ITIL 4 Foundation Certification in Singapore

A comprehensive ITIL foundation course for best delivery of digital products, services

  • Utilise your SkillsFuture Credit and avail UTAP Support  
  • Learn to apply ITIL tools and techniques to increase work productivity and efficiency 
  • Improve your career outlook with ITIL’s evidence-backed value proposition 
  • Understand how ITIL evolved to adopt modern technologies and key concepts of service management
  • 400,000 + Professionals trained
  • 250 + Workshops every month
  • 100 + Countries and counting

Level up your ITSM skills

Build the skills that enable enterprises to successfully deliver IT services to customers. Learn how ITIL Certification provides a common language and tools that power collaboration within IT teams, to deliver value across the business. Start with the core concepts and definitions of ITIL 4—the latest evolution of the ITIL framework—and learn about the ITIL 4 service value system.

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  • 16 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Online Sessions

  • Earn 16 PDUs on Course Completion

  • Curriculum Designed by Industry Experts

  • 8 Assessments, 6 Recall Quizzes, More

  • Training by Experienced Practioners

  • Master Concepts from Scratch

Accredited by

Why get the ITIL Foundation certification in Singapore


Over 45% of companies around the world are using the ITIL framework for ITSM. The future is bright for service management in Singapore, whether looked at through an IT lens or a business focus. There is added demand in service management due to the pandemic and delivering business value rather than technology solutions is now the raison d’être for ITSM.

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The KnowledgeHut Edge

Solid Track Record

KnowledgeHut has empowered thousands of professionals with certifications in ITSM.

Experiential Workshops

Activities, team-based exercises, practical case studies: High energy workshops with hands-on learning.

Comprehensive Exam Support

Theoretical and practical learning backed by mock tests. We’re right by you for any certification assistance.

Mentorship by Industry Experts

One-to-one mentorship, real-world tips and time-tested techniques from accredited expert practitioners.

Superior Outcomes

Focus on skill-based outcomes by mastering advanced concepts from scratch under the guidance of experienced trainers. 

Advance from the Basics

Learn concepts from scratch, and advance your learning through step-by-step guidance on tools and techniques.

What you will learn in the ITIL® Foundation training

ITIL® Guiding Principles

Understand the Guiding principles for an effective service management decision.

Service Management

Understand the Four Dimensions of Service Management and factors that influence it.


Learn about basic governance structuring and modeling.

Service Value Chain

Learn about service value chain activities and building it at various levels.

Governance activities

Develop an understanding of objectives of various management services and systems.

Processes and their activities

Get an understanding of activities of Problem Management, Incident Management, Change Enablement etc.

Skills you will gain in the ITIL® Foundation online course

Engage in organizational transformation

Co-create value

Ensure continued agility

Bring about continual service improvement

Manage problems, risks and incidences

Minimize service disruption

Quantify and demonstrate the value of service

Benchmark services and maximize ROI

Understand and manage customer expectations

Obtain value for money

Take2 Re-Sit Exam Option


Steps to get the ITIL® Foundation certification Online

Strengthen your knowledge and practice of ITIL® processes and concepts with the latest ITIL® certifications. Validate your expertise as an ITIL professional with the ITIL Foundation certification and take advantage of networking opportunities with the best in Singapore.

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path to ITIL® 4 Foundation

Prerequisites for the ITIL® Foundation training

There are no specific prerequisites for this training and the subsequent ITIL® Foundation certification exam in Singapore. 

Who should attend the ITIL certification training?

IT professionals

Business managers

Business process owners

Project managers

ITSM managers

IT professionals in digital

IT professionals in product

IT professionals in development

IT professionals in service

Professionals transitioning to ITIL4

ITIL Foundation Certification Course Schedules for Singapore

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Modernizing your systems may be difficult, whether you're moving from on-premise to cloud or from monolith to microservices. Are your teams armed with the digital dexterity they need to tackle whatever comes next?

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ITIL Foundation Certification Course Curriculum

Download Curriculum
Video preview 1.

Learning Objectives

Learn about ITIL4, its features, principles and benefits.

  • About ITIL4
  • Components of ITIL4 Framework
  • Benefits of ITIL

Learning Objectives

Explore key concepts on service, its management and value. Learn about stakeholders, products and service relationship.

  • Service and Service Management
  • Components of Service Value
  • Determine the Value of a Service or Product
  • Stakeholders and Value Creation
  • Products, Services and Service Offering
  • Service Relationship
Video preview 3.

Learning Objectives

Learn in detail about the guiding principles of ITIL.

  • Focus on value
  • Start where you are
  • Progress iteratively with feedback
  • Collaborate and promote visibility
  • Think and work holistically
  • Keep it simple and practical
  • Optimize and automate

Learning Objectives

Learn more about ITIL service value system, chain and streams.

