, recall quizzes, real-world projects and much more. 
  3. Post-workshop: We don’t just impart skills but also want to make sure that you implement them post the course. To help you with this, we are always in touch with you through newsletters, webinars or next version trainings. Some post-training deliverables lined-up for you are: 
  • Practice Labs 
  • Instructor-led session recordings 
  • Project assistance with mentor 
  • Access to alumni network 
  • Continued social learning with discussion forums, group messenger and one-to-one messaging. 
  • Additional workshops on advanced level concepts 
  • Regular emails, blogs, articles, emails, newsletters, tutorials and other such rich informational content. 

A unique feature of our Node.js course is the highly engaging, immersive learning you experience. You get to learn, practice, assess, get insights on your learning, and personalize your learning journey. 

  • LEARN: Engaging self-learning videos, smart flashcards, interactive eBooks and recall quizzes help reinforce your learning. You also get to maximize your learning potential with collaborative social learning via discussion forums and group and one-to-one messaging. 
  • PRACTICE: Access our Playground Labs during and after the course. Guided hands-on exercises will help you gain confidence and get productive from day one. 
  • ASSESS: Assess your skills at every stage with a variety of questions ranging from multiple choice to code-based, completely auto-graded by the system. Assignments and projects within our inbuilt and intelligent development environment give you micro “work-like” experiences. Test your subject matter comprehension through diagnostic, module level and final assessments. 
  • GET INSIGHTS: Based on your performance in the assessments, assignments, and projects, you gain deep insights on your progress, which help you identify areas you are good at and where you need to improve. All you need to do is follow recommendations and enhance your skill proficiency from where you are to where you want to get.  

PRISM is KnowledgeHut’s state-of-the-art learning experience platform. PRISM is designed to provide a highly engaging, immersive learning experience with you at the center of the learning. Key features of the platform include: 

  1. PRISM supports all types of courses, including on-demand self-paced learning, blended learning, and live virtual classes.  
  2. Learners can watch videos, join live sessions directly, and even book 1 - 1 mentoring sessions with expert instructors easily, using a single dashboard. 
  3. Integrated Practice Environment runs directly in the user’s browser, offering a complete set of development tools to allow learners to practice what they’ve learned.  
  4. Feature-rich videos with detailed explanations are augmented by flash cards, interactive e-reading content and quick recall quizzes designed to strategically reinforce learning.  
  5. Diagnostic assessments give learners valuable insights into their understanding and knowledge before they begin the course, allowing them to map and demonstrate their skills learning progression as they reach the end of the course.  
  6. Learners get micro work-like experiences from auto-graded projects that help them learn on the job, much like developers in leading tech companies.  
  7. Integrated Cloud Labs allow students to instantly spin up dedicated cloud server environments like virtual machines with full access to set up and develop software and code. This one-click development environment offers desktop-class development capabilities and 100% flexibility.   
  8. Social Learning tools include a discussion board that features questions posted by other learners on the system and responses by both mentors and learners. Additionally, one-to-one and group messaging is also available.  
  9. Full-Featured adaptive assessments are available to organizations to create and administer assessments and online tests utilizing both pre-built and custom question banks.  
  10. Comprehensive reports give both organizations and learners a deep and thorough insight into skills progression. 
  11. Learners get “work-like” experiences through production-grade experiences while performing micro-credential assignments and building real-world projects.  

Our Node.js workshops are currently held online and anyone with a stable internet from anywhere across the world can benefit from this to skill up in Node.js. 

Schedules for our upcoming workshops in Node.js can be found here - 

Yes, Cloud/Practice Labs in a preconfigured development editor inbuilt into your learning space will be available for your guided hands-on exercises, assignments and practice during and post the training.  

The playground labs are low-friction sandbox environments, offering the ability to get started without any installations in your local system. We have tried hard to ensure that practice labs simulate the developer experience. These in-browser solutions feature environments for working with all kinds of platforms including operating systems, coding languages, and more. 

