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Mounika Narang is a project manager having a specialisation in IT project management and Instructional Design. She has an experience of 10 years 
working with Fortune 500 companies to solve their most important development challenges. She lives in Bangalore with her family.

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The Ultimate Guide to Business Analysis Framework
The present business landscape has seen drastic and continuous changes. Thanks to the emerging complexities of the world economy, the merger of busine
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by Mounika Narang

01 Mar 2023

What is Big Data Project? [with Examples]
Big Data is the huge, diversified data volume that keeps growing at an exponential rate, coming from different sources both in structured, unstructure
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by Mounika Narang

21 Mar 2023

MERN Stack vs Full Stack: Key Differences
The developer's understanding and clarity of the necessary tech stack will determine the best option. Look for a Full-Stack Web Development Boot C
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by Mounika Narang

16 Mar 2023

ITOM vs ITSM: Difference and Similarity Stated
Organizations that use technology to promote efficiency—that is, all organizations—must rigorously maintain IT applications and the underl
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by Mounika Narang

21 Apr 2023

Top Emerging Data Visualization Companies to Work in 2023
Data visualization is a growing field, and it's no longer just for data scientists. There are a lot of people out there who are interested in maki
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by Mounika Narang

27 Feb 2023

In-Demand Business Analyst Career Paths in 2023
The business analyst role is an exciting and challenging career path that involves analyzing information, communicating with stakeholders, and making
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by Mounika Narang

05 Apr 2023