Project-Based AI Engineer Bootcamp

Start Building Powerful AI Models And Land a Lucrative Tech Job

Bag attractive offers with an average salary of ₹ 8,00,000 per year

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Get Ready to Grab that Dream AI Job

Ever unlocked your phone using facial recognition, or asked Alexa ‘what’s trending on Twitter?’ or found a perfect person on an app? Well, all of that’s Artificial Intelligence (AI). As AI continues to turn the tide, the impact of AI is felt across a multitude of industries ranging from Banking to Manufacturing, Government to Entertainment, and more.

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  • 125 Hours of Self-Paced Learning 

  • Hands-on Coding Practice Sessions  

  • Guided Assignments with Instructors  

  • Doubt Clearing Sessions with Experts 

  • Job-Ready Portfolio of Stunning Projects  

  • Curriculum Developed by Industry Veterans 

AI Professionals are in Huge Demand


Organizations around the globe are leaving no stones unturned to harness the true potential of AI to make their offerings more intelligent, turn business processes more efficient, and more. As a result, the demand for skilled AI professionals is growing at a superfast pace. Leverage the immense demand for AI experts and embark on a remarkable tech career.

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The KnowledgeHut Advantage

The most effective project-based immersive learning experience

Immersive Learning

  • On-demand videos
  • Guided hands-on exercises
  • Auto-graded assessments and recall quizzes
  • Assignments and projects

Learn by Doing

  • Learn to code. By actually coding.
  • Get project-ready with work-like experiences.
  • Learn on the job, like devs in tech companies.

Cloud Labs

  • Access fully provisioned dev environment.
  • Virtual machine spinned up in minutes.
  • Write code right in your browser.


  • Get advanced learner insights.
  • Measure and track skills progress.
  • Identify areas to improve in.

Blended Learning

  • On-demand, self-paced learning anytime.
  • Code review sessions by experts.
  • Access to discussion forums, community groups.


  • There are no prerequisites for attending this bootcamp.  
  • You can learn AI Engineering even without prior technical experience. 

Who Should Attend the AI Engineer Bootcamp

Data Analytics Professionals

Data Engineering Professionals

Anyone working in the IT industry

Developers who want to transition to AI

Students interested in making a career in AI

IT professionals aspiring to enter Data Science and AI

What You Will Learn

Python Programming

Ace Python concepts, different data types, conditional statements, and user-defined functions in Python

Statistical Modelling

Gain a thorough understanding of maths and statistics foundation for Machine Learning and AI 

Machine Learning with Python

Learn about Regression and Classification algorithms and build Machine Learning models 

Deep Learning

Learn to use Keras and TensorFlow and solve complex problems with Deep Learning models 

Natural Language Processing

Understand advanced NLP concepts, learn to use NLTK, Natural Language Generation, and NLP apps 

AI with Transformers

Understand why AI Transformer models are so unique and build robust applications using them 

Skills You Will Gain

Build Regression Models

Perform Data Pre-processing

Evaluate the Machine Learning Models

Deal with missing values and outliers

Write user-defined functions in Python

Perform Descriptive Analysis on the data

Build and Evaluate Classification Models

Solve errors and inconsistencies using Python

Apply Inferential Statistics to make inferences

Perform Feature Selection and Feature Engineering

Perform Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization

Use OOPs concepts for writing Python code in a better way

Transform Your Workforce

Become Future-Ready with a Skilled AI Team

Train your teams to master AI concepts and ace advanced AI technologies to drive profitability and build scalable solutions. Gain competitive edge, reduce time-to-market, and achieve important business objectives. 

  • Experiential Learning
  • Learn by Doing Approach
  • Custom Training Solutions
  • Immediately Applicable Skills

500+ Clients


Learning Objectives:

Gain a solid understanding of essential statistical concepts to gain meaningful insights from data.  

  1. Probability
  2. Statistics
  3. Linear Algebra
  4. Calculus

Learning Objectives: 

Start from the scratch and master advanced Python concepts that are used for data analysis. 

  1. Introduction to Python 
  2. Code and Data 
  3. Building Blocks 
  4. Strings 
  5. Data Structures 
  6. Flow Control 
  7. Functions 
  8. Modules 
  9. Files 
  10. NumPy 
  11. Pandas 
  12. Regular Expression 
  13. Visualization 

Learning Objectives:

Master advanced Machine Learning concepts and learn how to build Machine Learning Models. 

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning 
  2. Python Basics 
  3. Data in Python
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Statistics
  6. Advanced Data Analytics
  7. Machine Learning Basics
  8. Feature Extraction
  9. Support Vector Machines and Regression
  10. Unsupervised Learning
  11. Dimensionality Reduction 

Learning Objectives:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Keras & TensorFlow and learn to develop applications using Deep Learning. 