The goal is to provide you with sandbox environments where you can feel free to run any command and experiment without the guidelines of a typical lab. The end goal is to increase the amount of practical, real-world experience you gain to get you completely work-ready on course completion. 

You will be granted 200 to 300 hours of access to the Cloud labs where you can perform all your assignments and projects including the capstone project.  

Post the training, you will retain access to the platform, the learning material and any unutilized hours on the Cloud labs. The entire courseware and all the features of the platform, along with the unutilized hours will be available to you for life.  

Should you need additional hours of practice on the Cloud labs, these will be available for purchase as well. 

We currently use the Zoom platform for video conferencing and will soon be adding more integrations with Webex and Microsoft Teams. However, all the sessions and the recordings will be available right from within our learning platform. Learners will not need to wait for any notifications or links or install any additional software.  

You will receive a registration link from PRISM to your e-mail id. You will have to set your password, log in to our Immersive Learning Experience platform and start your learning journey.  

Yes, there are other participants who actively participates in the class remotely.  They can attend online training from office, home, or any other suitable place. 

In case of any queries, our support team is available to you 24/7 via the Help and Support section on PRISM. You can also reach out to your workshop manager on your workshop group messenger. 

If you miss a class, you can access the class recordings from PRISM at any time. At the beginning of every session, there will also be a 10-12 minute recapitulation of the previous class.  

Unlimited number of attempts are permitted for quizzes. Assignments can be retaken for the specified number of attempts. 

Should you have any more questions, please email us on and we will be happy to get back to you. 

At KnowledgeHut, we always strive to maintain the highest standards of quality, so that your learning experience with us is beyond reproach. However, if for any reason your expectations are not met, please note our Cancellations and Refund policy as follows: 

  • Cancellation: In case you are unable to attend the course and want a refund prior to the course commencement date, we will be happy to give you back the full amount. 
  • Withdrawal: If you want to discontinue within the first two hours, we will still proceed with the 100% refund, absolutely no questions asked! 
  • Transfer: However, once you have completed 50% of the training, you will not be eligible for any refund. If for any reason you are unable to continue the course after having completed 50% of the training, we would be happy to accommodate you in a different batch of the same course, at no cost. 

Note: All refunds will be credited back to your account within 10-15 business days of the refund request. 

Yes, you can switch your start date with prior notice of at least 24 hrs and subject to availability in the desired batch. 

Yes, we have a 100% money-back guarantee in line with our Cancellations and Refund policy as follows: 
  • Cancellation: In case you are unable to attend the course and want a refund prior to the course commencement date, we will be happy to give you back the full amount. 
  • Withdrawal: If you want to discontinue within the first two hours, we will still proceed with the 100% refund, absolutely no questions asked! 
  • Transfer: However, once you have completed 50% of the training, you will not be eligible for any refund. If for any reason you are unable to continue the course after having completed 50% of the training, we would be happy to accommodate you in a different batch of the same course, at no cost. 
Note: All refunds will be credited back to your account within 10-15 business days of the refund request. 
Yes, we have scholarships available for students and veterans with grants that can vary up to 50% of the course fees. 
To avail scholarships, please get in touch with us at The team shall send across the forms and instructions to you. Based upon the responses and answers that we receive, our panel of experts take a decision on the Grant. The entire process could take about 7 to 15 days. 

By registering in groups, you can save up to 30% on the course fees. The discount you can avail will depend on your group size. 

  • 2 to 4 learners: 20% discount 
  • Above 4 learners: 30% discount 

Yes, installment options are available for payment of course fees. To avail the installment option, please get in touch with us at The team will explain how the instalments work and provide timelines for your case. 

Usually, the number of installments vary from 2 to 3, but the full amount must be paid before you complete the course. 

What Learners are saying

  • 5/5

Jul, 2020

My special thanks to the trainer for his dedication and patience. I learned many things from him. I would also thank the support team for their help. It was well-organised, great work Knowledgehut team!

Mirelle Takata

Network Systems Administrator

Verified Learner
  • 3/5

Jun, 2020

I would like to thank the KnowledgeHut team for the overall experience. My trainer was fantastic. Trainers at KnowledgeHut are well experienced and really helpful. They completed the syllabus on time, and also helped me with real world examples.

