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How to Become Agile Coach: Step-by-Step Guide

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22nd Jun, 2022
22nd Jun, 2022
How to Become Agile Coach: Step-by-Step Guide

Agility is a skill or a technique that every organization needs to adapt to for improved productivity and timely project completion. Different teams are working in an organization at multiple levels, so there is a requirement for an agile coach who can train all the employees to carry out their work well. The fundamental role of these agile coaches is to train the teams to be efficient and transparent in their operations. Furthermore, they teach them to create a productive environment and work culture that benefits the organization and the employees alike.  

It is a promising career option, and the growth that it has witnessed so far is commendable. Slowly, every organization has realized the need for a certified agile coach, which further increases the significance of this position. If you are also planning to start a career in this field, it is vital to join the agile coach course and gain expertise in this domain to secure a good job. But before you decide to start a journey as a coach, you should have a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities.  

Who is an Agile Coach?

These are the trained professionals working in the project management field to align the organizational tasks to get expected results. These coaches can get hired full-time by the companies, or there are specialized professionals working freelance to train the teams. Their actual role is when the company plans to switch from the existing work model to the improved, agile methodology.  

These coaches will help plan a strategy for a smoother switch and keep everything under control. They will train the employees for this switch and make it convenient for them to adapt to the new working strategy. These experts are from an IT background and have a thorough understanding of techniques like Scrum for coaching agile teams. There are various training programs online that teach this skill to professionals. The aspirants who take up these certifications then train the teams at the organizational level.  

How to Become an Agile Coach?

If the field seems promising, you want to know how to become an agile coach. First, let us discuss the step-by-step process to get trained to train the professionals. 

Step1: Build the Skills  

The first step is to focus on building your fundamentals agile coach skills to be a coach. You can only train people if you are capable of it. So, start with improving your soft skills and sharpening your technical knowledge. There are certification programs you can join to train yourself to be a coach.  

Step2: Work Experience 

The next step is to get hands-on experience in the industry, even if you have to train the small industry professionals as individuals. Look for the opportunities around you and join them to get started with your career.  

Step3: Get Certified 

There are countless options for agile training online that are apt for scrum masters, project managers, or any expert who wants to be a coach. So, the next step is to choose the relevant certification program to become a scrum master agile coach.  

Step4: Look for Opportunities 

Once you have gone through all the steps, you are ready to join the industry full-time. It is about time you start looking for job opportunities you can relate to the most. Join them, and your career will grow after that.  

These are the simple steps to start your journey as a coach. But first, make sure you choose the best training programs and get hands-on experience in the industry to prove your worth.  

Types of Agile Coaches

Coaches that work towards training people get categorized into different roles. Though the titles are varied and there is a little difference in their job responsibilities, the sole idea is to bring agility to the operations. A few of the agile coach types are listed below: 

1. Agile Team Facilitator

It is a term used for multiple agile professionals working together to train a team. You will get a scrum master, an iteration manager, and a scrum coach under this title. These people focus on a single team of experts to help them make a smoother transition into the agile working methodology.  

2. Agile Coach

These are the professionals working on introducing agility at multiple levels in an organization. Their prior work experience includes working in the facilitator team, which is the eligibility criteria to be a coach.  

3. Enterprise Agile Coach

An enterprise agile coach only works on the overall company structure and focuses less on the layers. So, for example, they wouldn't train every team at all levels to adapt to the agile methodology. However, they plan an overall strategy to ensure the organization adapts to this approach.  

These are the three primary roles or types of coaches that train the teams working in an organization to adapt to agile techniques. But, of course, the role you get depends on the certification level you qualify for. Moreover, it also depends on the designation of the trainers.  

Roles and Responsibilities of an Agile Coach

Agile coaching is a promising career option, and if you are planning to take it up professionally, kudos to you! But before you start, it is better to educate yourself about the roles and responsibilities these experts must fulfill. So let us discuss a few of them in detail. 

Working on Basics 

A coach would always begin by working on the basics and eventually train the team to make advanced technical changes. The initial steps would be working on communication skills and educating the team members about agile methodology. It would also be telling them how it can benefit the organization in their individual careers. Finally, it will make it easier to train people at an advanced level, as they will understand the significance.  

Focus on Environment 

The next thing that a coach focuses on is building a supportive environment and a nurturing work culture within an organization. Finally, he works on maintaining a smoother flow in different teams, ensuring they work in coordination to improve the overall productivity levels.  

Plan Strategies 

Coaches also work to build the agile coaching framework, which every team member should follow to ensure smoother operations. These agile frameworks are like a blueprint of what all a team needs to do to adapt well to agility.  

Smoother Transitions 

With time, all the organizations became inclined to transfer their operations from their age-old, unproductive operational strategies to agile ones. This transition can get challenging if the employees do not have any information about the new methodology. That is where the coaches help. They make sure the team adapts to the changes well by providing them with regular pieces of training, and the transitions get super convenient. 

These are the responsibilities that an enterprise coach needs to fulfill to become a renowned coach that any organization would want to hire. Therefore, the ideal way is to enroll in KnowledgeHut’s agile coach course to prepare yourself for the position. Once you qualify for the training and have hands-on experience working with an organization, your career gets secured.  

Average Salary of an Agile Coach

As it is a fruitful domain to start a career, the salary packages you get as a coach are also excellent. For example, the average salary of a beginner with certification is about 20 LPA. However, as you scale up and gain more experience, you can expect the package to be around 25 LPA. Moreover, different types of coaches get varied salaries. For example, a scrum master can grab an average package of 14 LPA, and it keeps increasing with the increased years of experience.  

The salary you get depends on multiple factors; some of them are: 

  • Level of the hiring organization 
  • Scope of Work 
  • Position you get as a coach 
  • Individual work experience 
  • Market credibility of the coach 

So, if you want to figure out how much you can expect to get, it is vital to consider all these factors and plan your career path accordingly.  


If you are from an IT background, it is a fruitful decision to start your journey as a coach that trains people in agile operations. You must begin the right way, with proper training and relevant experience, and you can expect to get outstanding opportunities with attractive salary packages.  

So, start looking for a coaching program that builds coaches, joins them, and learns the skill. Once you feel ready, you can begin applying for the relevant jobs. Keep scaling up, and you will never experience any scarcity of opportunities.

For more scrum master job description, check out our scrum master roles and responsibilities tutorial page. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the qualifications required to be an Agile Coach?

You need to be from an IT background. Furthermore, you can look for scrum master certifications at different levels to become a coach. 

2. Who is an Agile Coach?

An agile coach is a professional who trains different teams working in an organization to introduce agility in the operations. Then, the strategies, plan and implement the changes till they get the expected results. 

3. What is the starting salary of an Agile Coach?

You can expect to get a starting salary of 12 LPA. 

4. Is an agile coach a good career option?

It is a promising career option with lots of job opportunities, attractive salary packages, and a chance for growth. Moreover, it is exciting to work with people, making it a job option that never makes you feel monotonous.  


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