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What are the Aspects of Undertaking a Certificate Course in Leading SAFe®️ 4.5?

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23rd Apr, 2021
16th Oct, 2017
What are the Aspects of Undertaking a Certificate Course in Leading SAFe®️ 4.5?

It is a widely accepted fact that the real success of an enterprise lies in its ability to emphasize on brand recognition and customer satisfaction. Hence, if you are a professional who is looking forward to creating a stir in your organization, you need to take these two aspects into account. In this context, it is interesting to note that learning and applying Lean/Agile principles and practices across all levels of product development is the first step towards the success of an organization.

You would be fascinated to know about the fact that the Scaled Agile Framework, also abbreviated as SAFe®️ is a methodology or process for multiple team of Agile practices to carry out this transformation in a holistic manner. On the other hand, the SAFe®️ 4.5 is a training course that emphasizes on the framework related to the synchronization of multiple agile teams which leads the way to the success of the enterprise.

What are the new aspects in SAFe®️ 4.5?
According to many experts, the SAFe®️ 4.5 is the result of research from hundreds of implementations of the feedback of customer in a productive manner. Moreover, it is interesting to note that the SAFe®️ 4.5 helps an enterprise to get better business results that are also reliable and convenient to its growth. It is also a commonly observed fact that SAFe®️ 4.5 can be configured to match the needs of an organization. So if you are a professional who is looking forward to the success of your organization, you need to take into account that SAFe®️ 4.5 is extremely useful for your organization 

What are the areas on which SAFe®️ 4.5 lays emphasis?
If you are willing to undertake a course in SAFe®️ 4.5 you need to consider the areas on which the course emphasizes. Hence, you have to take into account the reconfigurability of the various methods of this class so that you can fully transform yourself into a qualified SAFe®️ 4.5 professional. Here is the list of areas on which the SAFe®️ 4.5 certification lays emphasis. 
SAFe®️ and its reconfigurability

It is interesting to note that the new configurable framework of SAFe®️ 4.5 facilitates the proper guidance to meet the requirements of your products and services. It is also important to mention that the principal methodologies that would be taught to you in a SAFe®️ 4.5 course would help your company to sprint out the process of team development in a quick fashion. As, your business needs the huge amount of growth, the SAFe®️ 4.5 scales to meet the challenges of growth. There are four configurations of SAFe®️ 4.5 that provides a more scalable approach which would transform your business and your career towards positive outcomes. For instance, the settings of SAFe®️ 4.5 comprises of full SAFe®️, portfolio SAFe®️, full solution SAFe®️ and essential SAFe®️.  

The learning outcomes of this course
After the successful completion of the SAFe®️ 4.5 course, you would be able to:

  • Promote and explain the use of SAFe®️ 4.5. 
  • Identify the roles and structures that are required to scale the practices of Agile to the level of program that can improve the business operations of an enterprise. 
  • Measuring the impact and the progress of a team in a competitive environment. 
  • You would be able to learn how the program related to a scaled agile framework interacts with the Program Portfolio Management.  
  • You would be able to learn the executed coordinated releases across the competitive environment of an organization.

Who can attend a SAFe®️ 4.5 training course?
It is important to note that this course is advantageous to all the members of an Agile team. However, SAFe®️ 4.5 is best suited for those who are in search for the principles to learn about the framework of SAFe®️ 4.5. On the other hand, it is also best designed for them who are of the opinion to scale and adopt Agile and Lean principles in the transformation process of an enterprise or organization. In other words, the SAFe®️ 4.5 is best designed for those professionals and executives who are involved in the product development process in a highly competitive workplace and work environment.   

The prerequisites of pursuing a course in SAFe®️ 4.5
In order to successfully undertake a course in SAFe®️ 4.5, you need to be familiar with the SAFe®️ certification exam. For instance, if you are willing to pursue the course of SAFe®️ 4.5, you need to have five years of experience in software development, testing, business analysis and project management. You need to possess an experience in Scrum principles too. 

Examination related to SAFe®️ 4.5
You would be fascinated to know that the name of the exam is SAFe®️ 4.5 Exam. The exam format is multiple choice questions. You can undertake the SAFe®️ 4.5 examination through the online mode. This is of great practicality to the examinees as they can manage time by taking an online exam. The candidates can access the examination within the SAFe®️ 4.5 community. The duration of the test is 90 minutes that can help you answer the questions properly.

However, to obtain a passing mark, you need to answer 34 out of 45 questions. You can also appear for the SAFe®️ 4.5 examination the second time if you have not passed the SAFe®️ 4.5 qualifier in the first attempt. The retake policy of the SAFe®️ 4.5 is one of the essential features that makes it an attractive professional course. Many individuals have passed with flying colors after undertaking the examination on the second attempt. Hence, if you have failed in the first attempt, do not get disheartened. 

With the help of SAFe®️ 4.5 training, you would make sure that you can combat the various challenges that you would face in a competitive work environment. Many reputed institutes are facilitating online modes delivery with the help of which you can gain a lot of information on this course. Besides that, you can also learn about the various techniques to master the art of project management and learn the processes to coordinate with your team. 


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