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Future Scope of Data Science in India

15th Sep, 2023
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    Future Scope of Data Science in India

    With more and more people showing interest in the domain, Data Science demand in India has increased. The significant technological growth over the years has led to an increase in the demand for data scientists. Many Indian institutions offer data science courses, and several private companies are looking to hire data scientists. Thus, there are various opportunities for individuals who want to make a career in this field. There is no doubt that Data Science is one of the most promising fields today. With so much happening in terms of technology and digitalization, the scope for data scientists is only going to increase in the future.  

    If you are looking for a career that offers excitement and opportunities, then a master in Data Science in India is worth considering. This blog post will discuss the scope of Data Science, data scientist salary in India and the different roles you can pursue. You can also check some tips on how to get started with Data Science along with knowing about Data Science course fees, which will help you shortlist the institutions accordingly.  

    What is Data Science?

    Data Science is a branch that deals with the extraction of information from data. It is a relatively new field that combines aspects of statistics, machine learning, and computer science. Data scientists use techniques from all three disciplines to clean and process data, extract insights, and build predictive models. Data Science aims to turn data into actionable insights that can be used to make better decisions.  

    Data Science is a rapidly growing field due to the increasing availability of data. With the advent of big data, organizations can now collect vast amounts of data from various sources. This data can be used to improve decision-making in all business areas, from marketing to product development. As a result, the demand for data scientists is skyrocketing.  

    If you are interested in a career in Data Science, you must have strong computer programming skills, statistics, and machine learning. You should also effectively communicate your findings to non-technical audiences. Data Science is an exciting and rapidly growing field that offers many opportunities for career advancement. 

    Scope of Data Science in India 

    The field of Data Science is one of the fastest growing in India. In recent years, there has been a surge in the amount of data available, and businesses are increasingly looking for ways to make use of this data. As a result, data scientists are in high demand. Data Science is a relatively new field, covering a wide range of topics, from machine learning and artificial intelligence to statistics and cloud computing.  

    • Data Science is a relatively new field in India, so there is still a lot of excitement and interest surrounding it.  
    • The potential applications of data science are vast, and Indian businesses are just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible.  
    • Many Indian companies are investing heavily in Data Science as they realize the competitive advantage that it can provide.  
    • The Indian government also supports Data Science careers in India, investing in infrastructure and initiatives to promote adopting data-driven practices.  
    • The talent pool of data scientists in India is rapidly growing as more people see data science's future scope in India.  
    • There are already many success stories of Data Science applications in India, and this will only likely continue in the future.  

    Data Science job opportunities in India are vast, and there are many opportunities for those with the right skill set. With the right training, data scientists can help businesses to improve their decision-making, gain insights into their customers, and automate their operations. In short, the scope of Data Science in India is unlimited.   

    Data Scientist Jobs in India 

    Data Science is one of the fastest-growing fields in India. Data Science job opportunities in India are increasing as organizations seek to harness the power of data to drive decision-making. Some of the most common job roles in data science include data analysts, data scientists, and big data engineers. Data scientist eligibility in India requires knowledge of extracting, cleaning, and analyzing data. Data scientists use mathematical and statistical methods to mine data for insights. 

    Big data engineers build and maintain the infrastructure to store and process large amounts of data. With the rapid growth of data-driven businesses in India, these job roles are in high demand. As more organizations seek to leverage data to gain a competitive edge, the demand for skilled workers in the data science domain is only expected to increase. 

    Top Companies in India Hiring Data Scientists 

    Companies across all industries are looking for talented data scientists who can help them make sense of the huge amounts of data they collect daily. India is one of the best places to find these skilled professionals.  

    Some of the top data science companies in India that are hiring data scientists include LinkedIn, Microsoft, Flipkart, Amazon, Ola, Airtel, and Tata Consultancy Services. These companies are all leaders in their respective industries and use data science to gain a competitive edge. For example, Flipkart is using data science to improve its customer targeting and product recommendations, while Ola is using it to optimize its pricing and demand prediction.  

    If you're looking for an exciting and rewarding career in data science, then India is the place to be. Many great opportunities are available with some of the country's top companies. So, what are you waiting for? Start your search today. 

    Data Scientist Salary in India 

    Data scientists are in high demand across industries in India, and they command a lucrative salary. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of data scientists in India is ₹11,07,640 per year. This figure is significantly higher than the average salary for other IT professionals in India, which is ₹4,61,804 per year, which is a significant data science package in India.  

