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Rohit Arjun Sambhwani is an IT professional having over a decade and half of experience in various roles, domains & organizations, currently playing a leading role with a premier IT services organization. He is a post graduate in Information Technology and enjoys his free time learning new topics, project management, agile coaching, and writing apart from playing with his naughty little one Aryan

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Who is an IT Project Manager: Skills, Career and Job Outlook
Advances in technology have created contemporary ways of working viz hybrid, work from anywhere, shared workspaces, etc. and especially since the pand
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Change Management Plan: Phases, Process, Templates & Example
Every project undergoes changes which become an inevitable part of the project management life cycle irrespective of the level of planning that may ha
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Project Portfolio Management (PPM): Meaning, Tools, Process
Project management is known by the 3 Ps - Projects, Programs, and Portfolios. Each of these align symmetrically to create the outlined deliverables at
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What is Project Planning? Steps, Process, Importance, Tools
There is a golden adage that says - "you don't plan to fail but you fail to plan"; well, it holds pretty much the same importance in pro
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Fast Tracking in Project Management: Check Examples & Benefits
Risk in business if handled correctly, brings great results, otherwise, it destroys any business. Fast tracking technique in Project Management is mai
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CAPM vs PMP Certification: Which is Best in 2023?
Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s leading professional association in the project management practice and the authority for the
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