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Rohan Mahendra Joshi is a DevOps Engineer, Content Creator, Batch Flower Consultant, Yoga & Meditation Trainer, Business Development Mentor, and a Marketing Mentor. He holds a degree in MSc. Business Intelligence.

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37 Types of Data Visualization and When to Use Them
When we have PETA-Bytes or TERA-Bytes of data, it is hard to understand the rows and columns. The alternative way is the graphical way which is easy t
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by Rohaan Joshii

25 Jan 2023

What is HDFS? Architecture, Features, Benefits, and Examples
HDFS Stands for Hadoop Distributed File System. Before knowing about it first, understand what is Hadoop. Hadoop is an open source, non-relational, di
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by Rohaan Joshii

17 Jan 2023