Kanav Preet


Kanav is working as SRE in leading fintech firm having experience in CICD Pipeline, Cloud, Automation, Build Release  and Deployment. She is passionate about leveraging technology to build innovative and effective software solutions. Her insight, passion and energy results in her engaging a strong clientele who move ahead with her ideas. She has done various certifications in  Continuous delivery & DevOps (University of Virginia), tableau , Linux (Linux foundation) and many more.

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How to Install Docker on Ubuntu
Docker is a platform that packages the application and all its dependencies in the container so that the application works seamlessly. The Contai
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by Kanav Preet

26 May 2021

Chaos Engineering
The 4th industrial revolution has swept the world. In just under a decade, our lives have become completely dependent on technology. Th
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by Kanav Preet

02 Feb 2021

What is Blue Green Deployment?
Deployment is the process of updating code and other activities on the server to make software available for use.In the current situation, there is an
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by Kanav Preet

12 Jan 2021