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Backend Developer Salary for 2024 [Latest Updated]

26th Dec, 2023
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    Backend Developer Salary for 2024 [Latest Updated]

    Can you imagine living without apps? Applications are getting used all the time. You are also reading this on one such application. There is a lot of code working behind the scenes that makes any application work. This code consists of two types: the Frontend and the Backend. The frontend is everything that the user sees and the backend is what makes the frontend work. 

    Would you buy a watch that looks great but doesn't work? Here's where a Backend Developer comes into the picture, it makes that watch work flawlessly. Backend developers are in high demand as every software or application requires a backend to function. 

    While full-stack development seems a lucrative career path because of the higher salary, it isn't for everyone, especially a no-no for freshers. On the contrary, a backend development is a smart move.

    In this guide, we will walk you through the skills required to be job-ready as a backend developer. Also, we will discuss the the roles and responsibilities of backend developer profile and the perks associated with this profile. Additionally, job market, salary and compensation will be discussed in this guide. 

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    Let’s Start! 

    The Average Backend Developer Salary 

    Backend developers have a crucial role to play. Backend software developers are given tasks based on the level of skills they have. Numerous factors affect the average salary of a backend developer. 

    The average backend developer salary in the United States is $89,766 per annum. 

    Salary Based on Experience

    Unsurprisingly, the income of a backend developer varies based on your skillset. According to reports, the average junior backend developer salary is $82,301. On the other hand, A backend developer with 1-4 years of experience can expect an average salary of $89,766. Backend software developers with 5-9 years of experience that is senior backend developer salary are $95,240. 

    Salary Based on Location

    Another key aspect that influences backend developer salary is the location. According to PayScale, San Francisco has a higher-than-average pay rate for backend developers, with a salary that is 28% more than the national average. Backend developers can also expect better pay in Chicago (+19%) and Boston (6%). Orlando, on the other hand, appears to be the lowest-paying city in the US, with developer compensation that is 29 percent lower than the national average. 

    Based on Programming Languages

    What technology you use also affects your salary. There are different backend technologies that backend engineers use. Primary backend technologies are Python, JavaScript, Java, PHP, and Node js. Among all these technologies, JavaScript backend developers earn the highest income. Python backend developer and Java backend developer stand in second place, PHP backend developer in third, and, at last, Node js developers are given the least salary. 

    You can refer to the Back-End Development Bootcamp to gain all the necessary information regarding the Web development. 

    Responsibilities of a Backend Developer

    As a backend developer, you'll design server-side scripts that construct protocols and routines that allow websites and applications to interface with other servers and obtain all of the data they need. 

    Asa Backend Developer, your work would be to write server-side scripts that create protocols and routines. You will be taking care of the server logic, database, data flow between the client and the server, and overall functionality of the application. The backend is the core of any application, so it needs to function properly to provide the users with a seamless experience of using the application. 

    There are numerous technologies out there that you can choose from. They are not the same but are very similar because all the technologies follow some fundamental rules. You are not supposed to learn every technology out there, you can do so but it's significantly better to specialize in a single language and build the rest of your tech stack around it. 

    Backend Developer Salary Comparison

    Whether you're talking about an average backend software development salary or an hourly rate, the amount you'll earn depends on multiple dynamics. The dynamics affecting the back end web dveloper salary include skills, country, state, and city. 

    Average Backend Developer Salary by Skills

    Salary differences between entry-level and senior back end developers may be more than doubled, especially in nations like the United States, where the cost of living is greater than the rest of the world and there aren't enough programmers. 

    The difference between the salary of an entry-level backend software engineer and a senior one might be double, especially in a country like the United States where the cost of living is higher than in the whole world and there is also a shortage of developers in the US. 

    The gap between a senior and an entry-level backend developer can range upto $100,000: reports. Your location also has a great impact on your salary. How location affects your salary is addressed later in the article. 

    However, according to this data from Software Guild, entry-level backend developers in the United States make $34,000 per year, mid-level developers $72,000, and senior developers $98,000. 

    Entry-level backend developers' salary is anywhere around $34,000 per year in the United States. Intermediate backend developers in the US are offered a salary of around $72,000, and as a senior developer, you can earn anywhere around $98,000. 

    In any case, your compensation as a backend software developer varies substantially depending on your skills. You will need to be well prepared before going for an interview and keep upskilling throughout your career. 

    Average Backend Developer Hourly Rate by Regions

    Similar to the average backend software engineer income, their hourly rates also highly depend on where they live. Businesses are now outsourcing work as never before, and most of the stuff they outsource is tech-related and includes backend web development. The cost of outsourcing the work against the cost of hiring and paying an employee is much cheaper. Take a look at the table below to get an idea about hourly rates in different countries. 

