Java Script Training in Hamilton, Canada

Learn by doing and build rich, interactive websites and applications with JavaScript

  • Master JavaScript (or ECMAScript), the de facto language of the world wide web
  • Learn to produce production quality web applications and web page features
  • Write code, build real-world projects and learn hands-on with Cloud Labs
  • 400,000 + Professionals trained
  • 250 + Workshops every month
  • 100 + Countries and counting

Become a skilled JavaScript developer

Gain fluency in JavaScript—the world's most popular programming language. Leverage its versatile capabilities to build rich, interactive websites and applications with this comprehensive immersive learning course. The skills you acquire in this course will help you learn other JavaScript frameworks such as React and Node.js.

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  • 24 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Sessions

  • 100+ Hours of On-Demand Learning

  • 75 Hands-On Exercises on Cloud Labs

  • 14 Auto-Graded Assessments, 90 Quizzes

  • 1 Capstone Project, 3 Assignments

  • Lifetime Access to Courseware

JavaScript developers are much sought after

An analysis of over 200,000 coding tests in 143 countries found 72 percent of companies seeking JavaScript developers. The global demand for JavaScript far outweighs the expertise available on the market, as per a report by HackerRank, making skilled JavaScript developers highly valued, commanding upwards of US$ 111,504 per annum.

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Ready to build skills in this versatile, powerful scripting language?

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Who should attend this course?

Web Designers


IT Professionals



JavaScript Course Schedule

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Learning Objectives

Discover JavaScript, its origins and understand it from the point of view of the language standard. Also learn about the evolution process of the language before getting hands-on experience as you setup your development environment and write your very first script.

  • What is JavaScript? 
  • A Historical Look 
  • The TC-39 Feature Release Process 
  • Setting Up Your Development Environment 
  • Your First Script
Video preview 2.

Learning Objectives

While JavaScript is a dynamic language, there are core data types and structures it works with. You will learn about key data types and their abilities and use cases including key operators and even handling exceptions and errors.

  • Understanding Data Types and Structures  
  • Number and Numeric Operators  
  • BigInt  
  • String  
  • Boolean  
  • Object  
  • Array  
  • Undefined, Null and NaN  
  • Equality Operator  
  • Relational Operators  
  • Comments  
  • Handling Exceptions  
Video preview 3.

Learning Objectives

Variables allow you to hold dynamic data as you process it in your script. In this module you will learn about the ways to create variables, constants and handle their values and their data types.

  • Understanding Variables 
  • Block Scoped Variables with ‘let’ 
  • Creating Constants with ‘const’ 
  • Type Conversion
Video preview 4.

Learning Objectives

Learn to conditionally control the flow of execution in your script by using decision-making constructs that JavaScript offers. You will also learn about special operators that help you implement decision-based flow of control.

  • Conditionals - An Introduction  
  • Decision Making with ‘if-else’  
  • Lots of Choices with 'else if'  
  • Switch 
  • Ternary Operator  
  • Binary Logical Operators  
  • Nullish Coalescing Operator  
  • Optional Chaining Operator  
Video preview 5.

Learning Objectives

Discover functions as a critical building block of your JavaScript application. You will learn about distinct types of function types that JavaScript offers including the ever-important execution context and working with parameters.

  • What are Functions?  
  • Function Declaration  
  • Function Expression  
  • The 'this' Keyword and Function Execution Context  
  • Arrow Functions  
  • Constructor Functions  
  • Default Parameters  
Video preview 6.

Learning Objectives

Loops allow you to incorporate repetitive execution of code that is governed by conditions. Discover various techniques and strategies for implementing loops in your scripts.

  • What are Loops?  
  • The 'for' Loop  
  • The 'for-of' and 'for-in' Loop  
  • The 'while' and 'do-while' Loops  
  • Recursive Functions  
Video preview 7.

Learning Objectives

Arrays are a data structure in JavaScript and is particularly useful when you want to hold a set of data for processing. In this module, you'll learn about Arrays and the host of operations that you can do with them.

