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Consultant with 11+ years of experience in Technology & Services. I bring customer-centric mindfulness that enables firms to innovate and thrive. Certified in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Alteryx

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A Successful Data Science Career Path – 2022 Guide
It’s not hidden fact anymore that today’s economy is shifting increasingly toward analytics & data-driven solutions/decisions. Organiz
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by Punit Shah

30 Mar 2022

How To Learn Python for Data Science
In today’s AI-driven world, Data Science has been imprinting its tremendous impact, especially with the help of the Python programming language.
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by Punit Shah

31 May 2022

What Are the Differences Between Pandas Vs Numpy?
This blog post covers the two most widely used and discussed libraries of the Python programming language in the co
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by Punit Shah

19 May 2021