    Country/regionAverage rangeTop-end
    North America$80-100$160
    Latin America$41-60$90
    Western Europe$61-100$130
    Eastern Europe$31-60$80
    Asia  $21-50$70  

    Working on an hourly basis as a freelancer or agency is beneficial because, unlike jobs, you can get employed by multiple people simultaneously. The client benefits because it can get work done at a lower price and you are benefiting by working and getting paid by multiple people. 

    As a backend developer, you can start generating revenue based on your knowledge, skills, and experience. Generally, backend developers charge $20 for entry-level work, $35 for mid-level work, and $50+ for senior work.

    Entry-level backend developers can start at a $20 hourly rate, intermediate backend engineers can start from a $35 hourly rate, and a senior backend developer can charge $50+ hourly. 

    What Backend Developer Skills Demand a High Salary? 

    Backend engineers work with the Object Relationship Manager (ORM), and connect your client-side and server-side frameworks, whether you're creating a mobile or web-based application. 

    Back developers operate on a crucial level, interacting with your raw data and the client-side Application Programming Interfaces. Effective backend development binds every component of an application together as a functional whole. Depending on their degree of expertise, backend developers are usually the higher-paid members of the team. 

    Python, JavaScript, Java, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, and C# are all examples of programming languages used for backend web development. Out of these technologies, JavaScript backend developers are in the highest demand as JavaScript is one of the most popular technologies out there. 

    If you want to upskill and have that competitive advantage over the competition, check out courses at KnowledgeHut. Average KnowledgeHut web development course duration is 30 hours and teaches you everything about backend web development. 

    What Factors Affect the Salary of a Backend Developer? 

    Backend Developer job salary is determined by various criteria, including skills, industry, and location, to mention a few. We've compiled a list of parameters that determine Backend Developer wages: 

    Experience Level 

    In the IT industry, there are three types of employees: Junior, Intermediate, and Senior, the salary increases as you climb the ladder. Your age doesn't determine whether you are junior or senior, your relevant work experience does. If you have less than one year of experience, you're junior, if you have 1-4 years of experience, you are intermediate and if you have 5-9 years of experience, you're considered senior. 


    Some industries offer a higher salary than others. The following are the most prevalent industries with the best Backend Developer salaries: 

    • Education - one of the most underappreciated industries, offers substantially lower salaries than other disciplines. 
    • Healthcare - offers decent salaries to expert backend developers. 
    • Consulting - a low-income industry for backend developers. 
    • Media - offers a great salary to backend developers. 
    • Marketing - offers a salary above the average to a backend developer. 
    • Finance - the best-paying industry for backend developers. 

    Team Lead Experience 

    Team leads with more than 20 years of experience in backend development earn roughly twice the salary of an entry-level backend developer. The team leader's job is to keep the team moving forward, motivate others, and strategize. 

    Is Career in Backend Development Worth It? 

    Based on the numbers we read, we can say that Backend developers earn a good income, so money should not be a concern. There are different aspects to consider, such as your location, what technology you use, and your experience, all of these might affect your salary as a backend developer. 

    Even if you pursue the freelance route as a Backend engineer, you can still earn a good living from the comfort of your home. 

    Apart from money, it's also important to think if you enjoy backend web development or coding in general. If you have good analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills, if you prefer working behind the scenes and are more interested in the server-side of applications than the design (part of frontend development), go for backend development. 

    Backend developers will continue to be in demand in the near future and it will continue to grow as an industry and offer higher pay. 


    Backend engineers face the task of debugging, dealing with complex algorithms, facing errors, problem-solving, and converting businesses' ideas into functional reality through code. 

    As a result, your job might seem difficult on some days while being very straightforward on others. An entry-level backend developer's average pay of $82,301 might appear modest, the more experienced and skilled you get, the less far you are from the six-figure mark. 

    One of the biggest advantages of being a backend developer is that your salary is higher than a frontend developer. But keep in mind, it is not the case with full-stack developers. If you like writing backend code, working behind the scenes, and converting businesses' ideas into functional reality through your elegant code, backend development is a profitable route for you. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What is the salary of a backend developer in India?

    Given the difference in cost of living, backend developers' salary in India is comparatively lesser than the salary of a backend developer in the United States. The average salary of a backend developer in India is anywhere around 7 Lakh per annum. 

    2Do backend developers use SQL?

    Yes, SQL is a widely used technology and is used by many businesses, so you will need to learn SQL if you want to become a backend engineer. 

    3Why do backend developers get paid more than the front end?

    Backend developers earn more than frontend engineers because of higher competition in frontend development. It's not everyone's cup of tea to write algorithms that work in the application backend. 

    4What are backend developer skills?

    If you want to be a successful backend developer, you'll need to have a good grip on data structures and algorithms, expertise in one primary language (JavaScript preferred), and knowledge of databases. 


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