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Importance of CSPO Certification for Product Owners

19th Feb, 2024
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    Importance of CSPO Certification for Product Owners

    Who is a Product Owner? 

    As the name suggests, the Product Owner is a professional who adds value to the company. The Product Owner understands the product holistically, takes requirements from the clients, discusses the client requirement with the development team, and drafts plans to drive business growth. In short, the Product Owner is the most invaluable asset of an organization who plays one of the most significant roles. All the steps a Product Owner takes – from pre-development to post-development, become the face of the final product. 

    Roles and Responsibilities 

    Being a capable Product Owner means getting ready to accept the challenges that come with the role. The list of responsibilities of a Product Owner includes the following: 

    • To establish the high-level vision and goals required to optimize the return-on-investment for the effort. 
    • To make a list of the Product Backlog, functionalities, and prioritize them based on value, risk, and size. 
    • To help PO decide when to release software to the market addressed to the customer requirements. 
    • To inspect the features/functionality produced at the end of each Sprint and identify ways to improve its business value. 
    • To estimate the budget necessary for the product development.

    Product Owner

    What is CSPO® certification? 

    CSPO, an acronym for Certified Scrum Product Owner, is a certification offered by the Scrum Alliance®, a global member-driven certifying body that manages and maintains Agile certifications. The CSPO certification prepares an individual with the right set of skills, knowledge, and understanding required to become a professional Product Owner. 

    Why is it important to have a certification as a Product Owner? 

    Let us understand the importance of Product owner certification with the help of an example. Suppose you are an HR of a company that is actively looking to hire candidates to design a website. 

    • Candidate—1:Holds no certification and has no experience on how to design a website. 
    • Candidate – 2:Holds a certification from a recognized institute and has strong fundamental knowledge on how to design a captivating website. 

    Whom will you choose – Candidate-1 or Candidate-2? 

    Without second thoughts, you will choose the second candidate for the website designer role. Right? Similarly, when you opt for a Product Owner job profile, the first thing your hiring team looks for is CSPO certification. Recruiters prefer a CSPO certified candidate as they are aware that he or she knows the job profile, roles, and product responsibilities of Product Owners. 

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    Who can attend the CSPO training? 

    The CSPO training is for professionals looking to enhance their vision on products or for individuals aspiring to become Product Owners. The course covers all the roles and responsibilities required to become a professional Product Owner. To be more specific, Product Managers, Product Owners, managers, stakeholders, sales executive managers, and business analysts can enroll for CSPO certification. 

    There are no prerequisites and any individual looking to upgrade their skill set and improve their earning potentials can attend the CSPO certification training and get certified.  

    How will the certification benefit you and the organization? 

    Whether you are a newbie looking for a career or as a Product Owner or a working professional wishing to upgrade your skills, knowledge, and expertise, CSPO certification is there for all.  Regardless of their background, anyone can opt for the CSPO certification to start their career as a Product Owner 

    • Unlock Job Opportunities  

    Getting a CSPO certification is the key to unlocking lucrative job opportunities as well. That means opting for CSPO certification will increase your employability as well as selection rates. Ten out of nine times, recruiters prefer a CSPO certified candidate than those without CSPO certification. Why? Because recruiters believe candidates who have taken CSPO training know the Product Owner roles and responsibilities better than others.

    • Learn Prioritization 

    Prioritizing the product backlog items is a vital step towards product development. A core responsibility of a Product Owner is to provide the development team with detailed instructions to enable the workforce to complete the assigned tasks in the stipulated time. The CSPO certification program offers excellent modules that allow Product Owners to learn how to manage the product backlog in a systematic way. 

    • Start from scratch 

    CSPO certification is a beginner-friendly course that needs no pre-requisite knowledge or skills. Simply put, you do not have to know a lot about the Scrum framework to become a Scrum product manager. The PO course starts from scratch and includes different modules covering the Agile Manifesto, Scrum framework, and many other sections to help aspirants understand the CSPO role better. The CSPO certification explains all the roles and responsibilities of a Product Owner in a simple way. 

    • Understand the Team  

    One of the most significant roles of a product manager is to collaborate with the development team to get the work done as per the client’s requirements. A PO must know how to facilitate the team to make a reasonable commitment for each Sprint, without sacrificing quality or pace, and providing timely deliveries. CSPO certification training has modules that teach the PO how to handhold the team and meet customer needs. 

    • Improve Client Interaction 

    Effective interaction with the client is the key to unlock deals faster. The PO must have efficient communication skills to understand the customer requirements and get clarity on their expectations. The CSPO certification covers excellent communication-builder course materials that help aspirants to build exemplary communication skills. As a result, the PO interacts better with the client and is able to understand and convey their needs effectively with the team.  

    • Get the competitive advantage 

    Undoubtedly, choosing CSPO training gives you a competitive advantage over non-certified individuals. You will find the advantage of being CSPO certified when applying for the same job profile. CSPO certification covers a comprehensive syllabus that explains the roles and responsibilities of a Product Owner in the most sophisticated, simplified, straightforward, and tech-savvy way. 

    • Earn more 

    There is noone who would not be happy to get a higher salary! One more perk of choosing CSPO certification is high pay. Along with getting skills, knowledge, and capabilities, you will also improve your earning potential to a great extent. 

    Why is it the most sought certification? 

    Of all the product management credentials, the CSPO certification is the most sought-after credential in the industry. It is the most rewarding certification and a must for any individual looking to work in a product-based firm. Easy-to-learn modules and short-time course duration make the course an in-demand certification. Here are the top three compelling reasons why the CSPO certification is the most sought after.  

    • Universally accepted — CSPO is a universally-accepted certification. That means, on completion of the course, the global scope opportunities will be high. It is accepted across all industry sectors and domains, such as Information Technology, manufacturing, automobiles, and many more. 
    • Beginner-friendly – One of the reasons for the high demand for CSPO certification is that the course is set-up in such a simple manner that even a beginner can understand the core concepts with little effort.  
    • One-in-all Package – CSPO is a one-in-all package for anyone looking to start their career as a PO. Not only does the training cover discussing the roles and responsibilities of the job profile of a Product Owner, but it also shows the way to becoming a better leader.  

    Salary Range 

    The salary offered to a certified Product Owner is impressive. The salary hike that comes with the successful completion of CSPO certification more than justifies its course fee. This table lists out the average salary of certified PO in different countries in their respective currencies. Let us have a look:

    CountryCurrencySalary per Annum
    IndiaINR981,000 – 3m
    United StatesUSD86,000 - 130,000
    United KingdomGBP40,000 – 68,000
    AustraliaAUD82,000 – 185,000
    UAEAED65,000 – 428,000

    CSPO Duration 

    The duration of CSPO certification is two-days. After two-days CSPO certified training from a recognized institute, the PO aspirant will get the course certificate along with a two-year Scrum Alliance Membership. At present there is no exam associated with the certification. 

    Our best PRINCE2 Foundation training is tailored to equip you with a strong understanding of project management principles and techniques, empowering you to excel in your career and become an expert in the field. Enroll now to unlock your potential.

    Becoming an Ideal Product Owner in 2021 

    If you ever envision yourself working for a product-based firm, there is no better time to enroll for the CSPO certification than today!  


    On a final note, taking a CSPO certification is more than just getting a professional degree. The certificate will help you unlock your potential and open new doors to steer your career in a new direction. Are you looking to harness the benefits of CSPO certification? Why not start today with KnowledgeHut CSPO Training? Register today and get yourself CSPO certified, and start your journey as a Product Owner.


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