Become a Skilled AI Practitioner

Become an in-demand AI professional skilled in using the latest tools to drive AI transformation. Gain proficiency in concepts and components of artificial intelligence and related technologies that enable you in developing faster, lighter, more intuitive AI models that solve modern problems most efficiently and cost-effectively. Work on portfolio-worthy projects that get you noticed by top recruiters. Get mentored by peers from the industry with rich experience and grow in a professional and personal capacity.

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Explore Our Artificial Intelligence Courses

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way our world functions. Get started on your career as a skilled artificial intelligence practitioner who understands how to use the combination of data and technology to develop intelligent models capable of performing tasks that otherwise require human intervention. Build an array of readily applicable skills that will help you in your artificial intelligence career path as you work on projects that mimic real work environments.

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What Learners Are Saying

Learn artificial intelligence courses delivered by industry experts with extensive work experience. Take advantage of our experiential learning model. KnowledgeHut is a training provider with a long track record of training professionals in artificial intelligence. We have helped thousands of professionals across 100+ countries to achieve their career goals by getting placed in renowned organizations around the world. See for yourself our artificial intelligence course reviews to find out what our learners are saying about our courses.

Steps in Artificial Intelligence Implementation

Understand how Artificial Intelligence is practiced in a work environment and the step-by-step process it follows. As a critical process, it is necessary for the practitioners to understand the phases involved in the process.

Life cycle

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Eligibility and Prerequisites

  • Eligibility criteria will be different for each course. Please check the individual course pages for more information. 
  • Candidates do not need to fulfil any prerequisites for beginner-level courses 
  • Freshers and Experienced professionals can both attend these courses 
  • Prior experience with programming would be an advantage.
  • Knowledge of mathematical and statistical concepts will also be an advantage. 

Who Should Take Our Artificial Intelligence Programs

  • Data Engineering Professionals  
  • Professional working in the IT industry  
  • Developers Who Want to Transition to AI  
  • Students Interested in Making a Career in AI  
  • IT Professionals Aspiring to Enter Data Science and AI 

Artificial Intelligence Course Duration and Fees

Browse our selection of artificial intelligence courses ranging from learning specific sections of AI to a comprehensive boot camp. Build your AI career by getting enrolled in courses led by top AI practitioners and powered by immersive learning. Take a look at the duration and AI course fee for all our artificial intelligence certification courses. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that enables computers to perform tasks that normally would require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence training is required for professionals to understand how to apply the principles in the business context.  

Applied artificial intelligence is AI in action. It is when AI technology is used to perform tasks that normally need human intervention or decision making. 

Artificial Intelligence helps in automating tasks and if done properly, it reduces errors and enables faster and more accurate decision making. This can potentially save an immense amount of time and money. The speed and accuracy of AI has found applications in many areas from healthcare to manufacturing to logistics and many more, enabling significant improvements and greater access to better service in each area. 

Artificial Intelligence is a complex topic that needs an understanding in multiple domains. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing are key components in the mix for creating an AI system.  

Artificial Intelligence is a field with immense potential. With advanced AI systems a lot of human intervention and labor can be automated and accelerated. It would also result in a reduction of errors arising out of human inconsistency and judgement. 

Artificial Intelligence career may require you to have a complex skill set and knowledge. Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, and Programming are all fields that are associated with AI. Professionals from the above fields are the candidates who move to a career in AI. If you have experience or exposure to any of the above-mentioned disciplines, you may find it easier to get into artificial intelligence. If you do not have a background in any of these fields, you should take an artificial intelligence course for beginners. AI courses for beginners would start from fundamental concepts. Check the artificial intelligence course eligibility before getting enrolled in a course. 

To get a start in an artificial intelligence career you could start by learning mathematics, statistics, and probability theory that are relevant to AI concepts. From there you can go on to learn concepts around Machine Learning, NLP, and Deep Learning. Enquire about artificial intelligence course details before getting enrolled.  

Machine Learning is one of the components of Artificial Intelligence Technology. Machine Learning helps in understanding data and making predictions based on data. This is a critical element to the AI based systems. Check the AI Course details to see how it relates to ML. 

