Priyankur Sarkar

Data Science Enthusiast

Priyankur Sarkar loves to play with data and get insightful results out of it, then turn those data insights and results in business growth. He is an electronics engineer with a versatile experience as an individual contributor and leading teams, and has actively worked towards building Machine Learning capabilities for organizations.

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How to Become a Data Engineer in 2023?
Data Engineering is typically a software engineering role that focuses deeply on data – namely, data workflows, data pipelines, and the ETL (Ext
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by Priyankur Sarkar

11 Jan 2023

What is Regression Analysis? Types, Techniques, Examples
As a Data Science enthusiast, you might already know that a majority of business decisions these days are data-driven. However, it is essent
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by Priyankur Sarkar

02 Jan 2023

How To Become a Data Analyst
With the increase in the generation of data, Data Analysis has become one of the major functions in any organization. Since the past few years, the jo
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by Priyankur Sarkar

05 Aug 2021

Data Scientist Salary for Different Job Roles
Data Science requires the expertise of professionals who possess the skill of collecting, structuring, storing, handling, and analyzing data
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by Priyankur Sarkar

10 Jan 2023

How to use Split in Python
The split function is a string manipulation tool in Python.  A string is a collection or array of characters in a sequence that is written inside sing
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by Priyankur Sarkar

15 Mar 2023

How to Concatenate Strings Using Python
The string data type in Python is a very important building block of programming. It is basically a sequence of one or more characters that represent
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by Priyankur Sarkar

16 Mar 2023