Elyssa Taber

IT Manager.

Verified Learner
  • 5/5

Jul, 2020

All my questions were answered clearly with examples. I really enjoyed the training session and am extremely satisfied with the overall experience. Looking forward to similar interesting sessions. KnowledgeHut's interactive training sessions are world class and I highly recommend them .

Christean Haynes

Senior Web Developer

Verified Learner
  • 5/5

Apr, 2020

Everything was well organized. I would definitely refer their courses to my peers as well. The customer support was very interactive. As a small suggestion to the trainer, it will be better if we have discussions in the end like Q&A sessions.

Steffen Grigoletto

Senior Database Administrator

Verified Learner
  • 5/5

May, 2020

Overall, the training session at KnowledgeHut was a great experience. I learnt many things. I especially appreciate the fact that KnowledgeHut offers so many modes of learning and I was able to choose what suited me best. My trainer covered all the topics with live examples. I'm glad that I invested in this training.

Lauritz Behan

Computer Network Architect.

Verified Learner
  • 5/5

Feb, 2020

It is always great to talk about Knowledgehut. I liked the way they supported me until I got certified. I would like to extend my appreciation for the support given throughout the training. My trainer was very knowledgeable and I liked the way of teaching. My special thanks to the trainer for his dedication and patience.

Ellsworth Bock

Senior System Architect

Verified Learner
  • 5/5

Jun, 2020

I would like to extend my appreciation for the support given throughout the training. My trainer was very knowledgeable and I liked his practical way of teaching. The hands-on sessions helped us understand the concepts thoroughly. Thanks to Knowledgehut.

Ike Cabilio

Web Developer.

Verified Learner
  • 5/5

Aug, 2020

The course material was designed very well. It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended in my career. Knowledgehut is a great place to learn new skills. The certificate I received after my course helped me get a great job offer. The training session was really worth investing.

Hillie Takata

Senior Systems Software Enginee

Verified Learner

Node.js Course in Noida

Node.js Coursein Noida

Starting off as a satellite to the central powerhouse, Noida has quickly transformed to becoming the country?s most respected IT hub. Top companies such as companies like HCL, Samsung, Barclay's, Agicent and CSC are contributing to this boom and attracting a lot of youth from across the country to leverage the many opportunities available. The city also houses various other industries including media and entertainment conglomerates. Be a part of this burgeoning IT growth and enrol with the Node.js online training & certificationcourse in Noida provided by Knowledgehut institute

About the Node.js certification in Noida

Node.js provides a wide set of JavaScript modules which vastly simplifies web application development. Learn the nuances and the necessities of asynchronous programming and why it is becoming the widely preferred choice using this coaching session. Our online instructor led Node.js coaching and practice sessions allows you to learn back-end development from scratch. Developers who understand the node.js framework, easily become integrated into the developer platform that is widely shifting towards building more scalable and flexible constructs. The Node.js course in Noidawill help you understand application development leveraging the industry-par practices for this latest platform. Sign up for a quick demo to find out more about the cost, schedule and availability of our Node.js certification in Noida.

Why should you go for the Node.js training in Noida?

The Node.js course in Noidaenables you to get started on a modern server-side web application development journey. The 20-hour live online lecturesand coaching will to build working examples to give you a complete overlook of what?s at stake for node.js developers. Build secure applications using passport.js and jwt. You will also have hands-on experience on how to scale node apps using child process model and cluster module. The entire course is focused on enhancing your hold over node.js frameworks while concentrating on practical real-life examples and case studies.

Advantage of Node.js training by Knowledgehut

All our coaches will mentor you through any challenges you might face across the various modules of the course. Furthermore, our downloadable materials will help you sharpen your skills and practice even more. Our lectures are live and delivered by instructors who are leaders in their respective fields. You also get access 80 MCQ questions that will keep you up-to-date and future-ready. Leveraging the guidelines listed in the Node.js course in Noida you can gain an edge over others in the Noida job scene!

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