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I am Monica Gupta with 19+ years of experience in the field of Training and Development. I have done over 500 Corporate Trainings. I am currently working as a freelancer for several years. My core area of work is Java, C++, Angular, PHP, Python, VBA.

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Top 20 Front End Developer Skills You Need to Know
Our life as a developer seems to be quite competitive in a world where the use of different programming languages is constant. In this era of programm
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by Monica Gupta

13 Feb 2023

How to Create New Angular Libraries
In this Article we are going to talk about Libraries in Angular 13.  We will be covering the following topics in the blog:Reusability with Angula
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by Monica Gupta

28 Dec 2022

Services in Angular: Services and Dependency Injection
What are services in an Angular app?Services is a general term broadly categorized as values, functions, or features that our application may need. Se
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by Monica Gupta

29 Sep 2022

Dependency Injection in AngularJS
AngularJS is an open source JavaScript MVW (Model View Whatever) framework backed by Google and is widely popular for cr
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by Monica Gupta

27 Dec 2022

Learn AngularJs Expressions With Examples
AngularJS is a dynamic and robust JavaScript-based MVW (Model View Whatever) Framework. One of the most popular open-sou
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by Monica Gupta

07 Jun 2022