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Top 15 Scrum Master Skills for Your Resume
In today's ever-changing business environment, projects are evolving and becoming more complex. Owing to the vitality of business projects, it is
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by Preethiga Narasimman

04 May 2023

10 Best Kanban Books for 2023 [Beginners to Advanced]
Due to its success in streamlining workflow and boosting productivity, the Kanban project management style has grown in popularity in recent years. Th
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by Preethiga Narasimman

03 May 2023

Product Owner vs Business Owner: A Detailed Comparison
Differentiating between a Product Owner and Business Owner can be a challenge, as their roles and responsibilities sometimes overlap. Business owners
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by Preethiga Narasimman

03 May 2023

7 Kanban Cadences: A Guide to Efficient Workflow Management
Kanban methodology is one of the popular agile methodologies which emphasizes continuous improvement, visualization of workflows, and limiting work in
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by Nithin Kumar Peratla

17 May 2023

What is Agile Modeling? Values, Principles, Phases, Benefits
A structure provides the required clarity to focus efforts, especially while starting a new project. A model plays the same role in the case of softwa
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by Ruchir Karanjgaokar

25 Apr 2023

How Does Scrum Master Facilitate Events?
Scrum Masters are important to the success of Scrum teams because they lead many of the activities that make sure the team works well together, improv
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by Satish T

26 Apr 2023