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Become a skilled Data Analyst with Microsoft Power BI

MS Power BI integrates datasets from multiple sources like sales data, internal data, customer data, and more to create comprehensive visual representations of insights in real-time, thus driving operational efficiency. Learn the fundamentals of Power BI and become a skilled business analyst from KnowledgeHut.


30 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Sessions

95 Hours of On-Demand Learning

110+ Hands-on Exercises

20 Auto-Graded Assessments, 120+ Quizzes

1 Capstone Project, 6 Assignments

Lifetime Access to Courseware

Why should you go for a Power BI certification in Austin?

Today's businesses in Austin require intensive business insights, and Microsoft Power BI – a smart Business Intelligence tool gives you that capacity. You can quickly interact with numerous data sources and convert them as needed. With KnowledgeHut’s Power BI course, you can master the skills needed to be a skilled business analyst.


The worldwide intelligence market is expected to grow exponentially in the next two years, with a value of $22.8 billion. 70% of the leading companies say that analytics is integral to how they make decisions according to an IBM survey. Become a skilled business analyst in Austin and earn an average annual salary of $88,641.

Power ahead in your career with industry-ready Business Analytics skills

The KnowledgeHut Edge

Harness the Power of Live Expert Guidance

Immerse yourself in 24 hours of highly engaging, instructor-led training to cover the essential topics to ensure that you grasp complex concepts. 

Master Power BI with Nikolai Schuler

Reinforce your learning with 15.5 hours of the Mastering Power BI super course by Data Science maestro, Nikolai Schuler. 

Test Your Data Analytics Prowess

Brace yourself for a thrilling series of 255 mind-boggling assessment questions that will put your skills to the ultimate test. 

Embark on Hands-On Quests

Undertake 38 real-world exercises that will hone your prowess as a Power BI warrior. Refine your skills and sharpen your data sword.

Build Real-World Capstone Projects

Unleash your Power BI mastery with 4 epic end-of-course capstone projects and harness the ultimate test of mettle and dedication.

Practice with Precision

Gauge your exam readiness by attempting two PL-300 exam practice sets, each containing 60 meticulously crafted questions. 

Get Power BI Tips from Industry Veterans

Get exclusive access to a video course from Senior Data Scientist Daniel Weikart, who shares his treasure trove of Power BI tips and tricks. 

Quick Start Guide to Power BI

Enjoy exclusive access to the Microsoft Power BI Quick Start Guide - Third Edition, updated with all the latest features and improvements.

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