BI Developer: Roles, Responsibilities, Skills and Salary

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24th Jan, 2023
BI Developer: Roles, Responsibilities, Skills and Salary

A business intelligence developer, aka  BI developer shares crucial business information with decision-makers in their organization using data analytics and technology. They develop and maintain corporate software applications that direct business strategies. BI developers work in various businesses, but for success, they all require a particular set of abilities and specialized education. This post defines what a BI developer is,  describes what they do, and discusses how to become one. 

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Who is a BI Developer? 

An engineer who uses business intelligence software to make sense of and present data for a company is known as a business intelligence developer. They frequently develop tools or troubleshoot existing techniques to enhance the company's research process.

Business intelligence developers frequently take on the role of technical experts and assist in maintaining or repairing intelligence-related computer applications. Additionally, business intelligence developers engage with other data engineers on long-term intelligence projects.  

Instead of  relying solely on their gut feelings when making crucial decisions, businesses must be able to comprehend and operate with various types of data, including current data received from sources as soon as it is generated and historical data kept in data warehouses.   

Roles and Responsibilities of a BI Developer

Power bi developer roles and responsibilities vary depending on the nature of the service they provide. One of the most common roles of a power BI developer is to develop a BI interface. Within these BI interfaces, there are many different tools. There is a lot of industry-specific functionality within these business intelligence solutions. Depending on the BI developer job description given by the company, you will get a better understanding of your roles and responsibilities.

Additionally, BI developers are knowledgeable about the business area's peculiarities, enabling them to comprehend business needs and apply appropriate data models and data representation techniques. Based on these dynamic roles of a BI developer, some BI developer's duties are as follows: 

  • Establishing the business needs for BI tools  
  • Converting those needs into technical ones,  
  • Report curation and data modeling 
  • Participation in data warehouse design  
  • Creation of technical documentation for BI tools  
  • Documentation of data warehouse and meta-data storage contents. 

Business Intelligence Developer Job Description 

Most BI developers are hired to develop and maintain BI data. In such roles, one must be observant and have outstanding teamwork and communication skills. With this set of skills, one must also be able to solve problems quickly. Some of the responsibilities you might be assigned as a BI developer include the following: 

  • Business intelligence solution design, development, and maintenance 
  • Using reports and visuals to present information 
  • Transform business requirements into technical specifications 
  • Create, construct, and implement BI solutions. 
  • Upkeep and assistance with data analytics platforms 
  • Make tools for storing data. 
  • Test individual units and troubleshoot 
  • Analyze and enhance current BI systems 
  • Work together to integrate systems in teams 
  • Create, carry out, and analyze database queries 
  • Make visualizations and reports for projects as requested. 
  • Creating and maintaining technical documentation 

How to Become a Business Intelligence Developer?

There is no single path as to becoming a BI developer. There are many ways to gain skills required for power BI developer. Irrespective of the path you take, here are a few essentials that you must have 

1. Requirements

The most basic requirement is to obtain a bachelor's degree in information technology, business intelligence, computer science, mathematics, or software development is typically required by employers. Consider enrolling in business, management, IT, and other business- or math-related courses.  

2. Learn Skills

BI developers require a combination of hard skills, including proficiency with certain software and methodologies, and soft skills, like communication and problem-solving.  

3. Master Tools

You must learn some of the most commonly used equipment and applications that BI developers frequently use JavaScript, VB, C#, and HTML. As you advance in your career by gaining more accreditations and work experience, you will learn more about advanced equipment and applications.     

4. Work on BI Projects

Gain experience by working in a lower-level role where you can pick up tips from more seasoned employees and managers. Before applying for a position as a BI developer, you could begin as a data entry clerk, data analyst, or even a junior BI developer.   

5. Get Certifications

You can get certifications by attending workshops, lectures, and seminars from renowned institutes or conferences. Additionally, you can also get these accreditations by studying extra courses online.  

6. Apply for BI Dev Jobs

Building a resume and connections is important as you learn. These connections provide you with multiple job opportunities. It is hard to get a job on your first go; however, with time, you learn from your mistakes and eventually succeed.   

