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Rohit Arjundas Sambhwani


Rohit Arjun Sambhwani is an IT professional having over a decade and half of experience in various roles, domains & organizations, currently playing a leading role with a premier IT services organization. He is a post graduate in Information Technology and enjoys his free time learning new topics, project management, agile coaching, and writing apart from playing with his naughty little one Aryan

Posts By Rohit Arjundas Sambhwani

Is PgMP Worth it? Understanding the Pros and Cons
Certifications are a great way for IT professionals to differentiate themselves in the ever-complex and bustling job market, pursue a lucrative career
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Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF): Definition & Examples
Projects operate in a complex environment and are driven by a lot of factors which include internal decisions of stakeholders, work environment, organ
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Top 6 Product Owner Best Practices to Know in 2023
There is a vast difference between merely “being agile” vs. “doing Agile” and most of the Agile transformations take off with
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What is Project Performance Management? A Complete Guide
Projects that start need to be tracked to ensure they remain compliant with business objectives, market needs, and stipulated baselines. All of this e
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What is the Gantt Chart in Project Management? A Complete Guide
As per the popular paradigm, "a picture speaks a thousand words", built around the same ideology is today's popular and powerful project
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Fast Tracking in Project Management: Check Examples & Benefits
Risk in business if handled correctly, brings great results, otherwise, it destroys any business. Fast tracking technique in Project Management is mai
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