Quality Assurance (QA) : Looking to the Future

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30th May, 2022
05th Apr, 2015
Quality Assurance (QA) : Looking to the Future

In a business environment where new startups are a dime a dozen, what makes some new ventures click, while others fall by the wayside? The answer is simple – businesses that stay afloat have something that sets them apart… either they offer a unique niche service or product, or they lay a lot of emphasis on quality. Quality management is the foundation of any model for sustainable business excellence, and controlling quality is an integral part of building a successful business.

Let’s take a look at why quality assurance is so important for a business to grow and move toward a successful future:

Competitiveness: In a fiercely competitive world, if a product or service needs to stand apart, it must have something special. By offering exclusive products that are head and shoulders above the competition, you can charge premium prices and win over the market.

Customer retention: Word-of-mouth marketing has always been proven to be the best form of advertising. Customers who like the quality you provide will always come back for more, and they will refer their friends and colleagues too.

Brand reputation: Superior quality makes your brand an acknowledged market leader. Quality issues will harm your reputation on product review sites and can damage your brand beyond repair.

Higher productivity, lower costs: By streamlining processes and maintaining quality standards at every stage, you can reduce overall costs and increase productivity. A win-win situation all around!

Minimize wastes: Quality checks not only serve to maintain minimal standards, they also help in cutting down wasteful processes- again lowering costs.

Across all industries, competitiveness has increased, and quality has never mattered more. When consumers have an endless array of products and services to choose from, managers must find a new streamlined approach to quality. Companies that create a culture of quality will find that they are able to build a sustainable future.

Setting up a culture of quality starts with the basics- and certifications like Six Sigma, CMMI-DEV and CASQ help to create a workforce that embraces quality as a core value.





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