Value Of A Certified Scrum Product Owner

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03rd Mar, 2023
Value Of A Certified Scrum Product Owner

The Scrum Product Owner in any Scrum Project is one of the most underrated roles in the project. His role has never been clearly defined, and his necessity has been questioned in many projects. Even though the extent of influence of a Scrum Product Owner can never be measured, one thing is for sure- The Scrum Product Owner has to be a key member if a product is to succeed.

What does an SPO do?

  • In most projects, the Scrum Product Owner (SPO) is usually a major stakeholder. He is dedicated to making the product a success, is responsible for Return on Investment (ROI) and is answerable to the other stakeholders. The SPO must have three qualities- an understanding of what the customer requires, a vision of how the product should be, and the communication skills necessary to convey this vision to the development team.
  • The third quality mentioned above is absolutely essential- communication skills. There are different roles of Product Owner in project. He/she supposed to motivate the product team, and must convey his ideas and vision to the development team with utmost clarity. He must also have in-depth knowledge of the customer base and, what they expect from the product. He is the link between the customers, the stakeholders and the team responsible for the project.
  • The Scrum Product Owner decides the frequency and length of the Sprint sessions. The requirements given to the team must not be changed frequently. This could result in a stressful environment which will lead to general unhappiness, and reduced efficiency. Sprint sessions help only if they uplift the team morale, and the SPO plays a big part in this. Since he sets the goals, he is responsible for his team’s morale.
  • The Product Backlog is managed by the SPO, and details of the progress are relayed to the stakeholders by him. An SPO needs to understand understand the customer base and ideas of the stakeholders, it is entirely up to him to decide if a certain activity should be done. He should also identify unnecessary and inefficient activities in product development, and terminate them immediately.
  • Feedback is another important process an SPO takes part in- without feedback to the development team, they can never value their work. A good SPO must analyse the product market, product development and guide his team in the right direction. It helps if the SPO is business savvy, since economic efficiency is proportional to the success of any product.
  • An SPO must be able to look outward into the market, analyse trends, customer base and expectations of the stakeholders. He should also have the ability to analyse his own team and the product development process- conveying what he learnt and the ideas he developed from his analysis.

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Why become a Certified Product Owner?

The necessity of a Scrum Product Owner is not something anybody can dispute- every project needs one. A   CSPO online certification is always proof that you know your stuff, having studied its aspects and working extensively. The combination of the above two factors make a Certified Scrum Product Owner a reliable asset to any team or organisation. According to surveys, employees with a CSPO earn approximately eighteen lakhs per annum, which is significantly higher than their counterparts. It is quite evident that organisations in the market today require individuals with attributes to carry the organisation forward. A certification in the field would increase an individual’s career prospects. So what are you waiting for? Become a Certified Scrum Product Owner!



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