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Over 11 years of experience in Agile projects. Experienced Agile first hand as a Team member, Business Analyst, Scrum Master and Agile coach. Through her career she has been a part of projects in Banking, Tourism, Media and Networking domains. Strong advocate of being Agile in Agile projects, and experimenting to find whats best for the team.

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Powerful Tips for Writing the Best User Stories in Scrum
The main reason most projects move to Agile is they would like to see results fast. These result cannot be achieved quickly if there is a lack of clar
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by Tanisha Joseph

07 Jul 2022

Big Bang and Phased approaches – How to do it, and what to expect?
The three most popular frameworks for organizational transformation or projects (having multiple teams) are Big Bang, Phased, and a blend of these two
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by Tanisha Joseph

31 May 2022