What is SAFe Advanced Scrum Master?

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24th Apr, 2023
What is SAFe Advanced Scrum Master?

You have the tactical ability to teach Agile workgroups in generating business impact as a practicing scrum master in a SAFe® enterprise. In the SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master program, you'll learn how to start building on that firm base and help Team members, Agile Release Trains, as well as the organization, succeed. Also, acquire the advice and solutions you ought to function efficiently with diverse teams in distant communities. SASM training assists businesses in navigating the intricacies of company agility to deliver quickly and effectively, adjust organizational structure and ethics, and develop and challenge industries. 

What Is Safe Advanced Scrum Master?  

Let us first understand what is SAFe advanced scrum master. A servant leader takes a systematic approach to the Scrum Master Job and implements integrated techniques to help many teams, programs, and organizations succeed in larger projects.

Advanced Scrum Masters are aware of agile management certification and Scrum anti-patterns and can encourage cross-team collaboration to aid program execution and quality enhancement. This expertise and leadership enable the teams to improve working processes and quality, culminating in unified, top-performing Lean-Agile teams that generate ongoing value. 

Facilitating cross-team relationships in aid of program execution and continuous improvement is covered in this course. It adds to the Scrum paradigm by introducing scalability engineering and DevOps approaches, using Kanban to help with workflow, and enabling engagements with architecture, product managers, and other decision-makers in the broader program and corporate environments. The course addresses practical approaches to handling Agile and Scrum anti-patterns in the business and provides effective tools for developing the best teams. 

Key Features of SAFe Advanced Scrum Master  

  • Online learning instruction for two days 
  • 100% guaranteed outcomes 
  • 15 PDUs and 15 SEUs for PMI 
  • SASM training  is given by an established SAFe® Program Consultant  
  • Program Consultants Around 3000 experts from reputable companies 
  • Virtual Mock Exam Preparedness 
  • The examination cost is included in the training. 
  • SAFe® Community Platform subscription for a full one year. 

SASM Learning Goals   

You ought to be capable to demonstrate the following ability after finishing this program: 

  • Integrating SAFe concepts into engagement, empowerment, and training in a multi-team setting. 
  • Create a high-performing workforce and a culture of continuous development at both the group and program levels. 
  • Anti-patterns in Agile and Scrum should be addressed. 
  • Supporting engineering methods, DevOps, and Agile architectural implementation. 
  • To make the group's work more efficient, use Kanban and flows. 
  • Accelerate end-to-end platform worth design, implementation, and delivery. 
  • Involvement in Community of Practice and invention loops can help to support gaining knowledge. 

SASM Topics Covered  

  • The SAFe methodology, ethics, and Lean-Agile principles are all part of this program. 
  • Agile and Scrum anti-patterns 
  • Program increment strategies, Implementation, and examination and Adapt workshops 
  • Practices in precision engineering, Agile architecture, and DevOps 
  • Kanban for organizing team and planning flow of work. 
  • Creating high-performing groups 
  • Collaboration with the technical experts, deployments, user experience, designers, company executives, management consulting, and entrepreneurs Communities of Practice and Learning 

Eligibility to be a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master  

While there is no precise criterion for becoming a skilled scrum master, it is suggested that one must have essential knowledge of the principles and have a little experience with the broader scrum methodology. The applicant should be aware of the brand owner's and production team's respective duties. Let us look at the prerequisites of the program to get started.  


It is highly recommended that participants of the SAFe SASM program must have one of the three accreditations:  

  • SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) 
  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) 
  • Professional Scrum Master (PSM) 

SAFe Certification Kit  

The SAFe SASM program is designed to have one of the three accreditations mentioned above. Further,  following the completion of the program, a certificate of completion will be given to all the participants who clear the certification test. Here is what the SAFe certification kit holds for the participants:  

  • Certificate in SAFe 4 Agilist 
  • A virtual badge to display on your website to show off your success. 
  • A one-year accredited SAFe-Agilist subscription provides access to SAFe-Agile Communities of Practice. 
  • A guideline for using SA certification markings as a reference. 
  • Certified professionals can access several tools to help them study and assist them in their SAFe path. 

Annual Renewal - Safe Advanced Scrum Master

Renewals are required every year, starting from the date of certification: 

  • Cost for recertification: $100 
  • Ten hours of continuous education/outreach are required for renewal. 