  1. Diving into Deep Learning
  2. Getting started with TensorFlow
  3. Convolutional Neural Networks
  4. Advanced CNNs
  5. Natural Language Processing
  6. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
  7. AI in the Real World 

Learning Objectives:

Ace key NLP concepts, fundamentals, and learn how NLP apps are used to extract meaningful data.  

  1. Introduction to NLP
  2. Essentials of NLP 
  3. NLP Feature Extractions 
  4. NLP with TextBlob  
  5. NLP with spaCy 
  6. Text Classification 
  7. Text Summarization 
  8. Topic Modelling 
  9. Sentiment Analysis  
  10. Chatbots 

Learning Objectives:

Gain the skills required to apply advanced Machine Learning techniques with utmost efficiency. 

  1. Design 
  2. Data & Model Engineering 
  3. Operations 
  4. How to find business requirements 
  5. Cloud Computing Resources 
  6. ML Pipelines in Python 
  7. Your first pipeline 
  8. Feature Engineering  
  9. Modeling Steps 
  10. ML in Finance (Detecting online fraud) 
  11. ML in Banking 
  12. ML in Customer Segmentation 
  13. ML In Healthcare 
  14. ML in Stock Market Trading 
  15. ML in Sport 
  16. ML in Retail 
  17. ML in Agriculture 

Learning Objectives:

Get introduced to Deep Reinforcement learning both in terms of its foundations and solution approaches.  

  1. Introduction to Reinforcement Learning 
  2. Single-Step RL: Multi-Armed Bandits 
  3. Multi-Step Reinforcement Learning 
  4. Approaches for Real-World Reinforcement Learning 

Learning Objectives:

Learn why Transformer models are so unique and what types of applications you can build using AI Transformers.  

  1. The Paradigm Shift of Transformers
  2. Experiencing Billion-Parameter Transformers for NLP 
  3. Multimodal Neurons for Vision Transformers 
  4. Economic Artificial General Intelligence (E-AGI) 

Learning Objectives:

Get introduced to Image Processing and learn to upload, train, and test custom images.  

  1. Introduction to Image Processing  
  2. Classification  
  3. CNN  
  4. Improving CNN  
  5. Segmentation and Object Recognition

AI Engineer Bootcamp FAQs

Bootcamp FAQs

There are no prerequisites for attending this bootcamp. It has been designed to allow learners of varied backgrounds to understand and master AI engineering. 

The minimum recommended system requirement is to have a workstation or laptop with at least 8GB of RAM and an internet connection. 

For this bootcamp you will need a web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox. Apart from this you will also need an Anaconda setup, but it can be installed as a part of the program. 

This is a self-learning bootcamp powered by practice sessions on Cloud Labs and hands-on-practices under expert supervision. 

All of the bootcamp instructors are renowned AI experts with years of experience in leading the AI revolution across different industries.  

Even freshers with no prior coding experience can enroll for our courses and become job-ready within just a few weeks.  

Workshop Experience

Currently our AI Engineer Bootcamp is offered online as an intensive self-learning mode with practice sessions on Cloud Labs and doubt-clearing sessions by top AI experts. 

Our AI Engineer bootcamp is delivered through a blended self-learning model that includes practice sessions, assignments, capstone projects, and doubt-clearing sessions by experts.  

You will need a workstation or laptop with Internet access, with at least 8GB of RAM.

Apart from that you will also need a web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox and Anaconda setup is preferred but this can be installed as a part of the program.

Additional FAQs

Additional FAQs

Artificial Intelligence broadly refers to the introduction of human-like behavior in computers. That is, the replication of human consciousness within machines.  

The tech driven world we live in is undergoing a rapid change at an astonishing rate. The need for machines which can quantify not just logical data, but data of all kinds is at an all-time high. The mimicking of human consciousness within machines lets computers analyze data faster and automate several tasks, leading to giant strides in all kinds of fields.  

Even though a bit of prior knowledge of math, fundamental statistics, and programming will help you on your AI journey, there are no eligibility requirements that must be met in order to enroll for our Artificial Intelligence bootcamp. The bootcamp is designed such that you can go from zero AI skills to expert level skills as you learn.  

AI engineers are expected to have a strong foundation in programming languages such as C++, Python, R, Java etc. and a knack for analytics.  

The key role of an artificial intelligence engineer is to develop intelligent algorithms that are capable of reasoning like the human brain.  

There is no specific degree that you require to start your career in AI, having said that, a solid foundation in programming and logical reasoning will help you go a long way in your career. 