  • Organization and people
  • Information and technology
  • Partners and suppliers
  • Value streams and processes
  • External factors

Learning Objectives

Learn more about ITIL service value system, chain and streams.

  • ITIL Service Value System
  • Service Value Chain
  • Service Value Streams
Video preview 6.

Learning Objectives

Learn more about different types of ITSM.

  • Information Security Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Service Level Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • Service Configuration Management
  • Change Enablement
  • Release Management Practices
  • Release Management
  • Deployment Management
  • Monitoring and Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Service Desk
  • Continual Improvement

FAQs on the ITIL Foundation Certification in Singapore

ITIL 4 Foundation Training

Our ITIL Foundation certification training has been designed to help you embark on a successful ITSM career by mastering the principles of the ITIL framework. By the end of the course you will gain the expertise to:

  • Build products and services and co-create value with stakeholders and customers
  • Apply the guiding principles of the ITIL framework to ensure business value
  • Master and apply the key concepts of DevOps, Agile and Lean to deliver organizational goals
  • Apply the four dimensions of Service Management to different areas of service

Our ITIL Foundation Training aims to equip you with all the skills to be an effective ITSM practitioner. You will develop practical skills across the principles of ITSM:

  1. Engage in organizational transformation
  2. Co-create value
  3. Ensure continued agility
  4. Bring about continual service improvement 
  5. Manage problems, risks and incidences 
  6. Minimize service disruption
  7. Quantify and demonstrate the value of service
  8. Benchmark services and maximize ROI
  9. Understand and manage customer expectations
  10. Obtain value for money
  11. Device for knowledge
  12. Concentrate on content
  13. Explore holistically
  14. Commence where you are
  15. Study directly
  16. Develop iteratively
  17. Associate
  18. Be fair
  19. Keep it simple

The ITIL Foundation certification helps you:

  • Get a better understanding of how to enhance IT services within an organization
  • Be more informed about IT service management
  • Adapt the ITIL framework to your organizational structure
  • Enhance your earning potential
  • Aim for higher ITIL certifications and elevate your ITSM career

This course is for anyone looking to develop service management skills:

  • IT professionals
  • Business managers 
  • Business process owners
  • Project managers
  • ITSM Managers and aspiring ITSM Managers
  • Professionals working in other areas of IT like digital, product, development and service.
  • ITIL certified professionals who want to transition to the new version ITIL4
  • Students with an interest in IT Services Management will also benefit from our course. 

There are no prerequisites to take the ITIL Foundation training and the subsequent ITIL4 Foundation exam.

Once you have gained ITIL4 Foundation, you can consider the ITIL4 Managing Professional Modules, a stream of 4 Modules that include:

Yes, you will get free e-learning access to over 100 courses that will be available at KnowledgeHut for one year.

You will earn 16 PDUs by participating in the ITIL Foundation Training program. These can be used for recertification from PMI® Inc.

For further information about PDUs, please reach us at

SkillsFuture Credit

SkillsFuture Credit is an initiative by Singapore Government to encourage Singaporeans to upgrade their skills. Singaporeans can use this credit to pay for different training courses including our Certified Scrum Master course.  

All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can apply for the SkillsFuture Credit. For more information on eligibility click here. 

No, The SkillsFuture Credit is only provided to individuals to skill up.  

SkillsFuture is not a cash account and you will not earn any interest from it.  

You can only use the credit to offset course fees for training programs which are approved by SkillsFuture like our Certified Scrum Master training course.  

As SkillsFuture is not a cash account, you cannot withdraw cash from this account and pay course fees directly to your Training Partner.  

Your course fee will be directly paid to your course provider through MySkillsFuture. 

You can reach out to our course counselor for assistance or follow the following steps:  

  • Login to MySkillsFuture 
  • Select course and enter course data and schedule 
  • Enter course fee payable including GST and enter the claim amount 
  • Upload invoice and click Submit. 

UTAP Funding

Union Training Assistance Program (UTAP) is a training benefit provided to NTUC members to minimize training costs. As a result, they are encouraged to enhance their skills and achieve a rewarding career.  

NTUC members can get up to 50% unfunded course fee support under UTAP support. The UTAP amount is capped at $250 for participants under 39 years and at $500 for participants above 40 years. 

You can reach out to our course counsellors or Log in to your U Portal account to submit your UTAP application upon completion of the course. 

The UTAP support amount is paid to the training provider first and can be claimed by the learner only upon course completion.  

ITIL 4 Foundation Certification

The ITIL Foundation Certification is offered by AXELOS, a world-renowned body dedicated to managing, developing and growing the global best practice portfolio of ITIL.

You can self-study for the Foundation exam or take training in another format, such as distance learning. But if you choose to train from a provider, you must ensure that they are an AXELOS Accredited Training Organization.

