6 Tips To Write Compelling Business Cases

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03rd May, 2017
6 Tips To Write Compelling Business Cases

It’s not that easy to earn the trust of your prospective customers. However, coming up with a compelling business case is how you can earn this kind of trust and faith from your clients. To achieve this, the business case should be captivating to the reader to make them interested and thus, it should involve a lot of creativity and professionalism.

Do you want to make your business case compelling to your prospective and existing customers? Can a business case writing really helps you?. Here’re some tips to writing compelling business case

1. Use a Concise and Clear Format

First and foremost, it’s important to write a brief and self-explanatory business case. This is because you want your target audience to easily understand the kind of business you want to start. Therefore, you should summarize information about the product or services you want to offer so that it’s clear to your audience. The clients will get interested and may want to seek more information about the business.

Secondly, being organized is also very crucial when writing a business case. This is because the clients usually look out for structured businesses. In any case, who would want to peruse an unstructured business case? I wouldn’t either. Furthermore, as long as it’s not well organized, it makes the customers lose interest as they find it very complex to understand.

2. The Writer Should Be Realistic and on Point

This means that you should be factual and real. Your content should be genuine and not exaggerated. It’s advisable to use accurate information when writing a business case. This is because a business case can either build your work or destroy it. The business case is meant to make the customers want to invest in the business or to buy a product, so genuineness is a key attribute in any business. The fact that the business case should be compelling does not mean that the writer should use information that’s not reliable. This calls for transparency and accountability. The customers need to believe in the services or products that you’re offering.

Being precise in your business case is very important. The customers do not need to go through the whole business case. Making it clear and straightforward makes them want more information. The business case should be captivating in that it should not bore the reader. Hence, it is imperative to make sure the clients can understand what it is that you have to offer in a few words.                                                                                                             

3. The Writer Should Write with a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is vital when writing a business case. This is because you need to make your prospective clients want to get involved in your business. Urgency is created by making clients realize that they have no option but to use your idea or product. In most cases, urgency makes the customers take action. At some point, it triggers them to invest in the business. For instance, in financial institutions, when urgency is created, it mainly focuses on greater returns. I could give an example of insurance companies. The business cases of such companies are self-explanatory and they work within a certain time frame. A custom writing service can be of good help here. This business case writing course really helps you to attract your customers to get in the business.

4. In Case You Use Figures and Graphs, Ensure that They Are Easy to Understand

Most financial business cases use graphs and diagrams to illustrate their idea. It’s very clear that when one sees the graphs and diagrams, they get a clear and good explanation of the business. In my opinion, using graphs and charts also shows how serious the business is. For instance, in online trading, to show the market trend, whether bear or bull, graphs are often used. Other similar figures known as candlesticks are also used to depict the stronger of the two at a particular time.

It’s very important to ensure that your charts and figures are self-explanatory and easily understood by your target audience. This could be done by labelling your charts and graphs appropriately in such a way that they do not confuse the reader. Coming up with well-defined graphs for the business case shows an element of organization. The customers are more compelled to deal with an organization that is well coordinated.

5. As a Good Writer, Use Statistics and Verified Data to Convince the Clients

Using verified data and statistics is important as it makes the business case appear more credible to the clients. The use of statistics makes the case look more accurate as the figures distinctly show how much is needed or how much is used for an investment. A good business case consists of reliable statistics and data. Everyone wants to invest in a thriving business that’s sustainable. It is, therefore, very important that the business has accurate data and information about the feasibility study.

How viable is the business? Are there any chances of survival within the current market? These are some of the questions that the business case should answer. Statistics in the business case should also show the history of the business and how profitable it became with time. This generally creates trust between the investors and the sponsors who are the brains behind its existence. 

6. Include Different Types of Information and Other People if They Support Your Case

The different types of information could be competitors who are offering a similar kind of service or product. This could make the business case more compelling as there is a comparison of prices, quality, and durability of the products being sold. As a matter of fact, other case studies could also be included in the business case as well as scenarios that could relate to the business. Activities like benchmarking with other companies are also allowed as they bring an element of comparison thus giving a client an opportunity to weigh all the options before they make a decision.

It should be noted that the business case is the key driver of the decisions made in your business. Therefore, engaging with other stakeholders is very crucial when writing a compelling business case. Talking to other or potential stakeholders opens up your mind. You are able to understand the interests of the customers and come up with a plan to satisfy their needs. You are also able to understand chances of survival in the market as well as how profitable the business may become.


The aim of a business case is to answer some of the questions that the customers could have concerning the business. The business case at some point also acts as a perfect marketing strategy. Therefore, coming up with a compelling business case is very important as it brings the customers on board. It also gives you an edge over other businesses who choose not to have one or don’t know about its importance.

What is your experience with writing a business case? And how having one has helped you connect more with your customers?


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