Deep Learning is an element in AI that develops the capability of decision making that goes beyond its programming. It uses neural networks to learn on its own without human intervention. 

Data Science is a field of study that uses data to identify patterns and make data driven decisions. This is an aspect that if automated can help develop a healthier AI system capable of advanced decision making. 

Artificial intelligence is being used in a variety of industries. AI is being used in healthcare to make a diagnosis with the assistance of large data sets. It also helps social media giants create a better user experience. Game developers use AI systems to create more challenging games. The entertainment and e-commerce industries use AI to make recommendations based on user behavior. AI has also proved to be effective in other industries like finance, astronomy, data security, education, robotics etc. One of the most high-profile uses of AI is in the use of self-driven cars. Our AI classes online focus on covering the practical applications of the concepts being learned.  

Yes, you should have knowledge of programming to learn Artificial Intelligence to work on Artificial Intelligence projects or to develop an AI system. Artificial intelligence classes may involve sessions that require coding knowledge. The top AI courses will almost always involve some coding. 

An Artificial Intelligence course will contain all the necessary concepts of AI including the mathematical and statistical concepts, machine learning, deep learning etc.  

Artificial intelligence is a field that holds a lot of promise and is already revolutionizing technology across industries. As an evolving technology AI is expected to make an enormous impact in every industry. Learning artificial intelligence will hence put you in a position to be a part of game changing technologies and innovation. 

There aren’t many prerequisites for a beginner level AI course. AI course syllabus may contain lessons that require you to have programming skills, mathematical knowledge, or similar prerequisites. AI professionals usually come from a statistic, mathematics, data science, computer science, or a programming background. 

The best AI course for you will depend on your specific requirements and interests. A comprehensive AI course would cover all the foundational mathematical and statistical concepts and later build on it with machine learning, data science and other advanced disciplines. These elements of AI course may differ depending on its scope. 

Your preparation for AI certification will need to include understanding the mathematical and statistical concepts apart from developing an understanding of programming and related technologies like data science, machine learning, deep learning etc.   

There are four sets of roles you will find in the area of artificial intelligence. Software, data, machine learning, business strategist. Software refers to the programmers and developers who develop and implement new technology. Data refers to the data scientists who enable AI to make sense of data. Machine learning roles are those professionals that make the AI intelligent enough to see patterns and take decisions based on data. Business strategists are those professionals who understand and drive the business side of technology. 

AI engineers earn $119,297 annually on average. The salary for beginners may start much lower at an annual salary of $81,655 and experienced AI engineers can earn up to $174,293. 

There are over 55,000 jobs listed under the AI category on job sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. The AI industry is growing at 38%. Getting an AI certification online will give your professional profile a boost. 

The best artificial intelligence course online for you will depend on your level of expertise and experience. There is an Artificial Intelligence Engineer bootcamp that covers all aspects of AI. There are also more specific courses on NLP, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. AI full courses would be more suitable for getting a more rounded understanding. 

The artificial intelligence course price will vary according to your location and the specific course that you need. To see the artificial intelligence course cost that is applicable to you, please select a course and check the schedule page. AI training courses are available at a range of different rates. 

AI Course syllabus will vary from course to course depending on the scope of the specific course. Go to the respective page to explore the artificial intelligence syllabus. AI syllabus will cover topics depending on the level of the course. 

To learn artificial intelligence for free you will need to spend time on online resources and study the areas of AI that you need for your job or the job you aspire to get. This could be mathematics, programming, machine learning, deep learning, or any other topic. The best AI courses online and best AI certifications would not be available for free. AI classes will require a payment of some fee. 

Your preparation for an AI interview should include the concepts that are relevant to your job profile, its application, and the practical nature of the challenges you may encounter. The best way to build confidence is to work on real projects or projects that simulate a work-like environment. Doing a few AI certificate courses will also help improve your credibility. Learn artificial intelligence online to get a better understanding of how to attend an interview. 

Artificial Intelligence Engineers or Artificial Intelligence Researchers are positions that an AI practitioner may start with. You could also start by getting a job in a job that deals with machine learning or in another job that requires a component skill of AI. Artificial Intelligence online courses are a good starting point to prepare you for a job.