Presents Scrum With Kanban To Improve Transparency

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11th Oct, 2022
07th May, 2018
222 Presents Scrum With Kanban To Improve Transparency, with the motto of improving the profession of software delivery, announced its new ‘Scrum with Kanban’ course to build a bridge between Scrum and Kanban. This positive step by is intended to teach the individuals and teams how to harness Scrum with Kanban practices, without changing Scrum framework. 

To come up with the course, and its Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) worked with Daniel Vacanti, who built up the Kanban method for learning purpose in 2007 and has been organizing Kanban training, mentoring, and counseling from that point forward, to make the course. Check out more about the kanban certification online here. quotes

Basically, Scrum teams implement Scrum to address complex problems and deliver a high-quality product to the customers. As Scrum teams develop, they learn by ‘Inspect and Adapt method’, a key pillar of Agile and Scrum for further improvement. This leads to integrating other practices like Kanban, Continuous Delivery, Story mapping and so on. The Scrum with Kanban course is particularly custom-made for Scrum Teams who need to utilize Kanban to get enhanced transparency, flow, and perceptibility of their work, without affecting Scrum.

Many Scrum teams started using Kanban practices for quickly delivering more value to their customers. But at the same time, there is a confusion on how to work well together. This course demonstrates the practical ways of improving Scrum teams with Kanban practices. One more thing to keep in mind while combining Scrum and Kanban is to ensure that the individuals and teams are implementing Kanban very well.  

A great team always sees the scope of improvement, and Scrum with Kanban course provides the ways to maximize the organizational benefits.




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