Enroll in our Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp and learn all the skills you require to enter the vast field of Artificial Intelligence such as Python programming, Numpy, Pandas and much more. Learn their practical applications and gain hands-on experience in deploying these tools and technologies in real-world scenarios. You’re all set to become an AI Engineer!  

Throughout our artificial intelligence bootcamp you will be introduced to all the tools and skills that you will need in your AI journey which includes but is not limited to python programming, statistics modeling, machine learning, deep learning etc.  

AI is the future of computing, and it is going through a rapid growth. Being an Artificial Engineer in this early stage of AI would mean that you play a hand in how the future is shaped and it would do wonders for your career as well as the computing world itself.  

There are countless materials on the internet which can nudge you in the right direction in your AI journey. One of them being our Artificial Intelligence Engineer bootcamp which shall instill in you the skills and knowledge required to start your career in AI.  

As AI is an immensely vast field which includes various other fields of study within it, we strongly recommend that you conduct a deep dive into some of the allied fields such as machine learning, data science, statistics etc. to develop a deeper understanding of AI and what a career in AI would mean for you.  

The future is now, and it is intertwined with AI. AI Engineering shall see a drastic increase in demand in the coming years. Now would be an opportune time to jump on to the AI boat. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22% growth in AI jobs up to 2030. 

Artificial Intelligence is undergoing unprecedented growth and the demand for skilled Engineers is at an all-time high. The Harvard Business Review surveyed top corporations around the world and more than 75% of the management said they would rely upon Artificial Intelligence to help them make business decisions. Considering we interact with AI while using a number of popular mobile applications, AI has a strong presence in our daily lives and will need skilled AI Engineers to drive growth and development in the sector. 

In our Artificial Intelligence Engineer Bootcamp, you shall be made familiar with all the tools and skills that you require to jump start your career in AI. Some of said tools include Python, NumPy, Pandas, Keras, Tensorflow, SQL etc. 

One of the major challenges in AI is scarcity of clean and structured data. The amount of data required to induce human-like processing logic within an algorithm is immense and due to stringent data privacy rules in certain countries, there is a scarcity of easily available informative data.

The second major challenge in AI is as the field evolves at great pace, it lacks the right number of trained and skilled people to keep pace with the developments.  

Anyone with an eye for analytics and logical reasoning can achieve a prestigious career in AI. Even though there are no prerequisites that you must meet, a background in programming can take you a long way in your career. At the end of the day, the main thing to remember, is that programming tools, math, statistics are all skills that can be learnt. The will to learn and a good learning program is the key to success in this, as much as any other domain.  

If you are passionate about programming and analytics and you wish to play a hand in the future of technology, you should consider enrolling in the Artificial Intelligence bootcamp.  

Some of the highest paying companies for Artificial Intelligence jobs are:

  • Amazon Inc 
  • Apple Inc 
  • Google  
  • Meta Platforms Inc 

If you are looking to get an edge over the competition in the field of AI, enrolling in an AI course shall give you extensive knowledge of the field, while showing companies that you are constantly looking to improve your skills and knowledge. 

The average salary of an AI engineer ranges from $92,938 to $150,183 per annum.  

After completion of our artificial intelligence bootcamp, you will be equipped to occupy various positions within AI. Some of these positions can include machine learning engineer, data scientist, business intelligence developer.  

Artificial intelligence is an immensely vast field. There are various roles that you will be able to occupy after the completion of our artificial intelligence bootcamp. Some of the prominent ones are Data Scientist, Deep Learning Engineer and Business Intelligence Developer. 

The roles & responsibilities of an AI engineer can include but is not limited to- coordination between Data Scientists and Business Analysts, testing and deploying models, converting machine learning models into APIs so that other applications can access them. 

Chase excellence and success will follow! The first step is to ensure that you are interested in the domain, read up about AI, its history and future prospects. If you’re really interested in AI, sign up for a course such as the Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp offered by KnowledgeHut, that combines theoretical concepts with practical exercises, helping you master the concepts you learn with hands-on projects. Get mentored by industry experts and get ready to jumpstart your AI career. 

The list of top companies to work in as an artificial intelligence engineer is a very long one. Some of them include:  

  • Google Inc 
  • Apple Inc 
  • IBM 
  • Facebook 

Our Artificial Intelligence Engineer Bootcamp is available at a cost of 1999 USD, available for a limited time at a discounted price of 1399 USD. Please check the Schedules section for the latest offerings. 

AI is a vast subject which involves the use of multiple types of tools. Some of them are:

  • Numpy  
  • Python 
  • MongoDB 

Our Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp will equip you with all the skills and know-how that you will require to face any interview. Mentorship from experienced professionals, mock interviews, project reviews etc. are built into the program to ensure you are prepared to face any AI interview and land your dream job.