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Top-Paying Data Engineer Jobs in Singapore [2024 Updated]

27th Dec, 2023
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    Top-Paying Data Engineer Jobs in Singapore [2024 Updated]

    A data engineer is a key member of an enterprise data analytics team and is responsible for handling, leading, optimizing, evaluating, and monitoring the acquisition, storage, and distribution of data across the enterprise. Data Engineers indulge in the whole data process, from data management to analysis. Engineers work with Data Scientists to help make the most of the data they collect and have deep knowledge of distributed systems and computer science. In large organizations, data engineers concentrate on analytical databases, operate data warehouses that span multiple databases, and are responsible for developing table schemas. Data engineers are in demand across the globe and are attracting lucrative salaries, especially in the USA, UK, Australia, India, Singapore, and Canada. So, learn Data Science online, and build a strong career with a high pay scale.

    What is Data Engineering?

    Data engineering is all about building, designing, and optimizing systems for acquiring, storing, accessing, and analyzing data at scale. Data engineering builds data pipelines for core professionals like data scientists, consumers, and data-centric applications. It is one of the key job roles that require various technical skills, supreme communication and soft skills, and deep knowledge of multiple programming languages. Data engineering is also about creating algorithms to access raw data, considering the company's or client's goals. Data engineers can communicate data trends and make sense of the data, which large and small organizations demand to perform major data engineer jobs in Singapore.

    Who is Data Engineer, and What Do They Do?

    A data engineer can be a generalist, pipeline-centric, or database-centric. A data engineer typically works in small teams or small businesses and has various roles as one of the few "data-centric" people in an organization. They manage data considering trends and discrepancies that impact business goals. This highly technical position requires apt education, certification, tech, soft skills, and experience. Some of the most common responsibilities of data engineers include

    • Data collection
    • Matching the architecture to the business his needs
    • Discovering tasks that can be automated using data
    • Using advanced analytics programs, machine learning, and statistical techniques
    • Updating stakeholders based on analytics
    • Architecture development, building, testing, and maintenance
    • Developing a data-recording process 
    • Researching industry and business issues 
    • Using programming languages and tools
    • Preparing data for predictive and prescriptive modelling 
    • Identifying opportunities to improve data reliability, efficiency, and quality 
    • Using large datasets to address business problems 
    • Finding hidden patterns based on data 

    Data Engineer Jobs Based on Experience in Singapore

    Let us look at the salary offered to data engineers in Singapore based on experience:

    • Trainee-Level: The national data engineer jobs in Singapore for freshers give a salary of S$4000 per month in Singapore. 
    • Junior/Entry-Level Job: The average salary for data engineer jobs for beginners in Singapore is S$6,000 - S$6,991 per month in Singapore.
    • Mid-Level data engineer jobs in Singapore: Mid-Level average base salary is S$91,000
    • Senior-Level data engineer jobs in Singapore: Senior average base salary is S$96000
    • Leader-Level data engineer Singapore jobs: Leader data engineers with 6+ years of experience, average base salary is S$165,818

    The Highest Paying Jobs as a Data Engineer in Singapore

    1. Data Engineer

    Being employed as a Data Engineer is one of the highest paying data engineer jobs in Singapore, and the salary of data engineers ranges between S$70000 - S$165,818, based on location, company, experience, certifications, skills, and education.

    2. Machine Learning Engineer

    Machine learning engineers work in the data science team on the AI building, researching, and forming, which helps in ML. The average salary for a Machine Learning Engineer is S$7448 per month in Singapore.

    3. Data Architect

    The average salary for a Data Architect is S$110000 per year in Singapore. Data architects are IT professionals who look after the organization of data, design and work on future databases, and are responsible for managing and storing data for consumers and companies.

    Here are the approximate salaries of various types of jobs in data engineer in Singapore

    Software Engineer 

     Average S$5,305 per month 

    Data Scientist 

     Average S$7,406 per month 


     Average S$6,244 per month 

    Data Analyst 

     Average S$5,292 per month 

    Business Intelligence Developer 

     Average S$6,712 per month 


     Average S$4,422 per month 

    Remote/Freelance Data Engineer Jobs in Singapore

    It is imperative that after you are done with your education and certification, you start with an internship, and you can also take up a few freelancing projects to get the best data engineer job opportunities in Singapore. The more hands-on training you have on freelancing and internship projects or even part-time data engineer jobs in Singapore, the better chances you have to enter the more prominent companies as data engineers in Singapore. The average data engineer salary in Singapore is S$69,943 per year or S$30.57 per hour.

    Singapore-based Data Engineer Jobs for Foreigners

    Singapore comes in the top 96% regarding the best data engineer jobs in Singapore. The average base salary for Data Engineer in Singapore, Singapore is S$131,677, while the average Data Engineer base salary is S$107,309. According to LinkedIn, there are over 10,000 data engineering opportunities in Singapore. Data engineer jobs for Indians in Singapore have a massive scope as they can earn an average of S$53174.57 (approx ₹33 lakhs) per year in Singapore. Based on experience, the salary can range approximately between S$40283.76 - S$80567.53 (₹25 lakhs - ₹50 lakhs) per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than S$80567.53 per year, which is much higher than what Indians can make in their own country. Data engineer jobs in Singapore for Indians get salaries ranging between S$16113.51 - S$35449.71.

