How to Prepare for and Pass the Professional Scrum Master Exam

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14th Sep, 2017
How to Prepare for and Pass the Professional Scrum Master Exam

Whether you are an avid student or attending a Scrum course or preparing for the Scrum Master exam, these are the tips of a Trainer to pass the exam at the first. If you use Scrum in your organization but you do not get the effectiveness you expect and there are many advanced problems that you cannot solve, this is the ideal course for you.

The Professional Scrum Master course introduces the principles and theories of empirical process control, which are the pillars of Scrum. Once these fundamental pillars have been built, roles, artifacts and events are explained through individual and team exercises. Through the study of real cases, it goes a step further and introduces everyday situations which organizations that use Scrum face every day such as -planning, portfolio management, leadership and conflict management .

The Professional Scrum Master Certification course focuses on the role of Scrum Master. It includes advanced work tools to facilitate leadership through the service and changes needed to use Scrum, work with people and teams, coaching and facilitation, as well as scrum scaling.

Planning for Scrum

  • Whether you have attended one of our official courses Professional Scrum Master in London or Manchester or you are preparing on your own or have attended a course from another provider, this article has discussed the fundamental keys to crack the PSM examination and become Scrum Master.
  • The PSM I exam is the most rigorous in the industry. It really prepares you to be a Scrum Master, evaluating your knowledge of Scrum
  • If you have attended an unofficial trainer course, it is likely that you have provided a list of questions or exams and have to pay for the exam yourself. This type of suppliers like David Martí of the company Xsfera, have no relation with and their credentials are more than dubious. Your only goal is to charge you 395 € with a quick course that will leave you with more doubts than you brought in and you will have to a work a lot on your account to approve. Still, it is possible. Let's see how.

Study the Scrum guide

  • It leaves most of the PSM exam questions and has all the key knowledge to understand how Scrum works.
  • Not only do you have to devote a quick reading. It needs a comprehensive reading. Take your time to mark what you do not understand and try to find the solution in the guide itself. It is worth devoting that time.
  • Make sure you understand key concepts such as the value of self-organization.

Review the glossary of terms

  • has a fairly extensive glossary of terms in which descriptions of each Scrum key word, its events, artifacts, and roles are present.
  • This glossary is essential to prepare for the exam. Also in the realization of the same, be sure to add it to your bookmarks so you have it handy and see it first, instead of searching it on Google.

Get ready using open assessment

  • In the Open Assessment of you will find groups of 30 question with solutions that include some real questions of the PSM I. Take your time and do it as many times as you need. You have 30 minutes to complete the assessment.
  • Ideally, before throwing yourself in for the actual test, you should pass at least 3 times in a row without any mistake in the open exam, leaving you plenty of time to finish it. If not, continue practicing and studying.
  • In the end you will nail it.

Buy and read Gunther Verheyen's Scrum Pocket Guide

  • Gunther has long been the shepherd of the Professional Scrum series at, making him the ideal person to write a reference book in Scrum.
  • This small book deals in-depth with the topics set out in the official Scrum guide. Along with the glossary of terms from, this will be your ally to pass the PSM exam and become a Professional Scrum Master.

During the exam follow these tips:

  • Make sure you pass the Open Assessment easily before you try
  • The exam lasts 60 minutes and consists of 80 questions, so you have less than a minute per question
  • Keep the Scrum guide open and the glossary of terms for questions will be useful.
  • If you get stuck in a question, mark it and you can check it later
  • When you get to the last question, be careful not to press the end of the exam until you have had time to review the questions.

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