There are two ways to get the ITIL Foundation certifications:

  • Method 1

Join an ITIL training course with an Accredited Training Organization (ATO). KnowledgeHut is an ATO with PeopleCert® and a certified partner of AXELOS. You will receive comprehensive exam preparation support and your exam fee is covered in the course fee.  

Step 1: Register for KnowledgeHut’s ITIL Foundation course and attend the 2-day training.
Step 2: Take the online ITIL Foundation exam (you will receive the exam key from PeopleCert®). Get a minimum score of 65% in this 60-minute closed-book exam.
Step 3: Download the ITIL Foundation certificate and become a leader in your ITSM team!  

  • Method 2 

Prepare for the exam on your own, buy and exam voucher and schedule the exam. You will obtain the certification only on adequately clearing the exam.

No, the ITIL4 Foundation certification does not expire.

Yes, you will receive a course completion certificate on completing the course.

ITIL 4 Foundation Exam

The exam is conducted through PeopleCert®. (KnowledgeHut is an ATO with PeopleCert®.)

The ITIL4 Foundation certification exam is an online, closed-book exam. The format is:

  • Type: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Number of questions: 40
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Pass mark: 65%

The Foundation exam covers Continuous Service Improvement, Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, and Service Operation.

After you complete your 2-day ITIL Foundation course, you will receive an email from PeopleCert® with details you need to attempt the exam.

No, you will have a time limit of 60 minutes and will not be able to pause the test. If you accidentally close the window, then you’ll be able to reopen it immediately. In case your exam page freezes, you can refresh the web browser and you will be able to continue the exam from where you left it. Similarly, if your web browser has a problem, you can go to the start link available in your email and you should be taken back to the last question you were on.

If you fail, you can apply for a re-evaluation of the ITIL Foundation exam at an additional cost. The re-evaluation fee is refundable if the outcome is decided in your favour. If it isn’t though, you’ll end up losing the appeal fee, and would need to buy a fresh exam voucher.

Yes. The PeopleCert® allows you to retake the ITIL Foundation exam if you fail.

Yes. PeopleCert® allows you to retake the ITIL Foundation exam as many times as you’d like. However, there is a cost associated for each attempt.

PeopleCert® announces the final results within 2 business days after your answers are officially submitted to them by the exam supervisor. Your profile at PeopleCert needs to be complete, without which your Official Results will not be released.

ITIL Workshop Experience

The ITIL4 Foundation workshop at KnowledgeHut is delivered through PRISM, our immersive learning experience platform, via two modes of delivery:

Blended learning:

  • Get the best of both worlds with live and interactive instructor-led training sessions along with the convenience and flexibility of self-paced learning.  
  • Listen, learn, ask questions, and get all your doubts clarified from your instructor, who is an experienced practitioner.  
  • You also get to collaborate and learn from the experience of your peers in real-world simulations and activities.

On-Demand Self-Learning:

  • Learn conveniently at your own pace, whenever and wherever you choose and benefit from the limitless educational possibility that comes with lifetime access. The entire courseware and all the features of our immersive learning experience platform will remain at your fingertips whenever you wish to refresh concepts and clear your doubts.

All of KnowledgeHut’s ITIL Foundation Certification training is delivered by experienced accredited experts who are:

  • Masters in ITIL and have immense experience in leading, applying, coaching, and teaching it
  • Skilled in ITSM
  • Industry practitioners active in IT operations and the field of IT management.  

Our dedicated team of coaches deliver training on par with the standard of excellence as set out by AXELOS. Every candidate receives the same high-quality content irrespective of the trainer and the location. 

The conventional in-person ITIL Foundation Training was earlier delivered as a 16-hour, 2-day training course. The online ITIL Foundation Training is now 14-16 hours long.

The online course is divided into several classes of shorter hours, unlike the in-person class that has 2 classes, each 7 to 8 hours long. The instructor uses tools like a webcam for interacting with the participants and participants will also be able to virtually collaborate with one another.

Our workshops are structured in three parts – pre-workshop, workshop and post-workshop – to provide you with a completely immersive learning experience. This tried and tested workshop structure has worked well with thousands of ITSM professionals we’ve helped upskill over the years.

  • Pre-workshop: Take our diagnostic assessment before the workshop and benchmark your skill levels at the start of the course. This allows you to map and demonstrate your skills learning progression as you reach the end of the course.
  • Workshop: Join the live and interactive instructor-led sessions right from within PRISM, our immersive learning experience platform with a state-of-the-art intelligent coding environment. Experience immersive learning with assignments, assessments, recall quizzes, mock tests and much more.
  • Post-workshop: We don’t just impart skills but also want to make sure that you implement them post the course. To help you with this, we are always in touch with you through newsletters, webinars or next version trainings. Some post-training deliverables lined-up for you are:
  • Instructor-led session recordings
  • Access to alumni network
  • Continued social learning with discussion forums, group messenger and one-to-one messaging.
  • Additional workshops on advanced level concepts
  • Regular emails, blogs, articles, emails, newsletters, tutorials and other such rich informational content.

