Agile & Scrum Practice Test

  • Covers all Scrum concepts
  • 100+ Scrum practice questions
  • Beginner to advanced level questions
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A Quick-view on Scrum

Scrum is the most widely used Agile framework in software development. It follows an iterative and incremental approach for accomplishing a project. Attending the Agile & Scrum online assessment test is the first stepping stone towards Agile success. 

“According to 2017 State of Scrum report by Scrum Alliance, Scrum Master is the most popular certification, selected by 84 percent of professionals.” 

Benefits of getting a Certified Scrum Master Certification

Sample Questions

1. The Scrum approach to documentation is:

Wrong Answer
Correct Answer
Wrong Answer
Wrong Answer

2. In Scrum projects, we plan to "learn as we go" because

Wrong Answer
Correct Answer
Wrong Answer
Wrong Answer

Practice Test Series

Who is eligible to take this Practice Test?

There are no prerequisites or eligibility criteria for taking this practice test as it has been designed to test your understanding of Agile and Scrum. You can take this test after completing a course on Agile & Scrum for better retention of concepts. 

Implementation Areas of Scrum methodology

In addition to software development, Scrum is used in a wide range of industries like financial services, insurance, education, IT, and Supply chain management. The scope of Scrum has grown beyond just the software development industry, worldwide. Scrum is also now even being used for Party planning, graphic designs, data warehousing, monitoring classroom projects, consulting, household management, auto salvage yards and many more out-of-the-box solutions. 

The Pattern of Agile & Scrum Practice test

This practice test is divided into 4 series with 25 questions each series. The Scrum sample questions are designed by a team of experts. The sample test is free and each series is designed with MCQ and answers covering an extensive syllabus. The online self-assessment test can be practised many times to enhance your knowledge on Scrum.

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What comes after?

By knowing your level of Scrum expertise you can go on to achieve more niche certifications such as the Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) credential. The CSM Certification is offered by Scrum Alliance, among the most renowned accredited bodies for Scrum courses. This organization plays a major role in supporting the worldwide adoption and implementing an effective practice of Scrum. With this Scrum Certification under your belt, you can handle any complex project with rapidly changing and trending requirements.

A CSM facilitates the Scrum team by implementing Scrum in a way that leads to overall project success.  The CSM certificate indicates that you are professional, knowledgeable, and have the skills to implement Scrum effectively in the organization

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Why enrol for KnowledgeHut’s Agile & Scrum practice test

The uniqueness of the Scrum practice test of KnowledgeHut is that-

This practice test has been put together by our team of Scrum Experts to help you get a good understanding of Scrum and Agile concepts.
It is a good preparation ground for you to brush up your concepts before you go in for accredited exams.
It is based on the Scrum Guide which is a guide to the Scrum framework elaborating the rules of the Scrum.
It consists of real exam-centric questions to acquaint you with the real-time exam environment of many of the accredited credential exams.
The result page is populated with answers and logical reasoning to wrong answers to help you find out and focus on subject areas you are weak at.
The score along with the responses is sent to you once the test is over. A feedback report is also emailed to you on your registered email address
The practice tests can be attempted multiple times
This test is not just useful for IT professionals, but also for Business Managers, and business process owners.

Enjoy the free Practice Test. Click on ‘Start Test’ button to attempt the test now.

Steps to Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification

To earn the certification from Scrum Alliance, firstly you need to be familiar with the Scrum framework.

Later, you need to attend a two-day CSM course taught by the Certified Scrum Trainer (CST).

After the training, you need to pass the CSM online test comprising of 50 multiple choice questions. Candidates will have 1-hour (60 minutes) to finish it. A candidate has to score 74% in the exam to pass the Scrum Master certification exam and obtain the certification.

Once you pass the exam, you will be asked to accept the License Agreement. After accepting the agreement, you will be eligible for the Scrum Alliance membership profile.