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Senior Software Engineer, with good hands-on experience and knowledge on Tech stacks and Project Management. I’m a technical blogger and content writer. Like to involve myself in learning and upgrading myself in the activities where I can contribute.

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List of Frontend Technologies and Their Usage
While you are crossing the streets of any place and gazing around the city, what attracts your eyes? Any idea? It is the livelihood and front elevatin
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by Anusha SP

17 Jan 2023

How to Build an eCommerce Website? Step-by-step Guide
Before proceeding to the step-by-step procedure to build an Ecommerce Website, let us understand what E-commerce is. Ecommerce is referred to as elect
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by Anusha SP

23 Jan 2023

Activity-Based Costing (ABC): Complete Guide
An accurate calculation and pricing of goods, products, and services are one of the challenging tasks to tackle for business owners and manufacturers
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by Anusha SP

14 Mar 2023

How to Plan & Utilize 4 hours of PMP Exam + Preparation Tips
Project Management Professional or PMP is a certificate awarded to project management professionals by PMI – Project Management Institute. PMP p
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by Anusha SP

02 Mar 2023