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Hello, Universe! This is Kaiser Hamid Rabbi, Software Engineer in the Machine Learning team at TigerIT focuses on Biometric Research and end-to-end credential management solutions. I am generally positively charged and always try to learn my lessons the hard way. I would characterize myself as both a Computer Scientist and a Machine Learning Engineer and in the past, I’ve tried many things before finding my way, before finding my passions. I’m an Autodidact. So, I learned a lot by myself. I self-teach a lot. I am always curious about - what I don't know? (LYGOMETRY) and always push myself to the limit. Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, and Astronomy are three of my subjects of interest. Last but not least, Programming is very near and dear to my heart!

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How To Use Scala for Data Science
Scala's name implies that it is a scalable programming language. It was created in 2003 by Martin Odersky and his research team. These days we wid
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by Kaiser Hamid

06 Jun 2022