  • The Array Prototype 
  • Reversing an Array 
  • Converting Strings to Arrays and Back 
  • Iteration using forEach() 
  • Finding an Element 
  • Creating Arrays Using Array.of() and Array.from() 
  • Using Destructuring Assignment 
  • Using Spread 
  • Remapping Arrays 
  • Sorting Arrays 
  • Slice and Splice 
  • Filtering Arrays 
  • Flattening Arrays 
  • Reducing Arrays 
  • Comparing Arrays 
Video preview 8.

Learning Objectives

Objects are an important data structure and can be used for storing named values and methods. You will learn about the Object in its fundamental form and its associated methods and functionality.

  • The Object Prototype 
  • Object Destructuring 
  • Adding and Composing Properties 
  • Creating Customized Properties 
  • Shallow Copying vs Deep Copying 
  • Detecting the Presence of Properties 
  • Getting Properties and Values 
  • Sealing and Freezing 
Video preview 9.

Learning Objectives

Strings allow you to store alphanumeric data such as words, phrases and paragraphs and hence they are an important data type. JavaScript offers you a lot of methods and workflows to work with Strings and that is the subject of this module.

  • The String Prototype 
  • Finding a String 
  • Repeating a String 
  • Introduction to Regular Expressions 
  • Find Matching Characters 
  • Replacing Text 
  • Extracting Text 
  • Trimming Whitespace 
  • Start With or Ends With  

Learning Objectives

Date and time are fundamental to computer programming, and you need them in web applications all the time. In this module, you'll work with date and time features in JavaScript.

  • Working with Date and Time 
  • Getter and Setter Methods 
  • Formatting Date and Time 
  • Computing Difference Between Dates 
  • Adding Days, Hours or Minutes to Date 

Learning Objectives

JavaScript allows you to use the Document Object Model to build a website that is interactive and robust. You will learn all about it in this module.

  • Discovering the DOM 
  • Integrating JavaScript Code in a Web Page  
  • Creating and Rendering Elements  
  • Selecting Elements  
  • Understanding Events  
  • Playing with Events  
  • Playing with Keyboard Events  
  • Playing with the Mouse  
  • Implementing Drag and Drop  
  • Working with Forms  
  • Building a Shopping List Application 

Learning Objectives

You already know about functions. Now is the time to level up your knowledge and learn advanced patterns that are integral to good application design.

  • Closures  
  • Higher Order Functions  
  • Currying  
  • Partial Application  
  • Timers  

For the final capstone project, you will build an end-to-end web application using plain vanilla JavaScript employing modular code and a test-driven architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions

JavaScript Course

The JavaScript course has been thoughtfully designed to make you a skilled JavaScript developer ready to take on significant front-end roles in top tech companies. At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Write business logic for websites 
  • Build data driven web apps 
  • Work with Objects and Arrays 
  • Build modular apps 
  • Use date and time capabilities 

The program takes you on a learning journey from the absolute basics and concepts of JavaScript, all the way up to building comprehensive web applications.

Moving away from archaic workflows, practices, and techniques in favour of a modern workflow that is in line with the development roadmap of JavaScript, this course has been designed with a modern and future safe approach to JavaScript.

Whatever your level of expertise – beginner, intermediate or expert – this training will give you the work-ready skills you need to become a confident developer.  

Yes, our JavaScript course is designed to give you flexibility to skill up as per your convenience. We have both weekday and weekend batches to accommodate your current job and have interesting projects that will keep you practicing as you learn. The course is delivered both in a Blended Learning and Self-Paced mode so that you can balance your work and learning as per your schedule.

In addition to training hours, we recommend spending about 2 hours per day every day of the training, to study, practice and achieve optimal benefits from the course.

The JavaScript course is well suited for Web developers, Web designers working with HTML and CSS, or IT Professionals. Freshers too will benefit from this training.

