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Best Computer Courses to Get a High Paying Job

12th Oct, 2023
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    Best Computer Courses to Get a High Paying Job

    Securing an IT job doesn’t necessarily need specific computer science degrees anymore. This is because the job landscape has changed significantly over the past decade. Emphasis is no longer placed on college degrees, as can be witnessed by the top-tier companies no longer requiring one. Recruiters are now looking for people with the right skills to match their requirements. IT companies worldwide are on the lookout for portfolios, practical experience, and certifications proving that you have the required skills.

    If you’re someone looking to cash in on this and are looking for the best computer science courses for a high-paying job in 2023, you’re at the right place. In this article, we at KnowledgeHut, have compiled a list of the top 10 computer courses in demand that will help you get placed at a reputable company.

    10 Best Computer Science Courses To Get a High Paying Job

    1. Web Development Course

    In today’s digital world, every single business needs a digital storefront. Website Development is highly sought after, and great website designers tend to get paid in lakhs for a single project. What’s more, if you’re more of a set-your-own-hours kind of person, certified website developers can most definitely pursue freelancing or even create their own Web Development Agency!

    Web Developers are usually categorized into three:

    1. Front End Developers - Web developers, specialize in designing the website’s graphical user interface (the part of the website that the end-user can see and interact with).
    2. Back End Developers - Web developers specialize in creating the logical back-end of websites (like creating and maintaining databases, initiating bright sequences based on user actions, etc.).
    3. Full-Stack Developers - Web developers who are adequately trained in front-end and back-end development.

    It is essential to be clear about what aspect you want to master, although, since full-stack developers are trained in both front-end and backend, they’re generally in higher demand than the other two. KnowledgeHut provides you with Web Development Courses that you can take at your own pace. Whether you’re looking to specialize in one aspect or be a full-stack developer, we have everything you need right in one place.

    2. Cyber Security Course

    Cyber security specialists are literal gold mines now, one of the most in-demand requirements. Projected to grow 31% over the next seven years, Cyber Security jobs are growing at a very healthy pace (instead of the average growth of 4% for other occupations).

    With the increasing amount of digital presence that businesses worldwide are exposed to, the security of their data is becoming ever so critical. Important data being unsafe on a network is the worst nightmare businesses have, and it is for this very reason that cyber security is gaining high momentum. The COVID-19 pandemic has only worsened the digital security of data, and the field is naturally very opportunistic.

    Whether you’re a beginner in cyber security or are looking for an advanced learning plan as a cyber security specialist, KnowledgeHut has courses for you. Check out the IT Security Courses for more details.  

    3. Artificial Intelligence Course

    With the availability of big data and the rapid development of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence is the game’s name, as witnessed by the massive rise in the number of businesses depending on AI.  

    Advancements in this field can have massive real-world implications and are seen as the most significant thing that can happen to humanity since the inception of the Internet. Naturally, the demand for Artificial Intelligence engineers is also relatively high. From big companies like Meta, Google, Netflix, Amazon, and Apple to non-tech companies like Walmart, everyone is looking for a certified Artificial Intelligence specialist.  

    While artificial intelligence is a broad domain, various subdomains like deep learning and artificial neural networks have abundant opportunities shortly. Developing the right set of skills is highly necessary for any field, especially for a highly complex and technical domain like artificial intelligence.  

    Get started with the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course, move on through the other recommended courses on KnowledgeHut, and begin your journey as an AI engineer now!  

    4. Software and Programming Language Courses

    Logic rules supreme in the world of computers. Unlike us humans, computers are not filled with emotions and biases that could skew the data to one side or the other. For this very reason that a lot of the mundane tasks that people do daily are handed over to the computers to do in an instant for us. No matter the academic background, basic programming skills are highly applauded in any field.

    Some prevalent programming languages like Python and Java have become necessary even for bankers who have nothing to do with them. This is because we see a massive surge in the use of computers worldwide and the constant need to automate everything.  

    What’s more? Programming languages have become the foundation of all advanced technical fields like artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Various schools have started incorporating programming languages in the curriculum early on to give the students a head create to make it big in the IT industry.  

    The various software and programming language courses offered by KnowledgeHut, like Python and Java, will teach you everything you need to know, whether you are a beginner or an advanced tech specialist looking to master a niche.  

    5. Cloud Computing Course

    As more and more businesses from various fields are starting to rely on digital data storage and database management, there is an increased need for storage space. And what better solution than cloud storage?  