A unique feature of our ITIL course is the highly engaging, immersive learning you experience. You get to learn, practice, assess, get insights on your learning, and personalize your learning journey.  

LEARN: Engaging self-learning videos, smart flashcards, interactive eBooks and recall quizzes help reinforce your learning. You also get to maximize your learning potential with collaborative social learning via discussion forums and group and one-to-one messaging.  

PRACTICE: Case studies and real-time simulations help you gain confidence and get productive from day one.  

ASSESS: Assess your skills at every stage with a variety of questions ranging from multiple choice to code-based, completely auto-graded by the system. Assignments and projects within our inbuilt and intelligent development environment give you micro “work-like” experiences. Test your subject matter comprehension through diagnostic, module level and final assessments.

GET INSIGHTS: Based on your performance in the assessments, assignments, and projects, you gain deep insights on your progress, which help you identify areas you are good at and where you need to improve. All you need to do is follow recommendations and enhance your skill proficiency from where you are to where you want to get.

PRISM is KnowledgeHut’s state-of-the-art learning experience platform. PRISM is designed to provide a highly engaging, immersive learning experience with you at the center of the learning.

PRISM supports all types of courses, including on-demand self-paced learning, blended learning, and live virtual classes. Here are some key features of the platform:

  1. Learners can watch videos, join live sessions directly, and even book 1 - 1 mentoring sessions with expert instructors easily, using a single dashboard.
  2. Integrated Practice Environment runs directly in the user’s browser, offering a complete set of development tools to allow learners to practice what they’ve learned. 
  3. Feature-rich videos with detailed explanations are augmented by flash cards, interactive e-reading content and quick recall quizzes designed to strategically reinforce learning. 
  4. Diagnostic, module-level and final assessments give learners valuable insights, allowing them to map and demonstrate their skills learning progression through the course.
  5. Learners get micro work-like experiences from auto-graded projects that help them learn on the job, much like developers in leading tech companies.
  6. Social Learning tools include a discussion board that features questions posted by other learners on the system and responses by both mentors and learners. Additionally, one-to-one and group messaging is also available.
  7. Comprehensive reports give both organizations and learners a deep and thorough insight into skills progression.

The ITIL4 Foundation course material comprises of the study plan and all relevant assignments, assessments, or case studies. All the course material will be available on PRISM.

The ITIL4 Foundation sessions would be auto recorded on PRISM, subject to permission by AXELOS and the instructor. Based on the permissions, you would have lifetime access to the video recordings of the sessions as well.

Our workshops are currently held online and anyone with a stable internet from anywhere across the world can benefit from this to get ITIL certified. You can check out the schedules here.

Schedules for our upcoming workshops in Agile and Scrum can be found here.

You will receive a registration link from PRISM to your e-mail id. You will have to set your password, log in to our Immersive Learning Experience platform and start your learning journey.

You will have lifetime access to the entire Self-Paced Learning material including on-demand videos, assessments, quizzes, ebooks/case studies and more.

You can attempt the recall quizzes any number of times. Assessments can be taken twice.

We currently use the Zoom platform for video conferencing and will soon be adding more integrations with Webex and Microsoft Teams. However, all the sessions and the recordings will be available right from within our learning platform. Learners will not need to wait for any notifications or links or install any additional software.

Yes, there are other participants who actively participates in the class remotely. They can attend online training from office, home, or any other suitable place.

In case of any queries, our support team is available to you 24/7 via the Help and Support section on PRISM. You can also reach out to your workshop manager on your workshop group messenger.

If you miss a class, you can access the class recordings from PRISM at any time. At the beginning of every session, there will also be a 10-12 minute recapitulation of the previous class.

You will get the benefit of both since this is a blended learning workshop.

No, you will not yet be able to join the training through phone or tab. Please be prepared to join the training on your laptop or desktop.

If you get disconnected during the training, you will have the option to re-join within about half an hour subject to accreditation body guidelines and the instructor’s preference.

Should you have any more questions, please email us on and we will be happy to get back to you.

Additional FAQs on the ITIL Foundation Certification in Singapore

ITIL® Salary & Role - Singapore

According to PayScale, the average annual income of an Incident Manager with ITIL certification in Singapore is S$61,674. The salary range per annum for an Incident Manager ranges between S$41,000 to S$124,000.

The average annual salary of a Problem Manager with an ITIL certification in Singapore is S$219,500. The annual salary ranges between S$211,000 to S$228,000.

A Change Manager with ITIL certification in Singapore can earn anything between S$10,000 and S$197,000. The average annual salary of the Change Manager is S$81,812.

