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A Quick-view on DevOps

The term ‘DevOps’ itself describes the development and operations. It resolves the drawbacks of Agile and waterfall model. DevOps is a software enterprise development phrase used to signify a kind of Agile relationship among development and IT operations.

Why is DevOps important?

The aim of DevOps is to modify and promote better communication and collaboration between two business organizations. DevOps describes that the organization’s technology team is responsible to create and maintain the organization infrastructure. The term DevOps might be used to define a strategy that looks at the entire software delivery, managing shared services and promoting the use of latest development tools with their best practices. DevOps supports few concepts like Agile development, continuous integration(CI), continuous delivery(CD) to move their code into production faster, with lesser time and more reliable.

A recent survey from Suse reveals that 86% of IT leaders (1400 surveyed) see DevOps  as part of their future IT strategy, and 77% plan to incorporate DevOps methodology into their application development and delivery

Why take Knowledgehut practice sessions?

Practice Test Series

Who is eligible for the exam?

There are no prerequisites for taking DevOps exam. These are the added advantages that might help you to clear the DevOps online test.

1.Basic knowledge of Java concepts,

2.Basic understanding of Linux/Unix concepts,

3.Familiar with the Text editor,

4.Having experience as a Developer.

About the DevOps Exam

Clearing the DevOps certification exam is considered as your basic step towards achieving your goals. If you are looking for DevOps online assessment test to self-assess your skills before going to attempt the actual exam? KnowledgeHut is here to help you! Our industry experts have designed the DevOps sample questions and answers based on the previous exam papers in order to help you to prepare and pass your exam on the very first attempt.

These DevOps certification exam questions are only meant for self-assessment. You can measure your DevOps knowledge that is needed to clear a certification effectively by taking the DevOps practice test online. Upon successful completion of these practice tests, you will master the skills required to accomplish the final test with excellent grade and apply this knowledge in your daily work.

DevOps Exam pattern

Our Industry experts have divided this DevOps into 4 series which consists of 25 questions each. This sample test is free of cost and each series exam is questioned brightly with each question differing from the other to cover all the concepts of DevOps course syllabus. This online quiz can be taken multiple times to become an expert in your chosen field.

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Tips to clear the main exam

For clearing the final exam at your first attempt, it is crucial to take practice tests. KnowledgeHut is all set for the Online self-assessment exam. The free pre-test questions are well structured by our seasoned instructors that cover complete course material. 

If you have any doubts about our DevOps exam or about the specific questions on this exam, feel free to share in the feedback form at the end.

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