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Node JS Certification Course

Node JS Training

Become a skilled NodeJS developer with our immersive NodeJS Certification course

Instructor-Led Training
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Become a skilled Node.js developer

32+ Hours of Instructor-Led Sessions

120+ Hours of Hands-On with Cloud Labs

On-Demand Self-Paced Learning

Auto-Graded Assessments and Recall Quizzes

Capstone Projects and Assignments

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KnowledgeHut's Node.js online course takes you all the way from the basics of Node.js to writing and deploying a complete application using the Express framework. In this immersive learning Node.js program, you will understand various Node.js concepts with hands-on experience in building everything from command-line tools to web servers and more.

Understand how asynchronous event-based development works with this Node js course and write code real-time, write command-line scripts that perform tasks such as reading files from a hard disk and copying files from one directory to another and learn to set up a MongoDB database and learn the basics of working with document-based databases in Node. Amp up your skills with Express, understand rendering, middleware, routing, authentication and more, and gear up to protect Express apps against malicious attacks.

By the end of the course, you will learn to build real-time, high performance, and scalable applications and deploy them on the cloud. The Node.js Online Training is delivered both in a Blended Learning and Self-Paced mode.