    Cloud computing is one other field increasing in popularity at an alarmingly exponential rate due to the need for better data handling solutions. Contrary to common knowledge (where people think cloud computing consists only of data storage), it is an all-encompassing field that controls servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the Internet (dubbed “the cloud”).  

    With various tech giants providing cloud services like the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure that support virtual servers and database management, having the right skills in this field can take you to great heights.  

    With three categories of cloud, namely,

    1. Private Cloud - Cloud services operated either internally or externally by a third party solely developed and used by a single organization. Companies generally approach various big tech businesses for custom-made cloud solutions.  
    2. Public Cloud - Cloud services commoners use over the Internet that is either paid for or free are categorized as public cloud. The servers are generally off-premises, and since many people use the same network or cloud, there’s an increased security concern.  
    3. Hybrid Cloud is essentially the combination of public and private clouds - two distinct entities that are bound together and work in unison.

    6. Data Science Course

    The art and the science of data analytics have been in significant demand, as you would know if you’re an active user of any job portal. Companies, big and small, MAANG and Indian, are looking for data scientists.  

    If you are someone that loves Statistics and Computer Science, Data Science is a career that is made just for you. Your role would be to analyze, model, and interpret data and provide clear, actionable recommendations for businesses based on your research.  

    If all this sounds complicated, start with one of KnowledgeHut’s Data Science Courses, and see if this massively popular career path is for you!

    7. Online DevOps Course

    As businesses, big and small, are taking full advantage of the technology available to them, DevOps engineers are silently finding high-paying jobs worldwide. They are usually responsible for introducing processes, tools, and methodologies while maintaining the software’s stability.  

    Development and operations teams usually have different skills and goals. Developers look to introduce new features to existing software, and operations teams look to maintain the stability of the software once the parts are released.

    DevOps is about unifying and automating processes, and DevOps engineers are crucial in combining code, app maintenance, and software management. A lot of DevOps philosophies are derived from Agile methodologies.

    8. Ethical Hacking Course

    While the technological advancements have been, for the most part, used for good intentions - there are some parties with malicious intent looking to attack software vulnerabilities. Ethical Hackers attempt to test out the exposures, find ways to breach the existing infrastructure, and dole out recommendations to make the current systems more secure.  

    One of the most sought career paths, ethical hackers, are in high demand from tech companies worldwide, with the average salary for freshers being around INR 3.6-4 LPA. Since the field has been around for a significant amount of time, the saturation levels are naturally high, and certifications from Ethical Hacking courses can go a long way in catching the eye of the prospective employer.

    9. BI and Visualization Courses

    Data is the essential resource for big businesses. However, with the increasing number of data sources and the necessity for more complex metrics that help companies keep track of their performance - the need to visualize the data has become ever so important.  

    Albeit being extremely important, raw data, in and of itself, can be time-consuming and subject to misinterpretation. The evolution of BI has made the process of data interpretation and decision-making ever so simple. With languages like tableau, you can form a crucial part of any business decision-making process.  

    The demand for people with BI and visualization certificates is relatively high. Why don’t you enroll yourself in one of KnowledgeHut’s BI and Visualization courses and be job-ready?  

    10. Mobile App Development Courses  

    While websites are the digital storefront, but the age of smartphones has created a new marketing vehicle for businesses both big and small. If you want to find a job opportunities in an app development company or be hired in-house at a big company with its app creation department, a college degree alone may not be sufficient.  

    If you’re looking for comprehensive courses on Mobile App Development, you can check out KnowledgeHut’s list of app development courses.

    Final Word  

    This list, by any means, is not an exhaustive one. There are plenty of other computer courses that we’ve not covered here, including Risk Management, Digital Marketing, Agile Methodology, and Product Management, among exciting avenues.  

    If you're looking to equip yourself better and learn the latest digital skills for tomorrow’s jobs, check out KnowledgeHut. Our in-demand courses will help you transition to your dream career by developing the skills to move fast and stay ahead.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Which computer course is best for a job?

    Depending on your area of interest and expertise, several computer courses are best for jobs. Starting from web development to Machine Learning and DevOps, there are multiple avenues that you can consider.

    2What is essential when choosing a computer skills course?

    A Your interests, course duration, costs involved, and the relevance of the course to your career path are some of the critical things that you need to consider when choosing a computer skills course.

    3What computer certification is the most valuable?

    No one course can be defined as the most valuable - as much depends on your interests. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Website Development are extremely valuable. 

    4Does certification increase salary?

    In most cases, yes. However, certification does not necessarily translate to an automatic increase in salary. It mostly depends on your employer’s policies on appraisals and increments in the pay scale.


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