    Singapore has an excellent infrastructure with a plethora of job opportunities that allow skilled foreign workers, especially data engineers, to settle in the country and attain professional satisfaction.

    Top Companies Who Hire Data Engineers in Singapore

    Here are the top companies that are mainly open to data engineer jobs in Singapore, offering some of the top salaries:

    Top companies for Data Engineers in Singapore


     S$12,402 per month 


     S$11,525 per month 


     S$11,402 per month 

    Standard Chartered Bank 

     S$11,315 per month 


     S$11,069 per month 

    OCBC Bank 

     S$10,754 per month 


     S$10,591 per month 


     S$10,526 per month 

    MediaCorp Pte Ltd. 

     S$9,036 per month 

    DBS Bank 

     S$8,937 per month 

    Best Cities for Data Engineer Jobs in Singapore

    Highest paying data engineer jobs in Singapore cities are:

    River Valley 

     S$7,636 per month 

    Tanjong Pagar 

     S$7,062 per month 


     S$7,053 per month 


     S$6,686 per month 


     S$6,589 per month 

    Toa Payoh 

     S$6,235 per month 


     S$6,188 per month 

    Shenton Way 

     S$6,164 per month 


     S$6,014 per month 

    Required Skills for Data Engineer Jobs in Singapore

    If you want to pursue your career as a data engineer, you should be well-equipped with the following skills and talents:

    Technical Skills

    • Fundamentals of distributed systems like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark
    • C++ and important Data warehousing solutions, AWS/Redshift
    • Data structures, modelling, lakes, and architecture
    • Data APIs
    • Azure, Database systems, and HDFS/Amazon S3
    • ML algorithms, Python, Scala, and Java languages
    • ELK Stack and Apache Airflow, Apache Kafka
    • OS like Solaris, UNIX, Linux, etc.
    • Visualization, Business intelligence, dashboards, big data analytics and analytics
    • How to work with connectors

    Soft Skills

    • Strong Communication skills 
    • Presentation (PPT) and MS Office skills 
    • Team collaboration skills 
    • Control, Monitoring, and Supervision Skills 

    Education Requirements to Get Data Engineer Jobs in Singapore

    Data engineers should have an educational background in computer science, engineering, applied mathematics, or other related IT fields. According to PayScale, most data engineer jobs in Singapore require at least a bachelor's degree in a related field. As this role requires extensive technical knowledge, an aspiring data engineer may find that more than boot camps and certifications are needed to stand up to the competition. 

    Top Certifications to Get Data Engineer Jobs in Singapore

    Certifications like an Online Data Science Bootcamp in Singapore give your added skills, knowledge, expertise, and learning in data engineering. These are a plus in your resume, and a candidate with certifications certainly has a better prospect than the candidates that don't. These prospects include getting data engineer jobs in Singapore in more prominent companies at better salaries. Here are some standard certifications that are recommended for data engineers. 

    • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Data Analytics – Specialty 
    • Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Associate Big Data Engineer 
    • Google Professional Data Engineer

    You can get trained and certified by enrolling in the following certification programs:

    1. Learn Data Science Online

    Learn Data Science Online by KnowledgeHut is one of the best Data Science Certification Courses, where you can learn to tackle complex Data Science problems hands-on and get job-ready. You can master the tools, technologies, and trends driving the Data Science revolution. You attain the skills that Data scientists, Data engineers, and AI engineers require. Get trained and mentored by experts with real-world experience in Data Science, ML, and AI at your own pace, and gain in-demand skills.

    2. Online Data Science Bootcamp in Singapore

    Online Data Science Bootcamp in Singapore allows you to gather information about companies, markets, and the environment and analyze that information, which has added immeasurable value to the decision-making process. This data analytics Bootcamp enhances your portfolio and provides comprehensive training and career support. You can brush up on core skills like Excel and SQL and learn best practices for data analytics from industry veterans.

    You will be helped with professional guidance and mentoring for your career as a data analyst. After completing this Bootcamp, you will also be certified by KnowledgeHut. 

    3. Data Science with Python Course

    This 4-week Data Science with Python Course is perfect for a beginner learning data science using Python. Gain hands-on Python programming experience that you can immediately apply in the real world. Gain the skills to work with large datasets, build predictive models, and tell compelling stories to your stakeholders. Learn the end-to-end data science process, covering everything you need to know to extract value from complex data. By the end of the course, you will be able to communicate data insights through data visualization effectively. Finally, deploy machine learning models into production to address real-world data challenges Master Python concepts in data science applications. 

    How to Get a Job in Data Engineering in Singapore?