7. Ace Interview

Once you have found a job that meets your requirements, you are usually asked to attend an interview. Stay calm and be honest about your professional work experience and certifications. The best interview one can give is being confident about oneself.   

Business Intelligence Developer Skills 

There are certain essential skills that all BI developers must possess. These skills are the foundation of your professional development. Adding on, it is not just the technical skills that BI developers must specialize in but also soft skills. A few essential BI developer skills that are required to get a job are as follows: 

  1. BI developer shouldn't fall short when configuring already-existing BI solutions or developing brand-new ones. The developer should know Python, scripting languages, and data visualization. ETL/ELT procedures, data warehouse architecture, and data formatting are additional topics that need to be understood. 
  2. BI developer must be familiar with these technologies because they are commonly used in databases and data models and cannot avoid addressing SQL/NoSQL queries. 
  3. A variety of platforms, including smartphones, host BI systems. Therefore, a BI developer must have a solid foundation in the most popular programming languages and talents, including but not limited to Javascript, PHP, and others. 
  4. For data modeling and warehouse design, understanding data analysis is required. The top BI developers, therefore, have this on their resumes. 
  5. For data modeling and warehouse design, understanding data analysis is required. The top BI developers, therefore, have this on their resumes. 
  6. Some of the soft skills required for becoming a good BI developer are being able to efficiently work in teams, communicate effectively, detect problems, solve problems at a rapid pace, and the ability to multitask.  

BI Developer as a Career Outlook

Business intelligence developers are required in almost every sector of the economy. Practically speaking, you may find them in any business, financial world, software industry, or manufacturing sector. There is a growing demand for BI specialists due to the expansion of digitization and the requirement for more intelligent and data-supported solutions.

The prospects in this field are main. In addition to the high employability rate, the employees also boast of a good work life balance. They are mostly allowed to work from home thus enabling them to spend more time with their families and leisure activities.

Due to the versatile nature of the work, BI developers possess technical skills and soft skills which often help in their personal lives as well. Through their range of interactions and skill development, they can thrive in almost any environment. 

BI Developer Salary

The average yearly income for a business intelligence developer in India is 6.4 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 3.4 lakhs to 15.2 lakhs. The estimates were arrived at by analyzing 583 salaries provided by business intelligence developers. 

Average salary for a BI developer in the United States is $84,430 per year or $41 per hour. 

What is BI Developer Tools?

BI developer tools refer to Large volumes of past, present, and future data are gathered, processed, analyzed, and visualized by BI technologies to produce actionable business insights and interactive reports and streamline decision-making procedures. They give consumers access to self-service, automated reporting, and predictive analytics capabilities in a single package, making the analysis process quick and simple.

With the help of powerful capabilities, you may integrate your data from several sources with Dateline's BI software. With all your data available, you may build an effective business dashboard (or several), produce pre-made or bespoke reports, or include smart alerts to warn of objectives and anomalies. 


BI developer is a job in high demand across different industries. It has high employability rates, and the average pay scale is quite high. With so many BI developers across the nation, you must have advanced skills to land a job in MNCs. 

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Mounika Narang is a project manager having a specialisation in IT project management and Instructional Design. She has an experience of 10 years 
working with Fortune 500 companies to solve their most important development challenges. She lives in Bangalore with her family.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is a BI developer?

A business intelligence (BI) developer shares crucial business information with decision-makers in their organization using data analytics and technology. 

2What is required for a BI developer?

A Bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, or a comparable discipline knowledge of BI developers. Knowledge of designing data warehouses. Understanding of BI technology.  

3Is a BI developer the same as a data analyst?

No, Business intelligence analysts, also known as BI analysts, concentrate on converting unprocessed operational data into useful financial dashboards and reports. Data analysts put extra effort into going through data to discover novel patterns pertinent to the business or other stakeholders. 

4Does the BI developer need coding?

Coding is necessary for business intelligence (BI) to process data and generate insightful information. 

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