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Pronomita is a DevOps engineer with 4+ years of experience across product/service MNCs and startups. She spends hours solving challenges on scaling, availability, and automating software delivery lifecycles that make every engineers' life easier. Aside from work, she loves to read and write about technology and personal finance. Feel free to reach her over Linkedin/Instagram.

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Private Docker Registry on Kubernetes: Steps to Set Up
In this article, we will be exploring and walking you through how to set up your private docker registry on a Kubernetes cluster. While we walk you th
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by Pronomita Dey

18 Jan 2023

What Does Kubernetes’ Docker Deprecation Mean for Users
Docker is known worldwide to be the one-stop solution and the first container runtime engine for running on Kubernetes. The extent and reach of Docker
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by Pronomita Dey

25 Jan 2023