What Are The Most Valuable Kanban Certifications?

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18th May, 2018
What Are The Most Valuable Kanban Certifications?

Certifications have become the hot topic of discussion for the past few years as they are often used to show the extent of knowledge or training that job applicants have. More and more employers are interested in attracting certified professionals to the organisation as they are expected to be more efficient and skilled workers. This is where the viability of Kanban certifications comes into the picture. This approach is centred on the use of visual cues where the visual cards represent a step or task in a process that is interconnected to the next step or task leading up to completion. This visual representation of the interconnected tasks aid the teams in understanding the required workflow, resolving any blocks along the way, and improving the service that is provided. Out of the available certifications, four stand out as being most prominently wanted by the employers, namely,

  • Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) certification
  • Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) certification
  • Kanban Management Professional (KMP) certification
  • Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) certification

Kanban Method
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Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) certification

This is the certification that gets you ready for providing certified Kanban training classes using the appropriate training materials for the course. AKT certified professionals are the ones who have completed the training course with application review and case study requirements. These trainers are generally attached to specific Kanban training organizations and are commissioned to teach a certain number of students each year. AKTs also offer private Kanban classes to the clients.

Many accredited AKT certified individuals also take up jobs in other capacities within the organization. The employers are interested to hire such individuals in the team as they might come in aid when the organizations decide to carry out a Kanban training for the other employees at a later date. The following are the principal reasons behind this highly valued certification.

  • The ability to deeply understand and impart knowledge about the Kanban methods in practice.
  • Adeptness at handling all the major types of Kanban systems and knowing the appropriateness of each system.
  • A higher number of job avenues as the individual is qualified to work both as a trainer with an organization and as a project manager.
  • In the highly competitive business environ, an AKT professional is hired to empower the teams to make them reach the finish life faster.

principal reasons behind this highly valued certification
Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) certification

This certification is needed when you want to get the team working under your control with an improved level of collaboration and efficiency. Generally, all experience levels are welcomed for getting TKP certified, and there are no requirements for prior experience or training. The best individuals to attend to this certification course are the managers and Team members who want to get started by understanding the key concepts of Kanban. There are four significant objectives to getting this training:

  • Getting the workload organized enough to be handled with greater ease leading to faster completion.
  • Improving visibility of the goals and the pathway of attainment of the aims and objectives.
  • Facilitating better communication within the various levels of the team.
  • Greater ability to manage the unforeseen and calculated risks leading to higher efficiency in management.
  • A higher degree of collaboration within the team among both the new members and the existing participants leading to better ability at velocity estimation.

key concepts of Kanban Implementation

Kanban Management Professional (KMP) certification

The KMP certification is probably most known and popular among the Kanban certifications. A Kanban management professional understands how to take better decisions leading to streamlining of the workflows. The end results to aid the company in the form of improved service delivery for the company and benefit the clients in the form of greater customer satisfaction. KMPs have special training in the application of the Kanban Method for greater agility and better risk management. The value of the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) certification lies in the following pointers.

  • The versatility factor of the KMP certification makes it easy for the project managers to move seamlessly across functions. For instance, movement of a content project from editing to the graphic designing aspect, or the transition of new software from integration to testing.
  • The KMP certified professionals are also adept at meeting inventory with the demand factor by kick-starting processes into gear at the time when inventory is really low. The result is just-in-time delivery and greater levels of responsiveness.
  • KMPs are instrumental in encouraging teams to limit the extent of work they have going at any point in time through a process known as limiting the work in progress. This factor encourages the teams to move towards the finishing point together by means of eliminating distractions leading to enhanced collaboration.

Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) certification

Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) certification is the highest position attained by a Kanban coach. This is the certification that evaluates the existing formal training, knowledge, and experience of the professionals who are involved in the coaching of the Kanban initiatives. Professionals often go for kanban courses online to ace the certification exams. KCPs are held as the most skilled professionals to lead the initiative of change towards the Kanban methods for an organization. The eligible candidates for KCP are Kanban practitioners, trainers, consultants, change agents, and managers. The key points of value to this highly in-demand certification include the following.

  • The Kanban community recommends knowledge about the application of wide-ranging Kanban techniques.
  • Access to the private forums of collaboration which are only reserved for the KCP professionals.
  • Communication with the clients and coaches about advanced techniques and processes of the relevant Kanban methods.
  • Apart from the other requirements, this is one of the basic eligibility if you wish to attend Enterprise Services Planning Training.
  • Attaining a higher level of expertise in the Kanban methodology if you wish to continue as a Kanban trainer.

Since Kanban is an alternative method to approach the Agile processes, the framework is highly efficient in catalyzing ongoing improvements and leading to higher effectiveness of the work. Kanban assimilates well with other approaches like Scrum and the traditional methods which is one of the major factors adding value to the Kanban certified professionals.


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