SAFe® 5.1 Advanced Scrum Master Exam Details

Here are the Advanced Scrum Master Exam Details - 

Name SAFe® 5.1 Advanced Scrum Master 
Format Multiple–choice questions  
Delivery Web-based delivery(single-browser) 
Access After completing the 
SAFe® 5.1 Advanced Scrum Master Course Access Applicants may access the examination on the SAFe Community Platform. 
Duration 120 minutes in length (two hours) 
Total Questions The total number of questions is 60. You must attempt all the questions and get a passing score of a minimum of 73%. 
Passing score 44 out of 60 is a passing grade (73%) 
Exam fee If the candidate takes the test within thirty days after completing this program, the first try is free. Every chance at a retake is charged at $50. 
Retake policy After the initial effort, the 2nd attempt could be made immediately. A 10-day delay is required for the third try, and a 30-day delay is required for the 4th try. 

Professional Development Units (PDUs) and Scrum Education Units (SEUs)  

Participants might be qualified to participate in 16 Continuous Learning – Strategic PDUs towards their Project Management Institute (PMI) continuous education obligations for PMP and PMI-ACP certifications. 

  • Participants could be qualified for SEUs within class C, which can be used to obtain or renew your Scrum Alliance CSP. 


Professionals from different fields and genres can benefit from the SAFe® 5.1 Advanced Scrum Master program. Let's look at all the types of professionals who will gain much momentum from this curriculum: 

  • The present Scrum Masters 
  • Team managers, project supervisors, and further who have understood the position of an Agile team catalyst in a SAFe or enterprise Agile background 
  • Engineering and expansion supervisors who would be accountable for Agile implementation and teaching groups and organizations of teams 
  • Agile trainers 
  • Supervisors of agile projects and aspiring release train engineers 

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Why Get SASM Certification?  

Scrum has evolved into the most effective framework for implementing Agile practices in various projects, including all those involving sales, advertising, and financial in addition to software creation. The Scrum Master serves as the team's manager and is in charge of leading the Team Members and the Product Owner throughout the project. 

Nevertheless, the Scrum Master's effectiveness will occasionally suffer from a lack of understanding of the Scrum methodology, numerous Scrum and Agile anti-patterns inside the organization, and a failure in promoting relationships across organizational teams and clients. As a result, Scaled Agile Structure firms are constantly pursuing capable Scrum Masters who've already attained the strongly considered SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification to address the abovementioned difficulties. The SASM accreditation aids the Scrum Master in developing their ability to use Agile Frameworks successfully, maximizing the effectiveness of the Scrum Team in an Agile & SAFe approach. 

How Does The Course Content Differ?  

Various subjects are covered in the SAFe Scrum Master program to help learners become familiar with the position of Scrum Master in SAFe. Professional trainers take you through the training process. The training emphasizes the vocabulary distinctions between Scrum and SAFe and delves further into the teaching, mentoring, and servant leadership responsibilities of Scrum Masters. Beyond typical Scrum Master training, this course includes thorough simulations to highlight the roles of Scrum Masters in the foundational SAFe activity, PI Preparation. It also discusses the Scrum Master's involvement in fundamental Scrum activities, including Design Phase, Everyday Stand-Ups, Backlog Precision, and Iteration Assessments. 

The SAFe Advanced Scrum Master's program includes materials not present in the SAFe Scrum Master training that is pertinent to the SAFe Scrum Master Job. The Scrum Master position is linked to the SAFe Standards, and the 7-core skills of organisational capabilities are introduced. Students delve further into how Extreme Programming and Kanban could improve team effectiveness and Scrum and SAFe anti-patterns. The function of the Scrum Master in cross-team cooperation and team-building frameworks is also covered in the course. A complete replication of the Solving Problems Seminar from the Evaluate & Adapt training, among the most challenging SAFe activities for any professional to master, finishes the lesson. 


In the end, the Scaled Agile Framework was designed for huge organisations with large answers. You may assist companies of a particular size by becoming SAFe certified, which helps take a more agile methodology to develop the software and delivery. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What does an advanced Scrum Master do?

Becoming an advanced scrum master is entirely about assisting others in completing tasks, as the scrum master doesn't design specifications, coding, or testing. Advanced Scrum masters connect, collaborate, and organize to assist the team in completing the task. 

2Is there a Scrum Master in SAFe?

The Scrum Master in SAFe is much more than a Scrum Master. The Scrum Master, according to SAFe, is a servant-leader for the team who assists in educating the group on different structures and techniques, such as Scrum, Kanban, Software Development methodology, and SAFe, while also guaranteeing that the accepted agile procedure is adhered to. 

3How many questions are on the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master exam?

There are 60 questions in the SAFe advanced Scrum Master exam.

4What happens after receiving a SASM certification?

Following completion of the SASM qualification, you could add the below certificates to your level of expertise: 

  • Lean Portfolio Manager with SAFe® Certification 
  • Agile Product Manager with SAFe® Certification 
  • certified release train engineer for SAFe® 
  • SAFe® DevOps Practitioner certified 

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