Basic knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 or exposure to fundamentals of any programming language would be helpful, but it is not mandatory.

To attend the JavaScript training program, the basic hardware and software requirements are as mentioned below - 

Hardware requirements

  • Windows 8 / Windows 10 OS, MAC OS >=10, Ubuntu >= 16 or latest version of other popular Linux flavors
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 10 GB of free space 

Software Requirements

  • An IDE or a code editor like Microsoft VSCode, Sublime Text or similar
  • A web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox 

System Requirements

  • Any workstation or laptop with at least 8 GB of RAM

While HTML and CSS skills are not required for JavaScript, having a basic understanding will be of advantage in learning JavaScript. 

Yes! Upon passing the JavaScript course, you will receive a signed certificate of completion from KnowledgeHut. Thousands of KnowledgeHut alumni use their course certificate to demonstrate skills to employers and their networks.

More than the certificate, however, you will get to showcase your newly acquired JavaScript skills by working on real-world projects and adding these to your portfolio. KnowledgeHut’s JavaScript course is well-regarded by industry experts, who contribute to our curriculum and use our tech programs to train their own teams.

One of the key features of our course is the opportunity to work on fun micro-projects during the program followed by a production grade capstone project at the end. This course is full of fun examples throughout the course of instruction, followed by even more exercises that you get to work with on our web-based interactive development environment.

Once you have mastered JavaScript, you can consider learning the following:

  • Node.js 
  • React 
  • Vue.js 
  • Module Bundlers 
  • TypeScript 

Individuals can try out KnowledgeHut’s immersive learning experience using a free trial. You have 14 days or 30% access, whichever comes first, to the course you’ve started the free trial for.  This includes all the features of the platform, including on-demand videos, 3 hours of Cloud Labs, auto-graded assessments, interactive eBooks, recall quizzes and advanced learning insights.

JavaScript Workshop Experience

The JavaScript course at KnowledgeHut is delivered through PRISM, our immersive learning experience platform, via two modes of delivery:

Blended learning:

  • Get the best of both worlds with live and interactive instructor-led training sessions along with the convenience and flexibility of self-paced learning.
  • Listen, learn, ask questions, and get all your doubts clarified from your instructor, who is an experienced practitioner.
  • You also get to collaborate and learn from the experience of your peers in real-world simulations and activities. 

On-Demand Self-Learning:

  • Learn conveniently at your own pace, whenever and wherever you choose. Spend as much time as you need to on areas or topics that you find most difficult, pausing and replaying relevant segments of video as often as you need to. Benefit from the limitless educational possibility that comes with lifetime access. The entire courseware and all the features of our immersive learning experience platform will remain at your fingertips whenever you wish to refresh concepts and clear your doubts. 

The JavaScript course is delivered by leading practitioners who bring current best practices and case studies from their experience to the live and interactive training sessions. The instructors are industry-recognized experts with more than 10 years of experience in JavaScript.

Not only will they impart knowledge of the fundamentals and advanced concepts, but they will also provide end-to-end mentorship and hands-on guidance on the real-world projects. 

Our workshops are structured in three parts – pre-workshop, workshop and post-workshop – to provide you with a completely immersive learning experience. This tried and tested workshop structure has worked well with thousands of engineers we’ve helped upskill over the years.

  1. Pre-workshop: Take our diagnostic assessment before the workshop and benchmark your skill levels at the start of the course. This allows you to map and demonstrate your skills learning progression as you reach the end of the course. 
  2. Workshop: Join the live and interactive instructor-led sessions right from within PRISM, our immersive learning experience platform with a state-of-the-art intelligent coding environment. Experience immersive learning with Cloud Labs, guided hands-on exercises, assignments, auto-graded assessments, recall quizzes, real-world projects and much more. 
  3. Post-workshop: We don’t just impart skills but also want to make sure that you implement them post the course. To help you with this, we are always in touch with you through newsletters, webinars or next version trainings. Some post-training deliverables lined-up for you are: 
    • Project assistance with mentorship 
    • Access to alumni network 
    • Continued social learning with discussion forums, group messenger and one-to-one messaging. 
    • Additional workshops on advanced level concepts 
    • Regular emails, blogs, articles, emails, newsletters, tutorials and other such rich informational content. 

