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Mansoor Mohammed

96+ of articles published

Trainer,Expert Writer and Diligent Reviewer


Agile methodology,DevOps

Current role in the industry:

Strategic Agile Advisor

Educational Qualification:

Masters of Commerce in International Finance, International Finance,Masters of Project Leadership, Leadership, Strategic Change Management and Innovation,Master of Philosophy - MPhil, Project Management,Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Project Management


Agile methodology


Tools & Technologies:


Enterprise Software


SAFe DevOps Validation (6.0)

Agile Product Management Validation (6.0)



Mansoor Mohammed is a dynamic and energetic Enterprise Agile Coach, P3M & PMO Consultant, Trainer, Mentor, and Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in Strategy Execution and Business Agility. With a background in Avionics, Financial Services, Banking, Telecommunications, Retail, and Digital, Mansoor has led global infrastructure and software development teams, launched innovative products, and enabled Organizational Change Management. As a results-driven leader, he excels in collaborating, adapting, and driving partnerships with stakeholders at all levels. With expertise in Change Management, Transformation, Lean, Agile, and Organizational Design, Mansoor is passionate about aligning strategic goals and delivering creative solutions for successful business outcomes. Connect with him to explore change, Agile Governance, implementation delivery, and the future of work.


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