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Anish Mahapatra

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Data Science,Machine Learning

Current role in the industry:

Senior AI & Machine Learning Engineer (ML Engineer II)

Educational Qualification:

Degree of Master of Science with Distinction from Liverpool John Moores University, Bachelor's Degree - B.Tech, IT with a minor in Data Science from Manipal Institute of Technology,Post Graduate Diploma, Machine Learning and AI, Data Science from IIIT Bangalore


Data Science and Machine Learning

Tools & Technologies:

OLAP Cubes



Microsoft Office

Azure Data Bricks



Dremio (Lakehouse - Advanced)

Dremio (Lakehouse)

Retail for Business Analysts and Management Consultants

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka Series

Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer (LA)


A Lead Data Science consultant for multiple Fortune 500 clients, Anish Mahapatra has helped over 2000+ professionals enter the field of Data Science. MSc in Data Science and a technical writer for the top Data Science publications, he is always happy to help learners. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Instagram.


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