An ITIL V3 certification can get a Business Relationship Manager an average salary of about S$58,500. This salary can range between S$56,000 and S$61,000 in Singapore.

The average annual salary of a Project Manager with ITIL V3 certification is S$92,000. The salary can range between S$54,000 to S$242,422.

An ITIL certified Service Delivery Manager in Singapore can earn up to S$91,000. This average annual salary can range between S$46,000 and S$146,000.

The responsibilities and salary structure of the Service Strategy roles for the ITIL V3 certification in Singapore are mentioned below:

SI. No.
ITIL Roles
Salary in Singapore/US (per annum)
1.Business Relationship Manager
A Business Relationship Manager identifies the needs of the customer, and maintains the relationship. The manager also ensures that the customers are offered a catalog of services that deals with all their requirements.
2.Demand Manager
A Demand Manager anticipates, influences, and understands the requests made by the customers and offers the services.

3.Financial Manager
The Finance Manager’s role is to manage the accounts, create a budget and charge according to the requirements of the IT services.
4.IT Steering Group (ISG)
The IT Steering Group is responsible for ensuring that the strategies of IT services and business are aligned. The group consists of senior management from both the sectors.

5.Service Portfolio Manager
A Service Portfolio Manager is responsible for the development of the offerings of the service provider that decide which strategies to deal with customer’s requests.

ITIL V3 certified Service Design Roles in Singapore have the responsibilities and salaries as given below:

Sl No.
Salaries (per annum)
1.Applications Analyst
The responsibility of an application analyst is the management of an application through its lifecycle.
2.Availability Manager
The Availability Manager defines, measures, analyzes, plans, and improves the service aspects of the IT services and ensures their availability.

3.Capacity Manager
A Capacity Manager delivers the services and infrastructure according to the performance targets and sanctioned capacity in a timely and cost-effective manner.

4.Compliance Manager
Compliance Managers are responsible for making sure that the organization adheres to all the standards and guidelines. This ensures the verification of practices like steady accounting.
5.Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architects are responsible for maintaining the Enterprise Architecture (EA). EA is an important element of business and its interrelations.
6.Information Security Manager
Information Security is responsible for protecting the data, information, assets, and IT services of an organization by keeping them available, integral, and confidential.
7.IT Service Continuity Manager
The IT Service Continuity Manager manages risks that could affect IT services.

8.Risk Manager
The Risk Managers assesses, identifies and controls the risks by analyzing the asset’s value to the business.
9.Service Catalogue Manager
The Service Catalogue Manager maintains the information in the service catalog and ensures that it is accurate and updated.

10.Service Design Manager
Service Design Manager’s role is producing secure, quality, and resilient designs that contribute to the enhanced IT services.
11.Service Level Manager
The Service Level Manager is responsible for handling all the Operational Level Agreements, Underpinning contracts, and Service Management processes. All these contracts and processes must be in accordance with the agreed upon service level targets.

12.Service Owner
Service Owners negotiate the Operational Level Agreements (OLAs).

13.Supplier Manager
The responsibility of the Supplier Manager is to ensure that the supplier’s contract is according to the requirements of the business.
14.Technical Analyst
The Technical Analyst is responsible for providing technical support for the proper management of the IT infrastructure.

In Singapore, the Service Transition roles and boards with ITIL V3 certification is based on the responsibilities and salaries given below:

Sl. No.
Salaries (Per Annum)
1.Application Developer
The Application Manager develops and maintains custom applications. Also, according to the functions necessary for IT services, the products are tailor-made for the software vendors.
2.Change Advisory Boards (CAB)
The Change Advisory Board (CAB) provides advice to the Change Manager regarding prioritizing, assessing, and scheduling of changes.

3.Change Manager
The role of a Change Manager is to ensure minimum disruption of IT services by making beneficial changes to it.
4.Configuration Manager
A Configuration Manager ensures the maintenance of the information regarding the configuration of the items required to deliver IT services.

5.Emergency Change Advisory Board (ECAB)
The Emergency Change Advisory Board (ECAB), a subset of the Change Advisory Board, makes decisions regarding the high impact emergency changes.
6.Knowledge Manager
The Knowledge Manager gathers, analyzes, stores, and share information and knowledge to improve the efficiency of IT services and processes.
7.Project Manager
The Project Manager is responsible for planning and coordinating the resources to ensure that the release is deployed within the given cost, time and it meets the quality estimates.
8.Release Manager
The Release Manager protects the integrity of the live environment. They also ensure the release of the right components.
9.Test Manager
The Test Manager verifies the IT operations and ensures that they can support the new service. Also, the Test Manager makes sure that the deployed releases meet the expectations of the customer.