A unique feature of our JavaScript course is the highly engaging, immersive learning you experience. You get to learn, practice, assess, get insights on your learning, and personalize your learning journey.

LEARN: Engaging self-learning videos, smart flashcards, interactive eBooks and recall quizzes help reinforce your learning. You also get to maximize your learning potential with collaborative social learning via discussion forums and group and one-to-one messaging.

PRACTICE: Access our Playground Labs during and after the course. Guided hands-on exercises will help you gain confidence and get productive from day one.

ASSESS: Assess your skills at every stage with a variety of questions ranging from multiple choice to code-based, completely auto-graded by the system. Assignments and projects within our inbuilt and intelligent development environment give you micro “work-like” experiences. Test your subject matter comprehension through diagnostic, module level and final assessments.

GET INSIGHTS: Based on your performance in the assessments, assignments, and projects, you gain deep insights on your progress, which help you identify areas you are good at and where you need to improve. All you need to do is follow recommendations and enhance your skill proficiency from where you are to where you want to get. 

PRISM is KnowledgeHut’s state-of-the-art learning experience platform. PRISM is designed to provide a highly engaging, immersive learning experience with you at the center of the learning.

PRISM supports all types of courses, including on-demand self-paced learning, blended learning, and live virtual classes. Here are some key features of the platform: 

  • Learners can watch videos, join live sessions directly, and even book 1 - 1 mentoring sessions with expert instructors easily, using a single dashboard. 
  • Integrated Practice Environment runs directly in the user’s browser, offering a complete set of development tools to allow learners to practice what they’ve learned.  
  • Feature-rich videos with detailed explanations are augmented by flash cards, interactive e-reading content and quick recall quizzes designed to strategically reinforce learning.  
  • Diagnostic, module-level and final assessments give learners valuable insights, allowing them to map and demonstrate their skills learning progression through the course. 
  • Learners get micro work-like experiences from auto-graded projects that help them learn on the job, much like developers in leading tech companies.  
  • Social Learning tools include a discussion board that features questions posted by other learners on the system and responses by both mentors and learners. Additionally, one-to-one and group messaging is also available. 
  • Comprehensive reports give both organizations and learners a deep and thorough insight into skills progression. 

Our JavaScript workshops are currently held online and anyone with a stable internet from anywhere across the world can benefit from this to skill up in JavaScript.

Schedules for our upcoming workshops in JavaScript can be found here.

You will receive a registration link from PRISM to your e-mail id. You will have to set your password, log in to our Immersive Learning Experience platform and start your learning journey.

Yes, Cloud/Practice Labs in a preconfigured development editor inbuilt into your learning space will be available for your guided hands-on exercises, assignments and practice during and post the training.

The playground labs are low-friction sandbox environments, offering the ability to get started without any installations in your local system. We have tried hard to ensure that practice labs simulate the developer experience. These in-browser solutions feature environments for working with all kinds of platforms including operating systems, coding languages, and more.

The goal is to provide you with sandbox environments where you can feel free to run any command and experiment without the guidelines of a typical lab. The end goal is to increase the amount of practical, real-world experience you gain to get you completely work-ready on course completion. 

You will be granted 100 hours of access to Cloud Labs to perform all your hands-on exercises, assignments, and projects including your final capstone projects. Post the training, you will retain access to the platform, the learning material, and any unutilized hours on the Cloud Labs for a period of six months.

Practice is key to taking your coding skills to the next level. Should you need additional hours of practice on Cloud Labs, these will be available for purchase. Just raise a ticket on PRISM or write to us at and we'll set this up for you.

