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Quick View on PMP

When is a question asked, which is the most popular and the most industry-recognized certification for Project Managers? PMP certification, Project managers who earn the PMP certification meet global project management standards and are connected to other PMPs worldwide. PMP exam can also provide a greater advantage when it comes to salary and earning potential. The certification is given out by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is recognized throughout the world as a standard to measure the competency of project managers.

Ask yourself: “where do I see myself in 5 years?” If you want to climb the ladder in the project management world, you should seek PMP certification to improve your skills and show the world that you have what it takes to excel as a project manager. To leave your footprints in the field of project management, you need a platform to grab it, so here is the best way.

According to the PMI, the PMP certification is aligned “with the certification industry best practices, such as those found in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. The PMP credential is also accredited against the internationally recognized ISO 17024 standards.

Practice Test Series

How can you prepare for the exam?

A person who takes up the PMP® exam mock test acquires basic knowledge of project management, a different type of methodologies, management jargons, and how to schedule project management learning areas that PM aspirants look for. Whatever the industry you are from, this will enable you to move towards taking up project management roles.

What Is the Format of the PMP Exam?

The PMP exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions, these should be completed within 4 hours.

PMP exam questions are broken into 5 groups:

Exam section
Percentage of the exam
13 percent
24 percent
31 percent
Monitoring and Controlling
25 percent
7 percent

They ask about how you will handle a particular situation. As a project manager you should know how to handle the particular situation effectively. Refer PMBOK guide to answer the questions on the exam. Questions are meant to be challenging, they are meant to test your confidence as project manager.

Tips for acing the PMP exam on the first try

  • It’s better to study the chapters and sections by making key points so that it will be helpful.
  • Do not do any other works while studying.
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What Are the Best Ways to Prepare for the Exam?

It’s time for you to question yourself, “what is the most effective study method for me?” one of the best way for Pmp exam prep is to take mock exam. These sample test gives you an opportunity to get to know the main exam questions you will face, and you can practice yourself in the given time with a sample question and answers with preparation guide.

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What is a mock test?

Mock tests are replicate, which is based on the original exam. They are essentially rehearsal tests before the actual exam and give us an idea of the type of questions that are asked on the actual exam.

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Why do we need mock tests?

Let’s get back to our school days, remember we used to have preparatory exams before the main exam, in the same we must be aware of taking the exam, so in this case, mock test will definitely help you to prepare before the actual exam.

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Why practice with KnowledgeHut?

The uniqueness of the PMP practice test of KnowledgeHut is that

Our free PMP® pre-tests questions will give you really the practical exposure of the real exam. taking the PMP® exam in the most realistic manner possible which can obviously be fundamental to you successfully passing the PMP®.
Our PMP® sample question and answers are widely recommended by professionals. This Online assessment test will be the foundation for you to clear the main exam.
A good full-length Project management mock practice test will be very much similar to the official exam. You will have PMP® sample questions within a limited time, and also have questions that are similar in style and format as the real exam. These will cover the same topics as well. A PMP® self-assessment online test will be a best practice, since the official exam is typically computerized. And this reduces the burden of PMP® exam preparation.
The Pmp questions mock-exam is divided into 4 series with 25 questions each series. The Pmp exam questions are designed by the team of experts. The sample test is free and each series is designed excellently covering all the Multiple choice questions and answers covering a complete course syllabus. The online self-assessment exam can be practiced many times turn up your knowledge of PMP.
This Project Management mock test will definitely help you enhance your career. So get registered for the free online mock tests and enrich your career.