    Here are some steps that you can follow to get a lucrative data engineering job in Singapore:

    Step 1: The right education

    To get an excellent job in data engineering, you first need to get your education right. A bachelor's degree in computer science, software or computer engineering, applied mathematics, physics, statistics, or a related field is required to enter this field. 

    Step 2: Get an Internship

    Depending on your experience, getting your first job as a data engineer can be difficult. If you are new to software engineering, the technical barriers to entry are very high. Also, most entry-level data engineer jobs in Singapore require hands-on experience, such as intern data engineer jobs in Singapore. 

    Step 3: Get skilled.

    The range of technical skills required for data engineers is much broader than that for data analysts. To become an expert in data engineering and big data, you need to enroll in a professional certification program at a reputable institution. Become a pro in no time with our industry-focused curriculum, hands-on exercises, and project-based learning.

    Career Scopes of a Data Engineer in Singapore

    After completing the data engineering certification course in Singapore, you can apply for various data engineer jobs in Singapore, such as Big Data Engineer, Data Analyst, and Data Warehouse Engineer. Data engineering is not necessarily an entry-level role. Instead, many data engineers start as software engineers or business intelligence analysts. As your career progresses, you may move into leadership roles or become a data architect, solution architect, or machine learning engineer. Below are some of the most common job titles and careers in data science. 

    • Business Intelligence Analyst 
    • A data mining genius 
    • Data Architect 
    • Data Scientist 
    • Lead Data Scientist 

    A Data Engineer makes heavy use of cloud technology and SaaS offerings. Data engineers spend much of their time and effort monitoring more than coding and are responsible for moving teams from feature teams to foundational teams.


    Data is everywhere and central to the success of any organization. Data engineering jobs are future-oriented that can make the most of these mountains of data. Business intelligence and analytics help present information in the required format and layout in a data-saturated planet. Data engineers are the ones who perform their roles as efficiently as possible. The raw data reaches the data scientists in the best usable form through these data engineers. There is a bright future ahead for data engineers, especially those who have taken Data Science with Python courses and the associated trends.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Which job search portals are best for data engineers in Singapore?

    Some of the best job search portals in Singapore for data engineers are: 

    • Gumtree 
    • Indeed Singapore 
    • Jobiness 
    • JobisJob India 
    • JobStreet Singapore 
    • Monster Singapore 
    • STJobs
    • Recruit.net 
    2What are the major selection criteria for a data engineer in a FAANG/MAANG company in Singapore?

    To become a successful data engineer in a FAANG/MAANG company in Singapore, you need to fulfill the following requirements: 

    • Get a bachelor's degree, preferably from a university, and start working on a project. 
    • Gain career entry experience 
    • Acquire professional certifications and qualifications 
    • Develop data engineering skills - coding, automation, database design, cloud computing, and more 
    • Earn an advanced degree such as engineering or computer science 
    • Analyze and hone IT skills 
    • Engage in self-study through online courses adopting a project-based learning approach 
    • Get some experience as a freelancer in remote data engineer jobs in Singapore or contract basis data engineer jobs in Singapore so that you land a great job in the top companies in Singapore. 
    3To get shortlisted at Singapore companies, what should a data engineer include on their resume?

    Choose the correct format for your data engineer resume and include the following: 

    • Write the purpose or outline of your resume 
    • Describe your work experience as a data engineer 
    • Present an education section on a data engineer's resume 
    • Highlight your technical and soft skills 
    • Mention all the certifications you have cleared 
    • Add an optional section to your data engineer resume 
    • Include a cover letter in your data engineer resume 
    4In Singapore, can anybody become a data engineer?

    A bachelor's degree in computer science, software or computer engineering, applied mathematics, physics, statistics, or a related field is required to enter this field. Also, practical experience, such as an internship or getting into freelancing data engineer jobs in Singapore, is required for most entry-level positions. 

    5Are data engineers well-paid in Singapore?

    The average data engineer salary in Singapore is S$70,950 per year or S$31.01 per hour. Entry-level positions start at S$48,000 annually, while most experienced workers make up to S$96,000 annually. The growth continues further. The salary can go even higher with applied and newly learned skills, certifications, and experience, so data engineers are quite well-paid in Singapore. 

    6Do data engineers have a future in Singapore?

    Data engineering is booming, and new trends are emerging. Here are some future trends that data engineers may enjoy in their future endeavors: 

    • Each team has data engineering support 
    • Standardized real-time infrastructure 
    • Data Engineer involved in DevOps methodology 
    • Product-based data engineering continues to grow 
    • More remote work for data engineers 
    • Increasing self-service analytics with modern tools
    7Which is the best place to learn data engineering in Singapore?

    The best place to learn data engineering in Singapore is KnowledgeHut, where you can get certified by joining some of the best courses like the 'Learn data science online, Online Data Science Bootcamp in Singapore, and Data Science with Python Course. These added skills, expertise, and know-how will educate you and make you more future-ready for data engineering jobs in top companies in Singapore. 


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