You will have lifetime access to the entire Self-Paced Learning material including on-demand videos, assessments, quizzes, ebooks/case studies and more.

You can attempt the recall quizzes any number of times. Assessments can be taken twice.

We currently use the Zoom platform for video conferencing and will soon be adding more integrations like Webex and Microsoft Teams. However, all the sessions and the recordings will be available right from within our learning platform. Learners will receive instructions through PRISM notifications and will not need to wait for any external notifications or links.

Yes, there are other participants who actively participate in the class remotely.  They can attend online training from office, home, or any other suitable place. 

In case of any queries, our support team is available to you 24/7 via the Help and Support section on PRISM. You can also reach out to your workshop manager on your workshop group messenger.

If you miss a class, you can access the class recordings from PRISM at any time. At the beginning of every session, there will also be a 10-12 minute recapitulation of the previous class.

Should you have any more questions, please raise a ticket on PRISM or email us on and we will be happy to get back to you.



  • Basics of HTML and CSS preferred but not mandatory
  • Basic knowledge of computer languages preferred

The KnowledgeHut Advantage

The most effective project-based immersive learning experience

Immersive Learning

  • On-demand videos
  • Guided hands-on exercises
  • Auto-graded assessments and recall quizzes
  • Assignments and projects

Learn by Doing

  • Learn to code. By actually coding.
  • Get project-ready with work-like experiences.
  • Learn on the job, like devs in tech companies.

Cloud Labs

  • Access fully provisioned dev environment.
  • Virtual machine spinned up in minutes.
  • Write code right in your browser.


  • Get advanced learner insights.
  • Measure and track skills progress.
  • Identify areas to improve in.

Blended Learning

  • On-demand, self-paced learning anytime.
  • Code review sessions by experts.
  • Access to discussion forums, community groups.

What you’ll learn in the JavaScript Training

Latest Features

Learn what are the new features in JavaScript. Work with ECMAScript 2021+ language features.


What happens when the form of the original data changes? Understand mutation and immutability.


Using a variable to store different elements. Explore and understand Arrays and their applications.


Learn what constitutes objects in JavaScript. Understand the ways in which Objects can be used.


Learn what loops are. Understand conditionals. Explore how to work with loops and conditionals.


Learn all about functions. Find out how to build constructor function. Learn to use recursive functions.

Date and Time

Learn to work with Date and Time features in JavaScript. Discover how to work with timers in JavaScript.


Find out how JavaScript accesses elements in a web page. Understand the Document Object Model (DOM).

Advanced Concepts

Master advanced concepts like closures, currying, partial application, and higher order functions.

Skills you’ll gain in JavaScript Training

Write business logic for websites and apps

Build data-driven web apps using JavaScript

Work efficiently with Objects and Arrays

Use JavaScript in an Object-Oriented manner

Build modular apps using ECMAScript modules

Use Date & Time capabilities and timers in apps

Use newly launched ECMAScript 2021+ features

Work with DOM Selectors and Manipulation

Transform Your Workforce

Upskill your team with JavaScript

Captivate your users with a seamless experience by adding this essential and easy to use language to your team’s skillset.

  • Discover your team's strengths and weaknesses
  • Leverage Immersive Learning (with Cloud Labs)
  • Measure skills progress with the right data
  • Upskill your teams into modern roles with customized training solutions

500+ Clients

What learners are saying

Amanda H Senior Front-End Developer

You can go from nothing to simply get a grip on the everything as you proceed to begin executing immediately. I know this from direct experience! 

Attended Full-Stack Development Bootcamp workshop in July 2022

Peter Cozyn Data Engineer

I now have a job offer! The hands-on learning really helped. For someone like me who is completely new to this field, it was easy to learn all the Data Science and Machine Learning tools, especially Time series forecasting, machine learning and recommender engines. I have a job offer from Uber and am so grateful!

