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Nabendu Biswas is a Full Stack JavaScript Developer, who has been working in the IT industry for the past 16 years and has worked for world’s top development firms, and Investment banks. He is a passionate tech blogger. He is also a tech youtuber and loves to teach people JavaScript. He is also an Apress author with three Gatsby books published. 

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Front End vs. Back End: What's the Difference?
There are numerous aspirants who want to become web developers due to the opportunities in the field of web development. So, it is important
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by Nabendu Biswas

15 Sep 2022

How Do I Delete a Document in Mongodb?
MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database, which stores data as documents. The documents are basically JSON objects and there are many ways
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by Nabendu Biswas

20 Sep 2022

Deployment in MongoDB: Step-By-Step Tutorial
Deploying MongoDB MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database management program and is a part of many popular stacks like MERN, MEAN,&n
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by Nabendu Biswas

11 May 2022

How to Drop a MongoDB Database?
MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database among both enterprise and startups, and the fact that it is highly scalable makes it perfectly suited for c
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by Nabendu Biswas

15 Jun 2021

How to do MongoDB Back Up, Restoration & Migration
Popular among both enterprises and startups, MongoDB is a database that is perfectly suited for web-apps that need to scale u
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by Nabendu Biswas

21 Jun 2021

What Is the Relationship Between Node.Js and V8?
In this article, we will look into Node.js and V8. Node.js is a very important part of the JavaScript ecosystem, as
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by Nabendu Biswas

24 Mar 2021