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Front End Developer Salary in Singapore [2024 Insights]

27th Dec, 2023
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    Front End Developer Salary in Singapore [2024 Insights]

    Technology is growing with no end to innovations to make our lives better, solve problems, and make things simple than before. Every industry constantly works towards developing new products and expanding its business. Websites and mobile applications function as a medium between producers and consumers of various products and services. On the other hand, the software applications themselves are the products. Alongside going for Front-end Web Developer course helps expand your knowledge of web development, including back-end components, which augments managerial positions.

    Consequently, front-end developers are always in demand as they take up half the responsibilities of web developers. A career in this stream has a bright future. However, you need to know the value of front-end developers and ways to improve their salary.

    Who is a Front-End Developer?

    A front-end developer is a software professional who builds front-end components of websites, which include visual aspects and the user interface. He coordinates with back-end developers who design the mechanisms that process data and shuttle between the website and its database. The goal of a front-end developer is to create a layout for a website allowing the user to navigate through the content and achieve their purpose. Front end developer Singapore salary is at a good payscale, so it's preferred for developer jobs.

    How Much Can a Front-End Developer Earn in Singapore?

    The average front-end web developer salary Singapore is S$68480 per year. The annual pay scale starts from S$55,167 for front-end developers in low-profile companies and job titles. On the other hand, the highest salary is about S$155649 per year. The deciding factors for the salary of a front-end developer in Singapore are experience, location, company, and skills.

    Average Salary Range Based on Knowledge and Experience in Singapore

    Experience plays a vital role in deciding the salary of front end developer salary in Singapore, front-end developers because the ability to build an efficient interface for ultimate customer satisfaction depends on the lessons from previous projects conducted by professionals. 

    1. Junior front-end developer salary

    Front end developer fresher in Singapore play a supportive role as they assist the development team in writing code and fixing bugs. The average junior front-end developer salary Singapore is S$64624 per year. They have experience of about 1 to 2 years.

    2. Intermediate front-end developer salary

    As experience improves with every project, front-end developers take on higher responsibilities of coding, web design, and leading junior developers. A mid-level front end developer salary in Singapore is about S$82750 per year, which is 26% higher than entry-level or junior developers. 

    3. Senior front-end developer salary

    Senior front-end developers lead development teams and work closely with the managers. Therefore, they involve in decision-making steps in web development. The average senior front-end developer salary Singapore with experience of 5 to 10 years earns about S$107707 per year.

    4. Front-end developer manager salary

    Front-end development manager is the best job role to make a higher salary without having to do coding and web design work. However, the managers must have extensive experience in web development required for troubleshooting and utilizing new technologies to optimize the business. The average salary of front-end development managers is about S$139230 per year.

    5. Freelance front-end developer salary

    Freelancing front-end developer salary in Singapore depends on the experience and skills required by the clients. While companies hire less experienced freelancers for supportive roles, experienced developers take up complex web development. The average salary of a freelance front end developer salary in Singapore per hour ranges from S$20 to S$200.

    Front-end Developer Salaries vs Other Types of Developers in Singapore

    The wages of a junior front end developer salary in Singapore and senior front end developer salary Singapore and other developers vary in Singapore. The variations are discussed below: 

    1. Front-end developer vs. back-end developer

    While front-end developers create visual components of websites, back-end developers build the inner architecture, which processes data, inputs, and outputs of actions of users. The average salary of back-end developers is S$9437 per month, and front end developer Singapore salary is S$8074. 

    2. Front-end developer vs. full-stack developer

    Since full-stack developers build both the front and back end of websites, they earn more than front-end developers. While the average front end web developer salary Singapore is S$8074 per month, that of full-stack developers is S$8850.

    3. Front-end developer vs. software engineer

    Since the roles of software engineers vary greatly, the range of their salaries is broad. Hence, a clear comparison between the salaries of software engineers and front-end developers is difficult to draw. However, the average monthly salary of software engineers is S$6983, while that of front end developer in Singapore per month is S$8074.

    4. Front-end developer vs. mobile developer

    Mobile development involves simple tools with numerous features making it easier than front-end web development. Hence, the latter earns better than the former. The average salary of mobile developers is 5,870 dollars against S$8074 for front-end developers.

    5. Front-end developer vs. UX/UI designer

    UX/UI designers optimize websites for a better experience of navigating through websites based on feedback from web users. Since their responsibilities limit to modification of existing ones, their salary is less than that of web developers. They earn approximately S$6055 a month.

    6. Front-end developer vs. web designer

    A web designer plans, creates, and writes the codes for web pages and websites. This includes uploading niche-specific content on the website and making it user-friendly. The average salary of web designers in Singapore is S$5351 per month, less than that of a front-end developer.

    Factors Affecting Front-End Developer Salaries in Singapore

    1. Experience

    Entry-level front-end developer salary in Singapore is less than the pay scale of mid-level developers because the latter have the expertise to face different circumstances and know how to handle them. In addition, they have a knack for applying coding languages for various requirements of programs.

