Agile: The Art and Science of Change Management

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16th May, 2022
Agile: The Art and Science of Change Management

Charles Darwin was, arguably, the first to ever speak about the merits of agility. As he put it, “In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

In today’s world where advancement and innovation seems to be the norm, business leaders understand that just about everything is changing. Technology races at a mind boggling pace, and company growth is volatile. And as a parallel to Darwin’s conjecture, companies that are able to survive are the ones that can develop the agility needed to succeed in the rapidly changing business landscape.

Successful business leaders are able to leverage this change, and lead change as the new norm. Old corporate models have fallen by the side; and in order to survive- and thrive- in an unpredictable climate, leaders across the company must develop new capabilities of reinvention.

Leaders who are able to adapt to the new paradigm of agility across the enterprise are those who can anticipate the change before it happens, and find new ways and means of acting upon those changes to empower the organisation. By planning operational support for anticipated change, viable business model alternatives can be developed and implemented in immediate response to market changes.

Change should essentially be seen as an enabler, and leveraged to scale new heights. Those leaders who view change as an inhibitor will fall prey to the Darwinism effect, and their organisations will find it hard to succeed.

If you are a business leader in this new age, you must learn how to build change management into the core foundation of your business; into the warp and weave of your business strategy and design, your teams and processes and all its underlying technology. By adopting a blueprint of business agility, and setting the right tools and techniques in place, you can reap rich rewards from true enterprise agility.



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