• 2+ Industry
  • 100+ Data Sets
  • 20+ Projects
  • 10+ Domains
  • 300 Hours of Live Mentorship

We are living in an age of data overload. Every minute tons of data is generated, both structured and unstructured. Changing this raw, unstructured data into relevant information that can be used to drive business strategies and IT is what data science is all about. In other words, data science is the future and among the hottest trends in the job market right now. IT is not the only sector adopting data science—from Banking to Healthcare, and Transport to Ecommerce, everyone realizes the importance of harnessing the power of data through data science.


Glassdoor has ranked data science as the best job in America 3 years in a row, with a median base salary of $110000 and 4,524 job openings. This demand is only increasing year on year, making it the fastest growing tech employment area today. Jobs that require knowledge of data science include Data scientist, Analytics Manager, Database Administrator, Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer etc.


According to HBR: "Companies in the top third of their industry in the use of data-driven decision making were, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors."


According to, just 50% of the estimated 19,500 data scientist jobs were filled over the past four years.

13,500 OPEN JOBS

If you were to scan LinkedIn for available jobs in this sector, you'd easily find more than 13,500 open positions.


In India, salaries for data science related positions vary from 6 lakhs to 1 crore plus, all based on your skills and experience.


According to PayScale, a Data Scientist earns an average salary of Rs 615,786 per year.


The Data Science Foundation track equips you with the skills needed to assume a Data Scientist role in a company.

Choose a domain of interest and learn all the related concepts like:

  • Machine Learning Methods
  • Hadoop
  • Data Visualization
  • Python
  • R
  • SQL
  • Fundamentals of a NoSQL DB
  • Keras
  • TensorFlow

Intensive workshop, industry needs-based curriculum that will help you tackle on-the-job issues

Domain specific datasets - Prepares you for job markets you are keen to be a part of

Start with the basics, no prior programming language knowledge required - This helps in laying a great foundation by getting the basics right

Flexible learning (offline and online) - Live sessions both online and offline, live coding, case studies, projects along the way with lots of assignments for more practice, with a final Capstone Project.

Fully Hands-on program - Experience based learning with plenty of study materials, practice, use cases and much more while engaging with a single trainer

Certificate and Placement

What's in it for you?

This exhaustive course will help you become a Data Scientist of the highest calibre by imparting knowledge on Python, R, real-world application of data, mathematics, statistics and a lot more. On successful completion of the course, you will be well versed in:

  • Handling Big Data
  • Using formulae and methods using R
  • Understanding the ML methods of supervised and unsupervised learning
  • ANN
  • CNN

You will also have a hands-on exposure to all these in addition to working on Hadoop and Map Reduce. The course will also help in raising your standard of coding, building an impressive portfolio, and highlighting your best skills. You can even seek the best career advice from our experts.

Phase 1: Take-off

Getting the basics right


Meet trainer, mentor, access study materials,onboard.

Phase 2:Turbulence

Offline and online sessions, coding, lots of hands-on learning.

Workshops & Hackathons

Practice makes man perfect.

Phase 3: Manoeuvre

Prepare your portfolio, Get career advice, practice interviews

Demo Day

Demonstrate your skills as a Data scientist to potential recruiters, CTOs and other companies.

Phase 4: Touchdown

Complete and submit final capstone project to get a certificate

Job Placement:

Get head hunted by the best. Your resume will top every list!

  • Mathematics Foundation

    Learn basics about Set Theory, Graph, Functions, Probability Theory, Statistics, Basic Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Multivariate Calculus

  • Excel Foundation

    Master VLookup, HLookup, Conditional statements, Formulae, Statistics, Performing complex math operations on data, handling data and structuring data for analytics and computation

  • Python

    Get a strong grip of Python's Data Structures, Functions & Methods, Object Oriented Programming in Python, Modules and Packages, Errors and Exceptions Handling. Generators and Decorators, Built In Functions, Project -TicTacToe Game.

  • Programming with R

    Learn about Arithmetic in R, Data Types, operations in R, R Matrices, Data input, manipulation and Visualization and introduction to basic Machine Learning using R

  • Introduction to Data Analytics

    Data Analytics Using NumPy and MatPlotLib, Introduction to Data Science and understand the best practices of Data Pre-Processing.

  • Regression

    We will learn about Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Polynomial Regression, Support Vector Regression, Project: Project: Apply SLR on Salary Data.

  • R and Python Machine Learning

    Using all this we enter the world of Classification, Neural networks in which we learn about Artificial Neural Network, then we move on to learn about Support Vector Machine. Decision Tree, Random Forest

  • Clustering

    In this we learn about K-means and Hierarchical Clustering

  • Association Rule Learning

    Apriori and Eclat are very important to maintain a good hold of Association Rule Learning.

  • Reinforcement Learning

    begins with UCB and Thompson Sampling

Project 1:

Analyzing the best restaurants of the major clients

Zomato API Analysis is one of the most useful analyses for foodies who want to taste the best cuisines at affordable prices. Additionally, this analysis also caters to the demands of people who are striving to find the best cuisines in the country. This also helps them find localities with the maximum number of restaurants serving the cuisines.

Project 2:

Improving Target based Email campaigns

Founded in 2000 by a Bronx history teacher, has raised $685 million for America's classrooms. Teachers at three-quarters of all the public schools in the U.S. have come to to request what their students need, making the leading platform for supporting public education.


This course has given me the platform to start a career in Data Science. It has provided me a baseline where to start with. This training program is designed and delivered by keeping both freshers and working professionals in mind. Well balanced theory and practical applications, and highly skilled trainers are what makes the students industry ready.

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I have taken the Data Science training course from KnowledgeHut. I highly recommend KnowledgeHut because of the in-depth knowledge the trainers have on the subject. This Data Scientist training helped me get promoted in my job along with a decent hike in my salary. What makes this course the next level is that its flexibility where you can learn at your own pace.

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The Data Scientist certification program from KnowledgeHut was really a great experience. The trainer was well experienced and knowledgeable and he related the topics with real-world examples which helped me gain a wide variety of subject exposure and provided the platform to understand the concepts well and perform better in my daily work.

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Classes are available in both formats and are instructor based. You may choose to be a part of either an online or offline course after you make the payment and enroll for the workshop.

Yes, recordings will be available.

Yes we will provide a course completion certificate, however, it will be only upon completing the final capstone project and meeting certain attendance and code quality criteria.

No. Although we are partners with many companies who are hiring data scientists, we do not guarantee any job placements. It purely depends on the individual and the decision made by the hiring company. We do not offer any job placements.

Yes, of-course. All you need is passion to solve problems, idea about a particular business or industry and most importantly you should enjoy learning mathematics and coding.

Yes at the end of the training once you complete and submit the project you will get a certificate

Although not mandatory it is recommended that you participate in challenges. That is how one gets a lot of hands-on practice. Plus being a data scientist is no less than participating in a challenge on a daily basis.

You may expect help in terms of mentoring, training, coaching with respect to data science and career as a data scientist. You may expect help in sharing source code or libraries that are relevant to a problem.

A part of the learning process is figuring out. We will be following Agile processes and pair programming so this becomes very effective. Yet, fear not, you will always have the support from the trainer and the mentors around to help you out of an issue.

We recommend you to be in classroom for training, however, it is optional. If you are able to learn remotely you may choose to attend classes 2 to 5 times a week

Thank you for your submission!

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