    Likewise, senior developers and managers have better credentials to solve problems, find feasible alternatives, and act quicker than less-experienced developers. Additionally, they handle other aspects of web development, such as the budget. Hence, they receive high packages.

    2. Company

    The salary of web developers depend on the scale and the value of individual projects they grab. Firms with the resources to take up large projects make a better turnover and pay their employees more. It also depends on quality assurance, which decides client satisfaction.

    3. Location

    Geographical location is one of the deciding factors for front end developer salary payscale Singapore. Tech giants that offer high salaries choose locations that can fulfill their resource needs at low cost. Hence, developers in metropolitan cities earn more than other locations. The cities that offer high-paying front-end developer jobs in Singapore are Outram, Tao Payoh, Raffles, Bugis, Changi, and Geylang.

    4. Skills

    Front-end development requires many technical skills, such as programming language, graphic design, and database management. Most companies use specific groups of skills based on web development projects. Hence, the salaries in different companies vary according to the skills. Today, there are various Full Stack Web Development course available online that offer many opportunities to enhance your skills at different levels, be it beginners or advanced, and add credibility to your pitch for a higher pay scale during job interviews. 

    How to Make More as a Front-end Web Developer in Singapore

    any profession takes a minimum period to grow up a career. But it is possible to gear up the growth instead of choosing to gain experience at the existing industrial arrangement. You should make strategies for fast growth and work towards excelling in your job. Some of the methods to improve your pay scale are as follows. 

    1. Learn specific high-paying skills

    HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are fundamental skills required for the front-end development of commonly used website formats. Familiarity and hands-on experience with complex tools improve your demand by certain companies that need a developer with those skills. A Full-stack Developer training in Singapore helps you acquire new techniques and extend your skills into back-end development, enhancing the opportunities to improve your pay scale.

    Some uncommon, complex, and in-demand tools include:

    • React and React Native 
    • Node JS 
    • Scala 
    • Spark 
    • Hadoop 

    2. Look for equity or profit share employers

    The salary paid to a front-end developer remains the same regardless of the value he creates for the company. It implies that you need to receive a fair share of the money made from the web designing efforts you invest. Hence, seek jobs in companies that provide stock options. It adds to the profit company makes through your work.

    3. Change of jobs

    Employees who shift their jobs once every 3 to 5 years see more hike in salary than those who remain in the same company for more than five years. When you change companies after an experience of 3 to 5 years with your previous employer, you have more credibility for your expertise. It also implies that you are expanding your horizon instead of waiting more than five years to acquire all the skills possible in a company.

    4. Side hustling and full-time freelancing

    Freelancing, alongside a full-time job, is an excellent way to earn more as a freelancer can negotiate and command higher hourly pay than full-time job holders. In addition, it also helps you expand your skills and client management.

    5. Sell web templates and themes

    Being in a creative profession offers you to create your products and sell them. A front-end developer can develop web templates and themes and sell them to multiple buyers. It helps improve marketing skills, which may equip you to start your web development company. 

    6. Sell online courses and digital downloads

    If you are a passionate web developer and constantly learn new tools and techniques, you can teach tech aspirants. Online tutorials are common and work phenomenally. You can tie up with large e-learning platforms and teach students with pre-recorded courses or live-taught cohorts. 

    7. Monetize a YouTube channel

    You can start a YouTube channel and post engaging video tutorials. After reaching a significant audience, you can post ads promoting online courses or institutes and make money from them.


    Front end development is an essential part of web/ software development. It consists of designing the user interface of the program, Simply put, the front end interacts with the users and determines whether the program is useful or not. For this and many other reasons, front-end developer roles are among the well-paying jobs in Singapore and pay more than most of the various other positions in software companies. Experience, skills, companies, and location are the deciding factors for the salary of front-end developer jobs. A professional looking for a hike in their pay scale must consider these factors. If you are just starting out your journey as a front end developer and want to get into this field shortly, you can consider various online courses and certifications to learn the basics and upskill according to your pace and skillset.. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is a Front-End Developer internship a good way to get a job in Singapore?

    Yes, internships offer opportunities to learn how to apply coding and programming languages to web development and give hands-on experience with their implementation.

    2What is a good Front-End Developer salary in Singapore?

    Front-end developers are among the well-paid professionals in Singapore and a salary of S$4000 to S$7000 per month is reasonable against the backdrop of the software industry.

    3Who gets paid more for Front-End Developer or Back-End Developer in Singapore?

    Back-end developers earn more than front-end developers because back-end development involves complex programs and numerous debugging episodes demanding more effort.

    4Do Front-End Developers make more than engineers in Singapore?

    There is no consistent distinction between the salary of front-end developers and engineers because engineering roles and pay scales vary greatly. However, front-end developers are among the well-paid professionals. 

    5Is Front-End Developer a high-paying job in Singapore?

    Yes, front-end development roles pay higher than many other positions, such as UI/UX designer and mobile developer.


    Sachin Bhatnagar

    Program Director, FSD

    With 20+ yrs of industry experience in media, entertainment and web tech, Sachin brings expertise in hands-on training and developing forward-thinking, industry-centric curricula. 30k+ students have enrolled in his tech courses.

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