Attended Data Science Bootcamp workshop in July 2021

Matt Connely Full Stack Engineer

The learn by doing and work-like approach throughout the bootcamp resonated well. It was indeed a work-like experience. 

Attended Front-End Development Bootcamp workshop in May 2021

Tyler Wilson Full-Stack Expert

The learning system set up everything for me. I wound up working on projects I've never done and never figured I could. 

Attended Back-End Development Bootcamp workshop in April 2021

Mirelle Takata Network Systems Administrator

My special thanks to the trainer for his dedication and patience. I learned many things from him. I would also thank the support team for their help. It was well-organised, great work Knowledgehut team!

Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in July 2020

Archibold Corduas Senior Web Administrator

The teaching methods followed by Knowledgehut is really unique. The best thing is that I missed a few of the topics, and even then the trainer took the pain of taking me through those topics in the next session. I really look forward to joining KnowledgeHut soon for another training session.

Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in May 2020

Felicio Kettenring Computer Systems Analyst.

KnowledgeHut has excellent instructors. The training session gave me a lot of exposure to test my skills and helped me grow in my career. The Trainer was very helpful and completed the syllabus covering each and every concept with examples on time.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2020

Barton Fonseka Information Security Analyst.

This is a great course to invest in. The trainers are experienced, conduct the sessions with enthusiasm and ensure that participants are well prepared for the industry. I would like to thank my trainer for his guidance.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in July 2020

Java Script Course in Hamilton

JavaScript training in Hamilton

Hamilton is a populous city located in southern Ontario, Canada. Considered as an economically active region, apart from manufacturing, Hamilton has some of the globally recognised research and academic institutions that contribute to the prosperity of the nation. Widely viewed as a prime investment city, supportive government leadership, competitive tax rates and good quality of life are fuelling business expansion, retention and promotion of jobs. Ranked second in Canada as an upcoming tech talent market, innovative ideas and networking events are assisting the startup companies to grow and become leading global brands. Knowledge Hut€™s JavaScript training in Hamilton is an interactive software training that guarantees a well-rounded understanding of this web development tool for software developers, full-stack developers, website owners, web designers, UI developers and enthusiasts who want to learn modern client-side technology. A prerequisite knowledge of HTML, CSS or anyobject-oriented programming languagewill make it easy to grasp this self-paced workshop.

About JavaScript Workshop in Hamilton

JavaScript course in Hamilton is quite popular in the tech market. This comprehensive training guides all students through numerous examples, practical and theoretical online sessions on the dominant client-side scripting language. Our institute has appointed expert tutors to chalk out an industry-relevant curriculum for students to create sophisticated and responsive websites. Business professionals can follow the expert guidance of the high knowledgable instructors to deliver intuitive lectures, coaching, practice sessions to sharpen your basic and advanced skills on JavaScript programming. By the end of the module, students learn the fundamentals CRUD operations, error handling, Babels, Presets, Module Loader, system js, OOP and Browser to implement the best practices of this technology in their projects. All registeredstudents are awarded Knowledge Hut€™sJavaScript Certification in Hamilton after their course completion so that they can drive their career in the right direction. The hands-on learning experience combined with virtual training of JavaScript Certification in Hamiltonhelps aspirants to qualify as front-end, back-end and full-stack developer. A demo class can be beneficial in understanding the schedule and availability of this workshop.

Why should you take up the JavaScript Certification in Hamilton?

Javascipt Certification in Hamiltoninvolves 30-hours of live sessions, 2 live projects,120 hours of MCQs and assignments along with 2 industry use cases will equip you to develop module-based applications with heightened reusability, testability, maintainability and code quality.

The KnowledgeHut advantage for JavaScript training

The fees for Knowledge Hut€™s JavaScript online training in Hamilton is quite reasonable and helps in job enhancements and business operations. Get your project reviewed by expert trainers to master the concepts in depth. Pursuing this course will be highly-rewarding for you to achieve success

JavaScript online course in Hamiltonprovide professional development opportunities for you to comply with industry standards.

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