    Data scientists with 4-9 years of experience can earn ₹13,00,000 annually on average. Senior data scientist salary in India per month with 10-19 years of experience can expect to earn even more, with an average salary of ₹16,00,000 per year. With the ever-growing importance of data analytics, it is no surprise that data scientists are some of the highest-paid professionals in India. Data scientist salary in India for freshers also starts from a substantial pay and can end up being as high as ₹16,00,000 per annum.   

    Best Data Science Courses in India to Pursue a Career

    India is turning into a data hub, and there is a continuous demand for data scientists in the country. According to a recent report by Nasscom and Zynga, the number of data science jobs in India is set to grow from 2,720 in 2018 to as many as 16,500 by 2025. This presents a huge opportunity for those looking to make a career in data science. 

    The best Data Science courses in India can help you develop the skills required to become a data scientist. Check below for some of the best Data Science courses in India: 

    1. IIIT-B's Certificate Course in Data Science 

    This 12-week course covers all the important aspects of Data Science, including statistics, machine learning, and big data analytics. Know more about Data Science course online, and enroll in Data Science colleges in India to build a career in this domain.   

    2. EY Analytics' Data Analytics Course 

    This course covers topics such as data warehousing, business intelligence, advanced Excel, Tableau, and Qlikview. Top universities for data science in India offer various courses that can help you build a career in analytics. 

    3. Deloitte's Big Data and Analytics Course 

    This course covers topics such as Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL databases, and machine learning algorithms. These are some of India's best data science courses that can help you pursue a career in this domain. You can also choose data science PG courses in India that best suit your requirements and start your journey toward becoming a successful data scientist. 

    Is Data Science a Good Career in India? 

    Data scientist jobs in India have immense potential. In India, the field of data science is still in its initial stages with scope for growth. With the advent of digitalization, the scope of data science in India has become more prominent than ever. Organizations are looking for ways to make better use of their data, creating a demand for data scientists.  

    India is home to a large pool of talented engineers and scientists. Moreover, Indian organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of data science and are investing in building strong data science teams. This creates a great opportunity for those looking to make a career in data science.  

    Data science is a field that blends statistics, computer science, and domain knowledge. It is used to extract insights from data using techniques like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. A career in data science offers plenty of opportunities to work on interesting projects and solve challenging problems. Due to the nature of the work, data scientists are often responsible for designing and developing new software applications and tools.  

    The demand for data scientists is high, and the future of data science in India has extreme potential. There is a vast pool of talent, organizations investing in building strong data science teams, and plenty of opportunities to work on interesting projects. If you are curious, you can enroll in online Bootcamp for Data Science to gain in-depth knowledge.  

    Future of Data Science in India 

    India is rapidly becoming a hub for data science and analytics, thanks to the country's vast talent pool and relatively low labor cost. A Nasscom analysis projects that the Indian data analytics market will increase from $2 billion in 2017 to $16 billion in 2025. This rapid growth is driven by several factors, including the increasing availability of data, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the growing demand for data-driven decision-making. As more organizations recognize the value of data science, they are turning to India for help building their data science capabilities. This is good news for Indian data scientists who can enroll in M.Sc. Data Science colleges in India for continued growth and opportunity in the years ahead. 

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    The future looks bright for data science in India. With a large and talented workforce, the best data science institute in India, a rich pool of data, and supportive government policies, there is great potential for the field to grow rapidly. If you are considering a Data Science career in India, there is no better time than now to get started. With the right skills and experience, you can make a real difference in the world of business and technology. What is data science with Python can help you learn various skills required for a substantial career in data science. Learn about India's data scientist course fees and choose the right data science course.    

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is Data Science in demand in India?

    The demand for data scientist qualifications in India is high, leading to companies' generous salaries. Around 93,000 jobs in Data Science were vacant at the end of August 2020 in India. 70% of these vacancies were for positions with less than five years of experience. 

    2Is Data Science a good career in India?

    Yes, Data Science is an excellent career with many future growth opportunities.  

    3What qualifications do I need to be a data scientist?

    Most data scientist roles will require at least a Bachelor's degree. Degrees in technical fields like computer science and statistics may be preferred, as well as advanced degrees like PhDs and Master's degrees. The best colleges for data science in India offer many courses that will help you acquire these skills.   

    4What skills do data scientists need?

    You need to have knowledge of various programming languages, such as Python, C/C, and SQL, Java, Perl. Python is commonly used for coding in data science roles.  


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