Learn Project Management For Digital Marketing & SEO with Agile Framework

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08th Jun, 2022
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Learn Project Management For Digital Marketing & SEO with Agile Framework

The new world of marketing is evolving constantly to adapt and manage the changes taking place in the digital world. Digital Marketing and SEO is an extremely difficult landscape with new competitors emerging at a faster pace. For making revolutions in both manufacturing and software industries new project management strategies are introduced.

So coupling the Agile methodology with management will ultimately lead to improved speed and result in the reduction of cost. So here you will learn about using Scrum as the project management strategy to improve and manage client projects.


A scrum is a Lightweight approach which helps in developing a complex software system for project management. Usually, the Scrum team comprises of a set of people working together known as “Sprint”. There are three roles of the Scrum team which helps them to deliver the desired goal for a project. The rules include Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Team Master.


  • Product Owner:

    The Product Owner is the one who drives the project by prioritizing task, based on the customer requirement. They then add those task to the to-do list which in Scrum is known as “backlog”. In the marketing capacity, Product Owner is Called Project Owner.

  • Scrum Master:
    Typically Scrum Master removes all the obstacles amongst the team members while working. It helps the team members to understand the way Scrum works. Applying the agile approach to delivering high-performing team is the main focus of Scrum Master.
  • Team Master:
    The team members and their unity form the backbone of any team. The Scrum Master and the Project Owner can help in setting the priorities, but the actual people implementing it is the team. The Agile team will only succeed if all the members are skilled to do work. In case of digital marketing, the SEO, Social, Content, PPC and conversion rate skills are the yardsticks of productivity.


Now let’s have a look at the series of tools required to process and deliver the results.

  • Project Backlog


Ideally, Project backlog is making a list of all task in priority which is needed to deliver the client’s goal. The stories which are on the top are of high priority. The project task should always contain information about business objective, what needs to be done, work/time units and acceptance Criteria.

  • Sprint Backlog

Sprint Backlog

Splitting work into short cycles are called Sprints and this could take a day, a week or a month. A project task is moved from the project backlog to Sprint backlog by the project owner.

  • Burn Chart

Burn Chart

The burndown chart gives visual feedback showing the relationship between time and scope. This helps the team to keep the track record of the work done. The burn chart will calculate the work units completed in estimated hours by the end of each day.

  • Visual task board

Visual task board

Visualizing the work is the major aspect of agile project management which allows the team to see and review the work in progress. From the project backlog, the task is moved to the task board for the team to work on it.


The work is approached in short burst which is known as “Sprints”. For every client, the requirement is different and the Sprint length varies accordingly. It is basically a fixed period of time where we can take in charge of small chunks of the entire project.

Typically Sprints consist of:

  • Sprint planning — what will be done in this Sprint and how are we going to do it.
  • Daily meeting or scrum — not more than 15 minutes to review the work done.
  • Sprint review — To demonstrate results.
  • Retrospective — Identifying strategic changes to improve results.

Making All Things Work Together

The miracle is when all the components work together. Scrum helps the team to continuously deliver result oriented goals which help them in inspecting, adapting and sharing knowledge. Inspecting during the meeting and adapting after that is the crucial point for each team. SEO acts as the Black box, while digital marketing gives a tough time because of the constant moving parts. So working with the agile approach can improve your digital marketing strategy making you a SCRUM MASTER.



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