The responsibilities and salaries of Service Operations roles and boards with ITIL V3 certification in Singapore are as given below:

Sl, No.
Salary (per annum)
1.1st Level Support
The 1st Level Support is responsible for offering solution to all the incidents and also their registration and classification. Quick restoration of a failed IT service is really important and is dealt with by the 1st level support.

2.2nd Level Support
The 2nd Level Support offers solutions to the incidents which could not be resolved by the 1st level support. If the 2nd level support fails to provide a solution, the incident is passed on to the Problem Manager.

3.3rd Level Support
The 3rd level supporters are the third-party suppliers that provide a solution to the incident on the request made by the 2nd level support.

4.Access Manager
The Access Manager restricts unauthorized access to a user and allows access to an authorized user.

5.Facilities Manager
The role of a Facilities Manager is to look after the IT infrastructure that includes the building's access management, environment monitoring, power, and cooling.
6.Incident Manager
An Incident Manager is responsible for the effective implementation of the Incident Management process.
7.IT Operations Manager
IT Operations Manager looks after the day-to-day operational activities. Their job is to ensure the consistent and timely completion of the activities.
8.IT Operator
The responsibility of an IT operator includes the day-to-day operational activities including performing backups, installation of standard equipment in the data center, and completion of scheduled jobs.
9.Major Incident Team
Major Incident Team includes experts from the technical and IT management field. Incident Manager leads the team and responsible for resolving a major incident.

10.Problem Manager
A Problem Manager's job is the investigation of the problems occurring during the life cycle of a process. This helps in the prevention of incidents and also lowering the impact of an incident.
S$211K - S$230K
11.Service Request Fulfillment Group
Service Request Fulfillment Group is responsible for the fulfillment of the service requests for a specific type of services.

Roles with ITIL V3 Continual Service Improvements in Singapore include the following responsibilities and salaries:

Sl. No.
Salary (per annum)
1.CSI Manager
The Continual Service Improvement Manager is responsible for the improvement of the IT services and the management processes associated with it.

2.Process Architect
A Process Architect is responsible for coordinating and maintaining all the changes made to the processes. They also ensure that all the processes collaborate in a seamless manner.

3.Process Owner
A Process Owner designs sponsorship and works on the continuous enhancement of an IT process and its metrics.

ITIL® Exam - Singapore

If you want to prepare for the ITIL V4 certification exam, we recommend you to follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act method or the PDCA cycle. It includes the following:

Plan – The first step is the development of a study plan that includes the reading of the ITIL lifecycle. You can take full-length practice tests along with the ITIL Foundation exam questions.
Do – The second step is the implementation of the plan into action.
Check – After you have implemented your plan, the next step is to review your score in order to assess the area for improvement.
Act – This step involves revising, testing, reviewing and so on to look for the area of improvement until the target score is achieved.

Prometric is the market-leading, technology-enabled testing and assessment provider that offers test development and delivery. This includes developing and launching global testing programs and also provides data accuracy and results. Prometric has a network of about 10,000 test centers in 160 countries across the globe. This offers test flexibilities.

Every year, the Prometric conducts 10 million tests for about 400 clients across the globe from different fields. These fields include finance, professional, healthcare, academics, government, corporate, academics, and Information Technology. 

First, log into the website Next, follow the given steps to register for the ITIL V4 Foundation exam in Singapore:

Step 1: Find the ‘Schedule My Test’ option on the homepage.

Step 2: Next, you need to select the sponsor for the ITIL V4 Foundation exam. PeopleCert is the ITIL V4 Foundation Exam test sponsor.Step 3: You will find a list of all the exams conducted by PeopleCert.

Step 4: On the next page, select ‘Schedule My Test’ option.

Step 5: Select Singapore from the list of countries and click on ‘Next’.

Step 6: You will be redirected to a page that includes the information regarding the registration and the testing center. Read this carefully and click on ‘Next’.

Step 7: Next, you will find the details on ‘Privacy Policy Review’. Click on ‘Agree’ and then click on ‘Next’.

Step 8: Next, you will be asked if you are pre-approved for the testing accommodation.

Step 9: You will be asked to enter your eligibility ID and your last name’s first four letters.

Step 10: Once the information is verified, you will be asked to select your desired date and time.

Step 11: After the appointment verification process is completed, you will be required to check all the information provided by you and select a test center.

A part of Pearson, Pearson VUE is one of the largest learning organizations in the world. With about 35,000 employees and 450 credential owners, Pearson VUE aims to provide a secure testing environment.

Pearson VUE assists the credential owners to develop, manage, deliver and grow the testing program. A leader in the computer-based testing, Pearson VUE handles the online practice tests with high stakes and proctored exams. They provide a secure and foolproof testing program.

To schedule an appointment for ITIL V4 Foundation exam through Pearson, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Log in to the website

Step 2: After login, select ‘For Test Takers’. Choose the option ‘Schedule an exam’.

