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A writer, traveller and culture enthusiast, Shweta has had the opportunity to live in six different countries and visit many more. She loves researching and understanding the Internet of things and its impact on life. When she is not writing blogs, she’s busy running behind her 6 year old with a bowl of veggies

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 11 Reasons Why You Should Do CSM® Training Today
A hardworking team stands on the success of the Agile project. Scrum Master is the only responsible person to stand behind the hardworking team and pu
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by Shweta Iyer

20 Mar 2023

Learning Ethical Hacking Can Be A Disaster If You Neglect These 7 Rules
Attacking one’s own self defence systems to check for vulnerabilities was considered to be a major war strategy even 1500 years ago. Attacking o
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by Shweta Iyer

10 Jan 2023

Seven Awesome Things You Can Learn From Choosing Big data
The use of the internet has resulted inthe creation of gargantuan amounts of big data. Millions of consumers all over the world indulge in online shop
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by Shweta Iyer

20 Apr 2021

15 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Strategies
Strategy is part of life. And the better you do it, the more successful you are. Winning wars was always based on the foundations of strong strategies
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by Shweta Iyer

27 May 2022

Big Data Analytics: Challenges And Opportunities
Collecting data and deciphering critical information from it is a trait that has evolved with human civilization. From prehistoric data storage that u
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by Shweta Iyer

04 Jan 2023

Education: The Everlasting Status Symbol
We are living in an age of consumerism. Money, bling, cars, apartments, a luxury before, have now become bare necessities. But do these really define
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by Shweta Iyer

22 Nov 2022