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I am a Full Stack developer from Jaipur. I also work as a Javascript Tutor in my free time. Along with project development, I also write tech blogs.

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How to Use Redux to Create React App
For JavaScript applications, Redux is a predictable state container. It gets harder to keep the system organized and keep the data flowing as it incre
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by Ishan Jain

14 Sep 2022

Best Operating System (OS) for Ethical Hacking
To exploit the vulnerabilities so they can then be repaired, ethical hacking identifies weaknesses in computer systems or networks. Hackers exploit a
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by Ishan Jain

04 Aug 2022

Directives in AngularJS: How to Create?
Directives are markers on some kind of DOM element (like an attribute, element name, comment, or CSS class) which thus instruct AngularJS's HTML c
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by Ishan Jain

28 Jun 2022

Angularjs Bootstrap Application
Bootstrap is a vast library of reusable and extensible CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code. As it is also a framework, all the foundations for responsive w
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by Ishan Jain

19 Jul 2022

Debugging React Native with react-native-debugger and Other Tools
Debugging in the React Native universe may be done in various ways and with various tools, as React Native is built up of distinct environments (iOS a
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by Ishan Jain

18 Jul 2022

30 Stunning Free React Templates for Your Next React Project
Templates are pretty useful. They are a perfect way to start projects and can save time on basic setup and configuration tasks. We may also improve th
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by Ishan Jain

20 Sep 2022