Step 3: Enter the name of your sponsor for the ITIL Foundation exam i.e., PeopleCert.

Step 4: Next, after clicking on PeopleCert, you would have to either create an account or sign in if you already have one. The account will help you in scheduling, rescheduling or canceling your exam.

Step 5: After signing in, follow the steps to schedule your ITIL Foundation exam through Pearson VUE.

Visit the website and select the ‘For Test Takers’ option. You will be redirected to a page containing the instructions to locate your test center.

Step 1: From the dropdown list, select the option ‘Schedule an exam’.

Step 2: Enter ‘PeopleCert’ as the name of your test sponsor.

Step 3: Next, you will be redirected to the PeopleCert page where you will find the option ‘Find a test center’ on the right-side panel of the page.

Step 4: Use the search bar to identify your location for the test center. Enter Singapore and click on ‘Search’. 

Following are the Pearson VUE test centers in Singapore:

  1. RELC Examinations Bureau
    30 Orange Grove Road
    Level 8
    RELC Building
    Singapore 258352

  2. Ingram Micro Asia Ltd
    205, Kallang Bahru ,
    Singapore 339341

  3. IT Enabler Consultancy Pte Ltd
    35 Selegie Road
    Parklane Shopping Mall
    Singapore 188307

    190 Middle Road
    #20-02/03/04 Fortune Center
    Singapore 188979

  5. Training Partners Pte Ltd
    12 Kallang Avenue
    #04-28/29 Aperia-The Annex
    Singapore 339511
  1. StudyWorks PTE LTD.
    Prometrics Test Center
    26 Boon Lay Way,
    #-1-85 Tradehub 21,

  2. Prometrics Test Center
    Suite 2-1-04, Level 1,
    Kuala Lumpur,

The cost of the ITIL certification includes the cost of the exam fee as well. Depending on the level of the certification, the cost of the exam can vary. Here is a chart that will help you understand the different certification levels and their cost:

Sl No.

ITIL® Exam Cost (V3 & V4)

Price for Singapore


ITIL®V3  Foundation



ITIL® V4 Foundation



ITIL® Intermediate

Service Lifecycle Modules

Service Design


Service Strategy


Service Operation


Service Transition


Continual Service Improvement


Service Capability Modules

Planning, Protection, and Optimization


Operational Support and Analysis


Service Offerings and Agreements


Release, Control, and Validation



ITIL® Practitioner



ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle


ITIL® Cost - Singapore

The cost for an ITIL V4 Certification training led by an instructor is about S$799. You will get 90 days of access to the certification training in Singapore.

Along with the ITIL V4 certification, there are some additional cost components including ITIL practice tests and ITIL study guide. You can either buy the paperback edition or go for the soft copy. The soft copy costs less than the paperback edition which is about S$ 61.35.

You can get the full-length practice tests for the ITIL V4 certification exam for free. You can also look around online for practice tests which you can access from some professional ITIL certification exam.

ITIL® Training in Singapore

While searching for the best ITIL V4 certification training institute in Singapore, here are a few things you must look for:

  1. The training institute must be accredited by Axelos through Peoplecert.
  2. The institute must have a high success rate.
  3. All the trainers and faculty in the institute must have relevant experience and accreditation.
  4. To deal with your specific queries, you must be provided an exclusive pre-courseware.
  5. The training must include role play, live case studies, and consulting exposure.
  6. Last but not the least, the money you are spending on the certification must be worth the quality of the training provided by the institution.

ITIL V4 certification training can be taken by the following professionals:

  • IT Professionals (System, Application, Voice, Network, Technical)
  • IT Planners
  • IT Consultants
  • IT Architects
  • IT Security Managers
  • IT Audit Managers
  • IT & Business Supervisory staff
  • Executives, SMEs, and Managers
  • Service Designers
  • Business Leaders
  • Team Leaders

There are some prerequisites that will help you select the best ITIL V4 certification trainer in Singapore:

  • The trainer must be a senior consultant and ITIL Master Certified.
  • Make sure that the trainer has a sufficient number of years in professional experience in the specific training field.
  • Carry out a background check to make sure the credentials match.
  • The trainer’s fee structure in the ITIL V4 certification program must be checked before selecting the trainer.
  • The techniques and facilities provided by the trainer must be examined beforehand.

For the classroom training for ITIL V4 certification in Singapore, the cost is around S$499.

The ITIL V4 certification training in Singapore will provide you with complete knowledge of the Service Management Process. Quality, Consistency, and Predictability are the key features on which the ITIL framework is built upon. Here are some of the benefits of the ITIL V4 certification:

Relevant Knowledge: With complete knowledge of the ITIL framework and the services and processes involved in it, the ITIL V4 certification will provide you with the skills and expertise to manage your work efficiently. Not only will the quality of your work improve, but productivity will also increase.

Earn More: New opportunities will come across your way after you obtain ITIL V4 certification. In the domain of ITSM, a candidate with an ITIL V4 certification has a better chance of getting a high paying job than one without the certification. In Singapore, an ITIL certified professional can earn a hike of up to 15%.

Skills and Expertise: With the help of an ITIL certification, you will be able to gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the proper management of your organization. Not only will you be recognized and appreciated by your colleagues and senior management but you will also prove to be effective in carrying out all the processes and services in a smooth manner.

Knowledge of common terminology: An ITIL certification will give you knowledge about all the common IT terminologies used in various businesses across the globe. You will also gain a detailed insight on the ITIL framework.

A complete understanding: Once you have completed the ITIL V4 certification training, you will have a thorough knowledge of all the infrastructure and IT services involved in various industries across the globe. You will be able to make informed decisions and your valuable contributions will help you become an integral part of the organization.

ITIL Course Reviews

Vipul Gupta Group Project Manager
The training program was detailed in covering all the important topics relevant to the program with focus on key concepts important to the certification exam.

Attended ITIL® 4 Foundation workshop in January 2022

Krishna Rao Associate Director
The training was well-structured and well delivered by Sadasivam Rengaraj. He has good knowledge on the ITIL requirements and provided a good insight on the certification requirements.

Attended ITIL® 4 Foundation workshop in February 2021

Sachin Saxena SME
The training was fine. I suggest to include more sample tests in the curriculum. Also, some questions in the sample tests were sort of incomplete.

Attended ITIL® 4 Foundation workshop in February 2021

Sanket Ghule Technical Consultant
Thanks for the great training provided by Knowledge Hut. A big thanks to the Trainer Richa, I was able to complete ITIL4 Foundation Certification Successfully.

Attended ITIL® 4 Foundation workshop in January 2021

Kiran Ravindran Senior IT Asset Manager
I felt the training went really well. I have experienced many trainings where  people explain things via ppt and sometimes it is hard to get the audience interactive and engaged, but Mr. Manikandan's way of training was really amazing and helped us gain more knowledge around the industry. It was a useful session and thanks to Mani for all his inputs.

Attended ITIL® 4 Foundation workshop in December 2020

Ali Abdulle None
A Great instructor and a very interesting lecture. I’m very happy I took the ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Course.

Attended ITIL® 4 Foundation workshop in December 2020

SAJEENA ELAYEDATH Senior Consultant Team Lead
The training was very good and meets all expectations. The training materials was also good. Wide knowledge of the trainer also helped a lot in understanding the concepts quickly. Thank you.

Attended ITIL® 4 Foundation workshop in November 2020

Robin Bantleman Project Manager
A well structured and conducted session. The trainer was aware of the topic and guided me well. This will help me achieve my work goals effectively.

Attended ITIL® 4 Foundation workshop in November 2020

ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Course in Singapore

About Singapore 

Singapore houses some of the world's most renowned companies including CISCO, OCBC, GE, Dell, Microsoft and top companies in the shipping, finance, oil-refining, and engineering sectors. Professionals who wish to thrive in their career would find that they can do well here, with certifications such as ITIL Foundation. 

ITIL Training in Singapore 

Get the ITIL training in Singapore from KnowledgeHut, an ATO of APMG and PEOPLECERT, and take advantage of its immersive classroom and online training sessions. Having trained and helped thousands of professionals land the job of their dreams, KnowledgeHut’s ITIL foundation training in Singapore is aimed at helping you pass the ITIL exam at the first attempt and gain the ITIL certification in Singapore. This much recognized ITIL certification in Singapore will help you enhance the quality of IT service management in your organization.  Get maximum benefits from the course including comprehensive downloadable courseware, mock exam for thorough exam practice and training from ITIL experts.  

ITIL foundation certification in Singapore 

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of best practices for IT service management which serve to align IT services with business needs. With IT increasingly being used to drive all forms of business there has to be a benchmark that delivers value and quality. The ITIL framework offers that benchmark. Most organisations have already, or are in the process of, implementing ITIL and reap the benefits of systematic IT management services such as improved resource utilization, reduction in cost and re-work, improved availability of mission critical IT services, better customer relations and loyalty and higher profits. So, professionals who have the ITIL credential and are trained in implementing this framework are in high demand.  

The ITIL Foundation is the first credential in this series, followed by the Intermediate Level, ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle, ITIL Expert Level and ITIL Master Qualification. Our ITIL course in Singapore will help you gain the Foundation level Information Technology Infrastructure Library certification in Singapore. With in-depth coaching and course agenda split into easily understandable modules, this is a perfect course for professionals who have a keen interest in IT Services Management. You will also receive several other benefits. Also remember that the ITIL certification cost in Singapore is covered in your course fee. 

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